Sailing the Seas with Pets

February 18, 2009

Think that traveling with your pets isn’t possible? Think again. This week, we’re taking a look at some of the top luxury journeys that you can take with your furry family members. According to the latest National Pet Owners Survey taken by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, 63% of U.S. households, or 71.1 million homes, own a pet, and nearly 19% of dog owners and 3% of cat owners take their pet with them when traveling for at least two nights. That’s by land.
But, what to do if you didn’t have a land destination in mind? Not to worry. We’ve got you covered.
You may want to consider embarking on a transcontinental cruise aboard a luxury ocean liner. The Queen Mary 2 is a pet-friendly seagoing vessel where your pets are sure to get their sea legs. With fresh-baked biscuits at turndown and indoor or outdoor walking areas, your pets are sure to love the calming effects of the sea.
Cunard, owners of the Queen Mary 2, are proud to welcome pets on board with their “Pets on Deck” program. Fido and Fluffy can choose from a selection of pet beds comfortable enough to host any pet, and they will receive a complimentary gift pack that features a coat, Frisbee, name tag, food dish and scoop, a portrait with their owners, a “crossing” certificate, and a personalized cruise card.
The Kennel program on Deck 12 may seem unusual to most travelers, but for those who regularly travel with their four-legged family members, it’s a sight to behold. According to Cunard, “guests may visit their pets during specified hours and my even take them for – ahem – ‘walks’ in specified areas of the deck.”
Kennel managers, whose qualifications are more than worthy of our seagoing friends, oversee the unique program.
Luxurious travel with pets is possible! Board the Queen Mary 2 with your furry friends, as all are welcome. Fees range from $300 (U.S.) to $500 (U.S.) per cruise. Call Cunard to pre-arrange an ample supply of your favorite pet food. They happily accommodate special requests.
Stacy Mantle

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