CANIDAE® and Charitable Giving

With thousands of pet food retailers carrying our products, and hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats thriving on our wholesome, nutritious food, CANIDAE® Pet Food Company has friends across the country and around the globe.

Part of our mission to support Responsible Pet Ownership is to encourage proper nutrition and care. As dedicated pet lovers, nothing saddens us more than a pet in need, and nothing brings more joy to us than helping needy pets when we are able.
Sometimes, this help takes the form of a scholarship program to aid veterinary students, while at other times it means simply donating premium dog food and cat food, or helping raise money for a pet-related cause.

CANIDAE® has supported many organizations over the past few years. While we continue to make commitments going forward to both new and established pet charities, we regret that we are unable to support all charities who request our assistance. There are thousands of wonderful organizations, events, and people doing great work to support pets in need and we recognize and applaud their efforts. Our legacy of giving back to our friends who care for less fortunate pets will continue well into the future.
To submit a request for support from the CANIDAE® Foundation, please complete and submit our CANIDAE® Support Request form.