Ethos Pet Nutrition

Kitten Ethos Puppy

Our Advanced Research and Development Center 
and Manufacturing Facility in Brownwood, Texas

Our Ethos Pet Nutrition facility in Brownwood, Texas is a dream come true for us and a major chapter in our story—a story we’re proud of. We built a state of the art facility that puts safety and integrity first. We use quality ingredients that are thoroughly tested before they’re even invited inside our plant. We cook in small batches so we can ensure the best nutrition and taste. We’re also committed to continuing the research and development of our pet food formulas. Our Ethos facility includes an on-site lab that not only tests and holds the foods we are making on a daily basis, but also works to come up with more exciting ways to make great pet food.

Ethos Pet Nutrition is a USDA/APHIS approved, FDA inspected and EU certified manufacturing facility, and holds a Certificate of Good Manufacturing Process as set forth by AAFCO, from the Office of the Texas State Chemist.

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