What to Do if another Dog Attacks Your Dog

January 3, 2011

By Linda Cole

Walking your dog is a healthy activity for you and your dog. Going to dog parks provides a safe and enclosed area where you can let your dog run off leash and play with other dogs. Sometimes, however, a dog comes from out of nowhere and attacks your dog. Breaking up dog fights between your own dogs at home is one thing, but trying to break up a fight when you’re away from home is something completely different. How can you protect your dog and yourself if another dog attacks your dog?

It can be hard to figure out why another dog suddenly attacks your dog. A dog’s body language can be subtle, and signals from both dogs can be missed by the person holding the leash. However, whatever it was that caused the hostile reaction doesn’t really matter when two dogs are locked in battle, with you on the other end of your dog’s leash. Of course, it’s best to avoid a fight all together, but that’s not always possible and breaking up dog fights can be dangerous for dogs and people.

Dog attacks while walking your dog are not uncommon, and you have to be prepared for possible encounters. What you should do depends on who you talk to. Some dog experts recommend carrying a heavy duty walking stick to use on an attacking dog. Other experts say to drop your dog’s leash and stay out of the way. For me, neither one is a good option. It’s my job to protect my dog, and I also don’t want to hurt another dog.

My dogs look to me as their leader, and it’s my responsibility to protect them. Dogs can come out of the blue to attack your dog and you don’t always have an opportunity to read his body language. If you do encounter a dog that is off leash while you’re out walking alone or with your dog, stay calm and keep a close eye on the dog. Be aware of what’s going on, and expect the unexpected.Dog Animated - no offer

Having a sturdy walking stick does have a purpose. It’s something you could use to get in between two fighting dogs. If you have a chance to prepare before the dog attacks, when he starts moving toward you, yell “No” and take a step towards him. Try to read his level of aggression by looking at his eyes (intense and focused) without staring at him, ears (laid back on his head), hair standing up on the back of his neck or along the rump and movements that are stiff. If you can get him to back off, move away slowly, but don’t turn your back on him. Try to keep your dog as calm as you can. Any show of aggression from him can prompt an attack from the other dog.

You can carry a backpack with some clothing or a small blanket inside – anything to give it bulk to use to push the other dog away, or to put in between the dogs to give you some protection from snapping teeth. Carrying one or two cans of pepper spray or bear spray is always good. Don’t be afraid to use as much as needed and spray directly into the dog’s nose and eyes. Be mindful of the wind so you don’t spray yourself. If you have to use the spray on your dog as well, don’t hesitate to do so. A bright flashlight can be directed into the eyes of an attacking dog to temporarily blind him. Another useful thing to carry is an air horn. The loud noise could persuade the dog not to attack in the first place. If he does attack, the horn might help break up either dog’s focus during a fight, and will help call attention to other people in the area to come help.

Your best defense against another dog attacking your dog is to be alert and try to prevent an attack from happening. If that’s not possible or it happens before you’re aware there’s even another dog around, try to stay calm. A mind that’s in panic mode doesn’t function well. Think about what you would do before you have an encounter. Carry a stout walking stick and anything that might be helpful in a convenient pocket where you can quickly grab what you need.

Understanding dog behavior is one of your best weapons if another dog attacks your dog. I recently wrote on article on understanding dog fights that might help you. There are no simple answers though. The best thing to do is to stay alert and calm, and think about what to do before you encounter an attack.

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  1. Ali Andrews says:

    Will a dog more likely attack the leashed dog, or the person holding the leash? I feel the loose dog sees the leashed dog as a threat and not the human. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  2. Kai says:

    If the attack dog is a male, grab and squeeze his testicles. He will stop the attack and leave (in pain). I once saved a Yorkie who was being attacked by a Giant Schnauzer. As he had the Yorkie in his mouth and was shaking it back in forth, I came up behind him and grabbed. He dropped the very bloody little Yorkie and squealed in pain, as you can imagine. They will not turn and attack you since their thoughts are elsewhere…

    Also, Dalmatians are NOT “wild cards”. They were overbred due to the film “101 Dalmatians”. Buy your dog from a reputable breeder.

  3. Michael says:

    Wow. My heart goes out to everyone who has suffered through a dog attack. It’s like an epidemic. Me and my 2 rescue Greyhounds have been attacked numerous times…dogs burst through screen doors, pull loose from idiotic owners’ grips…..and the owners get mad when I spray the animal or beat it with my pipe. I try to avoid problem areas but….that’s ridiculous! Best thing to carry is a nail studded stick for jabbing or clubbing. I hate the thought of such violence but I won’t let my dogs..or myself..be brutalized be caused some owner takes pride in his vicious dog. Good luck and God bless you all.

  4. AJ says:

    My little Sadie a Shiz Shu mix was attacked the other day by a boxer that came out of the bushes! Poor little thing was bitten on her stomach. I took her to the Vet. Thank God no internal injures. I love my little dog she is as sweet as can be. Tito on the other hand is as wild as it gets. He was there too. Although a puppy, the dog didn’t go for him.

  5. Lydia whitting says:

    Carry a large enough water bottle when u walk. Throw on dogs heads..it ceases fights

  6. Jackie says:

    I have a pomaranian bless him he’s only 5 and I was told when he was 2 yrs old he would go blind within a year he’s just beginning to show signs walking into things etc.. Last your he wandered out of the garden and got run over lots of injury but as lost a leg now but he’s a sturdy little fighter.. My poor man as been getting attacked while out walking and now growls when he sees or senses dogs around him he’s never attacked a dog but he’s been attacked loads now twice today we’re he was thrown in the air like a rag doll by a large dog.. He wants to go on walks but now puts the breaks on if we’re going to the places he’s been attacked I.m running out of places to take him he once got attacked and I picked him up and the dog tried to get at him and latched it’s teeth into my arm and would not let go.. Still have the scars, I.m so worried now about him going out as he was a very social doggy before all this happened help someone what can I do???

  7. cathy says:

    I take my dogs (american bull dog & Chiweenie) for a walk every night, same time, same rooute for almost 2 years now. Last night, my daughter insisted not to bring the little one. Well we get half way down the block and all the sudden this pit bull comes charging at this big wooden fence and one of the boards lifts up and my 9 year old starts screaming, so we keep walking fast and all the sudden that dog ran to the front of the fence and pushed through the boards and attacted my dog. they fought for a minute and the owner came thru the fence and grabbed his dog by his back leg and managed to pull him off. Horrified now my daughter does not want to go on walks anymore with or witout the dog. It frightened me enough where i dont want to walk my dog now either. The man ran after us asking if we were ok and he was sorry, said, they normally dont let their dog out but they did to let him go pee and get some air for a minute.
    I drove my bike past their today and the feence is still not fixed and their is some boards misssing. the ones his dog jumped thru are still loose. any suggestionson how to get them to fix their fence. im not looking to sue for money or anything like that, i just want to be able to walk my dogs again and not fear the same thing is gonna happen to me again or someone else. any thoughts u might have would be greatly appreciated. thank you

  8. Michelle Chao says:

    Please do not encourage people to use pepper spray on dogs!!!! Long ago in east village someone used on another person we ALL started tearing blocks away! It can really damage a dog’s eyes!!!! I find it disturbing in the above article when it says use as much as possible and spray directly into the dog’s eyes but be careful not to spray yourself. More disturbing was the part it says don’t hesitate to spray your own dog. Really??!!

    1. Rick says:

      I will use what ever I can on a aggressive dog attacking my dog and I will empty a can of pepper spray on him. I’ll spray the owner too if he wants to reteleate.

  9. jarrett says:

    my dog came out front door but did not leave the front yard did not bark or growl while two young children were walking a pitbull their pitbull pulled the children into my yard and attacked my 13 pound chi mix had her in its mouth whipping it back and forth was a punture wound took her to vet no internal issues thank god talked to owner of pitbull and he says ” why did you even take her to the vet one of my old dogs got bit and she healed on her own” and he refuses to pay only a 400 medical bill these young children had no chance of controlling their dog i have small children also my 7 year old witnessed this my 4 and 2 year old were inside it could of been one of them animal control is coming shortly

  10. Shaunna says:

    We just had a pitbull attack our pitbull tonight while out for a walk. I have never seen anything like it in my life. My dog was on a leash and he had his dogtra e-colar on. As we were walk on a canal road a pitbull about an 1/8 of a mile ahead of us charged straight out of a fence and bolted straight for mine without stopping. What was odd is we were standing still and my dog didn’t bark nor did the other and the attacking dog never slowed. Why would he attack from so for away and no bark? Does that mean he is trained to fight?

    1. Emily Menzel says:

      It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s trained as a fighting dog. Dogs will bark aggressively as a warning, a bluff, or they’ll bark because they’re frustrated — on a leash or behind a fence, unable to attack. But if they’re not frustrated by a barrier, and they’re not bluffing, then they won’t bark. They’ll lower into a stalking pose, or raise into a threatening “dominant” pose, or their ears perk and they look genuinely excited (like they’re chasing a rabbit), square off, and BOOM.

      In fact, many well-meaning dog owners accidentally teach their dogs to attack silently by trying to train them *not* to fight. Imagine every time your dog barks aggressively at another dog, you give it a shock with the e-collar. Have you trained your dog not to be aggressive, or have you trained them to attack without warning next time?

    2. Ali Andrews says:

      Was your dog a neutered male? Was the attacking dog male?

  11. chris giarrusso says:

    I was walking my boxer when I noticed the people that live there left there gate open so as soon as I went by that pitbull came rushing out he was 120pounds and walked up to my dog and just start ripping into my dogs chest with his teeth my boxer weighs 70pounds my little dog held his own fighting back but I know after a while he would of killed my dog I was on the ground out of breath small cuts all over me I have one good cut on my leg that looks infected I must keep a close eye on it thank god for a lady who lives close to the dog fight she heard me yelling after 7 or 8 min of both dogs battiling each other I was in the middle of this I could not stop this fight that where this other lady comes in the picture she grabs the pittbull from behind yelling at me grab your fucking dog I can not hold this dog I am going to let him go get yourfucking dog take him away she is yelling at me like I said I had no air in my lungs i guess she movaited me i dragged my dog to a shut door fence with a yard i knew at this point the attack was over thank god for the lady that saved my dogs life and saved me from getting bitten up i owe this lady my life i have to do something for her and i will so i took my dog to the vet the emer service bottom line the bill was a few hundred dollars she the owner told me or she was crying her eyes out she told me her boy friend is making her get rid of the dog so she tells me please do not call police i will pay half the vet bill this week and in one week my boyfriend will pay the rest in a few days one week later she is dragging her feet i am going to pay i call it bullshit i am going to wait 3more days no pay that’s when i will go to a lawyer and sue her and just let the lawyer do what he has to do never again will i be so kind if she thought a lousey $170 dollars is a lot of money wait to the lawyer sues her for damages this bill could creep up to a few thousand dollars iam sick of her bullshit like i am putting her out wow what brass ones.

  12. mimi says:

    I was at a vacation house with friends and my 17 lb terrier mix who is fearful (he’s a rescue), but not aggressive by any means, was attacked by a friend who was also at the house with their Dalmation. They came after us.

    I had a bad feeling about it when I heard she was a Dalmation because they are wild cards.

    One thing led to another and my dog must have growled out of fear because she had been taunting him then, the dalmation lunged for my dog. We broke it up that time. However, the second time, she nipped him twice. He was mortified.

    Over the last couple months, he began going to doggy daycare and spending time with dogs bigger than the dalmation with no problem, however, I want to bring him again this year and feel like the physical aggressor (the dalmation shouldn’t be allowed to) however, she is sweet and I’d feel awful saying so.

    I also don’t want to be watching for my dogs life while im on vacation. That’s completely unfair to both dogs.

    We plan to reintroduce the dogs, but does anyone have any advice?

    I’m so aggravated that this is even an issue.

  13. Holly says:

    My STD. Poodle was just in another incident last night while walking. Three others walking dogs all arrived at the same time. A few minutes later one couple was at home and let their dog off leash before they went through their front gate. The dog turned and darted for my dog. We were about 2 homes away. Luckily I had Halt dog spray. I held it toward the dog who continued sprinting for us. I sprayed continually. He kept circling as did we and after several minutes backed away. He ignored the owner’s recall. The two owners did not try to come over at anytime either to get their dog. I’m glad I learned about it and that it worked this time. My dog has been attacked (bitten) three times by loose dogs while on walks. We’ve also been chased numerous times by loose dogs out with their owners and some on their own. I read today it could very likely be hormones. Dogs intact have five times higher levels than neutered dogs as puppies/ adolescents. Too posture plays a big role. My guy holds his head and tail up high. He is one proudly trotting peacock who is still intact at 1 1/2 years. We are waiting until he is 2. Prepare yourself mentally for anything, remain calm but assured and carry something to deter other dogs if necessary. Also, if you can get the other dog away and get its attention, try staring intently away at something. I tried that and it was the last resort before the dog attacked me too. It worked as it distracted the dog’s focus. Good luck and safe walking everyone!

    1. Ken says:

      I’ve spent over a hour reading 1/2 of the comments on this post. I was walking my 1 year old GSD today. She is super friendly and sweet. I walked by a house with a screen door. A larger male GSD was at the door barking non stop. I told my dog to move on as she was sniffing the grass. The dog somehow pushed the door open and charged at my dog. I yelled at it but it could care less. I saw it’s jaws attempt to bite my dog multiple times. My GSD just ran around me waiting for me as her pack leader to help her. I was pretty helpless. The owner ran out and grabbed his dog. I told him “You need to watch your dog” he didn’t respond and just walked in his house. I’m pretty pissed off at this situation. I usually bring a taser stick/flashlight with me, but I just forgot to bring it that time. After thinking about it, I don’t think the taser would penetrate the dog’s thick fur anywyas. I’ve decided from now on, I’m going to walk around my neighborhood with a Wakizashi. While I’m waiting for it to be shipped, I will bring my Katana. Katana is a little big and uncomfortable to carry, due to it’s handle. But I will not let some offleash animal come attack me or my family like this again.

      What’s even scarier is, I usually walk my dog with my 5 and 2 year old. They just happened to be away that day or else they would definitely be in this situation with me. What happens if that Large GSD dog attacked my kids instead and bite their neck? I don’t care if my neighbors think I’m weird for carrying around a sword. I’m ready to fight and protect my family. During this 1 year of owning my GSD, she was charged at by other dogs 3x. I’m thinking about changing my taser stick/flashlight for a bear spray/baton instead for medium to small dogs. Wakizashi for Large and very dangerous dog to stop the threat for good.

  14. Kayleen says:

    My daughter and I were just taking my pom chi for her daily walk. Completely, out of nowhere, a huge bull dog came running out of his yard as fast as he can towards us. I lifted my dog up by her leash to try and pick her up away from him. Well, she slid out of her leash but my daughter was able to grab her, I literally had to lay on this dog to stop it from killing my baby. The owners did run out and help thank god. Ive never had that experience, I was so scared im still shaking. Not to mention my poor daughter is 8 months pregnant. My dog was so scared she urinated all over me. Now, im getting mad. If you know your dog is that aggressive why give him that kind of access to another dog ? Do you think pepper spray is a good thing to use? I need to be prepared before I take her out again. Its such a helpless feeling. The owners apologized but that wouldn’t have been good enough had he killed my dog. I love my baby so much im going to have nightmares

    1. Amanda says:

      My puppy was just attacked yesterday. The bull dog mix got off its leash and charged over. Loki is a husky and is just about to turn 6 months. I was so scared. Loki was yelping and the dog clamped on him. I yelled for help, I kicked the dog, her owner finally pulled her off and I ran away with my limping and bleeding puppy. I was shaking…some neighbors had to calm me down. I want to take a bat with me from now on. Maybe bear mace… anyway, I know how you feel.

  15. Cody says:

    While walking my dog a lady in front of me was walking her chocolate lab she turn and out of no where a pit bull starting attacking her dog she yelled for help as her dog and her we r circling on the leash and the pit bull biting her dogs backside. People everywhere and no one helped her. I gave my dog leash to my mother and starting running to help. I didn’t think twice I love my dog and would have wanted someone to help me. I didn’t know what I was going ro do but knew if I yelled loud enough and showed aggression maybe it would take the focus off the dog for a minute. It worked the pit bull stopped amd kept yelling and going towards it, it backed up and ran away. The lady was very thankful and now I can’t stop thinking about what happened and every time I’m walking I think about it. Very scary.

  16. My 8 month old standard poodle pup was mauled and bitten by my neighbor’s German Shepard 2 weeks ago. Neighbor did not even say sorry. Had to take him to court for thousands of dollars in vet bills. I won in court, but my dog is terrified of EVERYTHING now. So sad for him.

  17. Karen says:

    It such a frightening thing when it happens even if your dog is not harmed. I now have extreme anxiety due to another dog charging and attacking my dog. I can only walk 3 or 4 houses from my home. Thinking a zap stick would give me more confidence. The air horn sounded like a great idea also.

  18. Raz says:

    My dog is repeatedly attacked by another dog that is never on a leash. It comes out of nowhere and tries to bit my dog. What makes it horrible is that the dog does not give a warning, no growling or barking, it just attacks. Today, I got fed up and had to kick the dog with the side of my foot as it attacked my dog. The owner got angry and threatened me, so I said we could call the police and let them sort it out, and I said they have to have their dog on a leash. The owner claimed they did not have to prevent their dog from attacking my dog since they are outside with their dog, but they were not making an attempt to stop their dog or call it by name. Then they said they didn’t care about calling the police and would get ASPCA to sue me. What are the position statements of ASPCA regarding dog leashes and dog attacks?

    1. Connie Falk says:

      Where I live, by law, it is illegal for your dog to be outside and NOT on a leash. People are required to be in control of their dogs at all times. The people who allowed their dog to attack yours can be prosecuted for sure. I would have called the police. You were in the right. These people were just trying to bully you. It sounds like they should not have a dog anyway. What would they have done if your dog severely injured your dog? Since your dog was on a leash, it would still have been the dog’s owners who would be at fault for not controlling their dog and not being on a leash.

  19. My Service Dog ans I was attacked two differ times, once in complex, another while leaving bus stop to my residence.
    This is the first times out of 18 years of me having Service Dog,that this had ever happened.
    What and how do i protect myself Anna my s.d. chewy, mt S.D. took him to very, he was bitten worth heavy canine tooth puncture wounds.
    Me i ended up in hospital for day and 1/2.
    I reported the encident to animal control.
    How do i protect chewy Anna myself… I’m weak and I depend upon my s.d for walking and balance.???

  20. Paula Bain says:

    My dog is an American Cocker Spaniel and while we were walking this afternoon, all of a sudden, a Rottweiler came from nowhere, headed straight for my dog and attacked. My dog is a lover, not a fighter. He and I did a dance of sorts to keep him moving and to avoid giving the Rottie a clear bite site. All the while I kept yelling “HEY!” over and over again, both at the dog and to try to get someone’s attention, as I saw no one. After about 10 minutes of this,a man came walking slowly toward where we were. He didn’t come all the way, but the Rottie left and went to him. I immediately checked my dog to make sure he wasn’t hurt anywhere and to soothe him as he was a shivering wreck. When I looked up again, there was no one to be seen. I had never seen either that dog, nor his owner (I presume that was his owner) before and still no one else came by. My dog has recovered his usual good spirits but I am very angry. There is no excuse for leaving a Rottweiler to run loose like that, if the dog is aggressive as this one was. I think, on the whole, I did what was right under the circumstances, and my dog was injured, but some people just shouldn’t have a dog!

    1. Paula,

      I feel for you, I have a labradoodle who doesnt have a mean bone in his body. When we go for walks I am constantly worrying about scenarios like you experienced. I dont have answers yet and my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your little one.

      I am thinking of carrying a billy club but i really dont want to hurt another dog but my lab is like my kid and what would I do if someone lunged at my 3 yo daughter.


  21. Maya says:

    I walk my small mix poodle in my neighborhood. I have encountered big dogs without leashes. What should I do? Should I call animal control? the police?

  22. Agnieszka Jurecka says:

    I resky Lucy she is almost 2 years old she bean bit I don’t know how …..she my love off my life but I got one problem she atack any doggs in street she mix litto dog how I can halp her

  23. I have a service dog that has been attacked before. The best thing i thought of that is practical to do is always “day or night” carry a big maglite flashlight. Not only can you use it to blind the other dog but use it to dfend yourself as well as your dog. The flash light should be big enough to hold 5 or 6 D size batteries. I dont like hurting dogs but my servuce dog is like my savior and best friend. Therefore i would do what i have to in order to protect my “left arm”.

    1. I 100% agree Brian!

  24. ashley lyons says:

    Hi last night I was walking my sister’s dog who is a 13 year old Bichon dog who was on a leash. My neighbors dog who is a boxer pittbull mix, who is always off the leash attacked me and my sister’s dog. Luckily my sister’s dog was Ok mainly shaking. However I have bruises that hurt. I’m starting to experience shoulder pain and back pain when I was trying to pull the other dog off my sister’s. My parents are going to be talking with the owners to night. What to do next?

  25. Donna Johnson says:

    My 10 lb. shihtzu and I were attacked at my front door by a mix bread very large dog lab and rotenwoller. My Maggie died from internal injuries. The police and dogcatcher refuse to remove the dog because it is her first offense. What rights do I have to insure my safety as well as the neighborhood children and pets?

    1. Just want to tell you how sorry I a, for your loss.
      As a mom to my little fur baby Ben I would be devastated.
      So, just wanted you to know that thoughts and prayers are with you.

    2. Connie Falk says:

      That dog was off leash and attacked your dog at your own front door. Get a lawyer.

    3. Rose says:

      Donna, I am so sorry for your loss. What a horrible thing to happen.
      RIP Maggie.

      I was reading these comments because a large GSD came charging towards me and my dog while walking, my dog was on a leash.
      The GSD was getting out of his van, off leash, her new pups were in the van the owner said so the GSD felt threatened. I said I don’t give two shits, you should have had your dog on a leash. I am still shaking.
      I am so impressed with my dog, she did not bark once, was calm. I kept spinning my dog around in a circle trying to put my body in between the GSD and my dog. When the owner tried to stop their dog, it did not work, the dog would not listen being in that state of mind. My dog is large, a coonhound, and if my dog had been aggressive back this would have ended with one dog dead. We were lucky today. This was a large learning experience. I will never leave the house without some protection, either a large stick or some type of spray. Not sure if the stick would even work on a large dog but I need to be better equipped to help my dog.

  26. jonsey says:

    how do you get hold of pepper spray ? So i can protect my dog from stray dog attacks and myself too.

    1. Kathy Buchenau says:

      If no one has replied yet, you can obtain pepper spray from most sporting goods stores like Big 5, Sportsmans Wearhouse, Cabela’s or Dick’s or Amazon or gun supply stores.

      1. Thanks for the info Kathy!

    2. skittles says:

      For some reason, in the Fry’s at Dallas, they also have pepper spray.

    3. Connie Falk says:

      You can buy pepper spray online from companies that sell self defense products.

  27. I was walking a very old non-drinking aggressive dog. A off leash Shepard was in a yard I was passing, out of no where he attacked this poor dog, my dog that I was walking never bit or growled back! He had my dog by the throat, and continued to attack!! I was screaming for help, thank God a neighbor on the street heard me and called the police, they never came even to check on me or the dog!! I was told to wait for the dog officer which took 30 minutes or more!!! Turns out the dog belonged to a State trooper, no one came to our rescue!! He came from behind again…I covered the small dog with my body! Dog Officer said the the dog was fine!! Well, owner took him to vet, he had puncture wounds!! Why did the police not come to at least check on us!!!! I was horrified, and shaking all the way back to my clients house!!!

  28. mrs. ck says:

    Having worked with a dog behaviorist, I can tell you that the safest way to break up a dog fight, is to grab the dog by the tail. Most dogs will stop going forward and try to figure out what the heck is happening at their back end but most dogs cannot reach their tail in a standing position. Everyone grabs a tail and regains control of the dog. Never put your hand into the fray of mouths to grab your dog. Dogs go for the face and neck. You want to keep your hands away from those places.

    1. maria hill says:

      oh great, your comment helped me a lot, I just saw a pitbull attacking a small dog, but I didn’t know what to do if that happen to my dog, thanks

      1. Benjamin chiu says:

        Where you one of the witnessed that saw when my dog got attack

  29. My rotty was attacked by a staffy pitbull cross. Zx . It clenched onto the side of his face . My iron bar and i wa lk on a mission from now on. I am going to fight like the 300 Spartans at the hot gates of hell . My boy was okay after some antiboitics .

  30. Kat says:

    Earlier today, I was walking my small 3 year old maltese, on a leash, in a quiet L.I. beach town. There are no sidewalks here, so we were walking in the middle of the one lane road, as usual. A much larger dog that was playing with his family in the front yard (no fence) came charging at my dog. There was no time to ascertain if the dog wanted to greet my dog. Instead, the dog lunged at the back of my dog’s neck. It all happened so fast. I yelled out “hey!” and I shouted to alert the dad, who was already running after his dog. I had the presence of mind to protect my dog by lifting her up by the leash and harness. She most certainly would have turned into a chew toy for the other dog if I dropped the leash as this article suggests. Perhaps if the other dog was bigger and more vicious, then I would’ve been forced to do that. Fortunately, there didn’t appear to be any bite marks, puncture wounds or blood. The owner was incredulous that his dig actually “nipped” my dog (his words). I didn’t want to upset my dog any further (she already survived 2 years in a puppy mill!) so we calmly finished our walk and went home. She seems very subdued now. I was wondering if she’s in pain. I asked my vet if there’s a chance of getting internal injuries from this type of attack, but she’s telling me not to worry. My maltese has many large doggie friends at the park, including a German Shepherd, a couple of huskies, a golden doodle, a golden retriever, etc. I hope this attack doesn’t set us back too much. We’ve made so much progress since we adopted her one year ago.

  31. Nicole says:

    Thank you, this is insightful as my dog was recently attacked, surrounded by two dogs that came out of nowhere. I was not calm, thankfully my dog did not fight back, she went down and stayed still. One dog did puncture her neck and dragged her down the trail, then left her. Gratefully she was ok, I learned a lot and your article has given me more info to deal with these potential situations.

  32. johna rohn says:

    Hi, there. My husband and I went camping with a couple of friends who had two dogs. We also brought our dogs. Our female dog and their female dog who are both dominant got into a fight when we all as a group decided to let them off leash as we hiked. They were good for about 2 miles in before I heard these awful screams.. My husband and I bolted up to the front of the line to see the wife of the couple we went with screaming at the top of her lungs. Long story short neither dog was injured at all no skin broken or anything. However, she made the choice to jump in the middle of the fight. Her own dog turned around and bit her a few times on her knee. She was in a lot of pain, went to a doctor who sent her to an orthopedic specialist and took blood tests and gave her a tetanus shot. The orthopedic specialist said there was no surgery or physical therapy needed just healing time. I do understand that both my dog and her dog were involved so I am partially responsible. My question is how responsible? How should I offer to help? I’m sure she is going to want a little help with the medical bills but I’m not sure how much I should offer. Any suggestions?

    1. I dont believe you should offer anything. She should have trained her dog not to bite at all especailly their owner. I play with my dog all the time and he will hold my hands or arms in his mouth, but he has been taught “no bite” and “bite” a stick, bone, toy or whatever he is playing with. So therefore he knows not to bite me, but also a command to bite, for his and my defense. If you put in the time and effort a dog always wants to please his master, you can teach them the difference in play bite and defend bite. Did i mention he is also my service dog. In most states you have the right to protect yourself and your property, especailly your best friend. I carry a police baton in my pocket “amazon.com”. Or if you dont want to hurt the dog too bad pepper spray works effectively and washes off. Also “amazon.com”. Also i was in the military with a trained dog, something as simple as 15 pennies in a metal can will scare most, not all, but most dogs if shaken at them close to the ears.

      1. Chaela says:

        My 30 pound female, fuzzy mix has been the focus of attack for a 15 pound terrier whose owner lives in the same retirement apartment & appears unable to maintain her hold on her dog’s leash. The managers are not interested in “creating waves” & have ignored my requests for help. I have kept my dog’s facial and neck hair long when groomed with a thick bandana around her neck. The other dog always attacks her at the neck & so far has been unsuccessful at causing damage because of those precautions and the fact that I or someone responsible is always at the end of her leash as partial protection as well. This week my dog is wearing a spike collar which is legal in my county. The only way I know to make certain to have “proof” that my dog is being attacked (which is being ignored and/or denied by the owner & management) is to keep her safe while adding a passive aggressive restraint which will harm the other dog when it attacks the next time — there is always a next time. It took me several months to come to this decision, but since the last very aggressive attack which knocked me into a wall while the neighbor called me a “Demon B . . . .” when no one was there to witness — I gave up caring what happened to her “sweet, cuddly” attack dog. I will have evidence and it’s a shame that it will harm the other dog instead of its irresponsible and “malicious” owner.

    2. Desmond g says:

      I was just out walking my shit Tzu and my toy Yorker and out of no where an English bulldog comes running at the Yorkie I pulled her up in the air by leash and then I turn around and the English bulldog has my shit Tzu by the throut I’m yelling and screaming no one is in site I’m pulling the English bulldog by the collar he’s not letting go finally the owner comes out and kicks the English bulldog in the face I grab my shit Tzu to see if he is OK and he has about 3 little open straches I was so pissed and scared… Can I do anything to the owner of dog please help me….

    3. Your definitely at least 50% culpable, Why would you think the dogs would get along without a “substantial” trial period.

      Nothing irks me more than irresponsible dog owners who just assume their dog never bites etc…its similar to parents who think its not their kid its the other kid who misbehaves.

    4. lynn says:

      It is so irresponsible for you both to let your dogs off leash. Others hike and could come upon your dogs. I wish owners who are not respectful of others were fined.

  33. Cyndi says:

    Hello, I live in an apartment homes complex. There is a mother and her daughter whom usually walk their pitbull whenever we are out walking out pup? why? I have a Maltese. One morning, early before, the pitbull was with the girl/about 13 y.o. the girl was being pulled by her pitbull. I mention to the girl, “honey please keep your dog away from my dog. Make sure he is not controlling you.” She than ran inside the house to tell her mother, and the mother came outside, then rushing towards me w/her pit,the dog making grudding noises, the dog pulling her & she is yelling at me that I made her daughter cry. I asked the women to stop do not come closer! she did not stop. As I’m walking away form her, I said that “Im sorry I did not mean that to happen.” She continued to come toward me, the pit was still pulling her toward me. What is up with this women. She continued to protrude toward me. Yelling at me. I’m really upset that everytime we’re outside they come outside? What could I do about this person?

    1. Canine carer says:

      Call the apartment manger and/or Make a police report of her harrassing you and trying to intimidate you with her considerably large pit bull. Maybe record with a phone for evidence, this sounds like a case of a creeper. I hope to God you can avoid that physco as much as possible! I wish you the best of luck, this would both scare me and anger me to no end.

  34. Lauren says:

    What if your dogs attacks your other dog?

  35. Penny says:

    what happens if dogs come to your home and attack your service dog even on a chain. I have called animal control on numerous occasions and no one comes. I tired of the vet bills. but this has happened numerous times and this time my dog fought back and the other dog dies. he was definding his life as I see it. and the dog warden still wonnt come here my service dog is all bit up again and requiring care again and he was home . I cannot let them out of my house I own 29 acres and cant keep my dog on a chain even. their is a dog down by my mail box that chases my son and has biten my pig . I cant keep any animals had tried ducks cause I have a pond and even geese but they all killed and chickens rabbits even goats get killed by dogs. ( and it is not wild dogs or cyotes which I will admit we have had. when it all comes out people just say they do not own the dog. I cannot run with camera all my life and it seems when I forget it that when stuff happens. but it will happen again dog warden when ya call back says catch the dog I not going to or equipped to catch a biting dog. should not have to.

    1. Penny, my name is Brian Thomasson, i also have a service dog. In the US it is afelony to intefere, provoke, exclude, hurt, or even try and hurt or keep a service dog from doing his responsibilities. I once accidently killed another dog for continally intimidating, and eventually getting into a fight with my service dog. You have the right to protect yourself and your service dog, no matter what. Im not certain about your situation, but i have had 2 different service dogs in 44yrs. One an english cocker spaniel “black” and beautiful white heart looking shape on his chest. He died of 18yrs of service. Now i have a yellow lab, but he is only 9 months old and still training. I had to defend my 35lb cocker spaniel more than once, so i have a lot of knowledge and experience in almost every aspect of service dogs. My email is brianblt.bt71@gmail.com if i can give you any advice dont hesitate to email me. Plus the Americans with disabilities act website has alot of info and phone numbers you can call or write them with your questions about your service dog. ADA.GOV

      1. Hana says:

        Yeah I feel like you need to do whatever is necessary to protect your dog. I was at the dog park with my 11 month old Dane and this black lab kept followng him around and snarling at him trying to start a fight and my dog kept running away. My husband and I repeatedly yelled asking who’s dog this was and finally my husband kicked the other dog. The owner was upset but the whole reason youre at the park is for your dog so pay attention. If my dane had snapped it would have been very hard to control him or keep him from harming the other dog and of course people are always quick to blam the bigger dog.

  36. Cassie says:

    We need help, my roommate was walking our dog and the neighbors dog got out and charged at our dog which he was calm for a little but then decided to fight back. My roommate grabbed our dog by the collar to hold him back and went to push the neighbors dog away but in this attempt our dog bit his finger off. do we have a stand to go after the neighbor for provoking our dog to bit his finger off?

  37. Morgan Baker says:

    Tuesday my dog daisy got attacked by a golden,retriever I was not walking her my sister was and my sister halie is austic and how I knewn is I heard winning and my sister screaming and my other dog Harley trying to protect her so I ran outside and saw my dog daisy getting attacked by a golden retriever luckily she is ok just had 2 wounds and is really scared to go outside and she shakes when she here’s other dog barks

    1. Morgan Baker says:

      She also lucky she survived because the dog was trying to kill her and the owner said he did it 2 other timea

    2. skittles says:

      Aren’t golden retrievers gentle?

  38. Robert says:

    I would carry a pepper spray, a metal stick and a bb gun just in case.

    1. louis brown says:

      What about they should also carry a sword, a 22 and cane, and a 4X4. Come on man don’t be silly , maybe a pepper sprayor or a stick. Not all that crap.

  39. John Dlugos says:

    I have a little dog that would not hurt anybody but has been attacked on walks. He’s too small to defend himself so it’s up to me. I carry bear spray which has worked in the past, a good walking stick with a steel tip which is my second line of defense. If that doesn’t work the attacking dog is going to get a 45 to the mid section.

    1. Trey says:

      My little yorkie got attack last night by a pit bull while we were out on a walk. The dog was behind the fence, so I didn’t think he would get out.The dog rush us from behind out his yard without a bark or grraww he picked up my dog and started to shake him. I punch the dog a few times and kicked him after he dropped my dog. My dog cried and the pit bull started to charge again. The pit bull owner didn’t want to involve the law and has no money.I took my dog to emergency vet which cost me 1300 dollars. My dog is in shock and trying to recover. I don’t want to take a total lost what should I do??

      1. Boodog says:

        Of course the pit bull owner didn’t want to involve the law, because his dog would likely be put down and he’d be legally liable for his negligence. It may be too late to involve the law, but you should call your local police and file a report to back you up and take this dog owner to civil court to pay for your damages. You have legal rights. Be sure to stand up for them.

      2. mrs. ck says:

        yes go to report that dog and owner. Do you want it to possibly maim or kill a small child aor another dog. A dog like that either needs to be taken away and rehabilitated or put down. I bet it wasn’t the first time the dog bit and agressed another dog.

  40. Mary says:

    Can I ask on some advice please regards to my neighbour across from me who has a huge black Belgian sheep dog. To which the woman owner can not fully handle this large dog. She struggles to control detain this dog. Which this dog has tried to go for my dog on two occasions. Which it was on lead at these times. But the owner badly struggling to detain of have control over this dog. Also been seeing the owners son has been walking this dog with out a lead on it. Meaning I have more concern regards to this. Also the woman owner was seen yesterday walking this dog with out lead on the dog. Even with knowing that her dog had tried on two occasions to go for my dog. What can I do about this. And can I not try to make a complaint to someone on regards to these very issues of concern. Thank you.

    1. mrs. ck says:

      pick up your dog, if possible if you see this dog. Find out what your area’s off leash rules are, and if the owners are not in compliance, file a report, and make sure you tell the police that the dog has attacked your dog twice.

  41. Tara says:

    I have a 55 pound pitbull. She is a love and likes other dogs. However she is extremely dominant and clearly never learned proper greeting manners in her puppyhood. She doesn’t sniff a butt, she jumps right on their head to start playing. This NEVER goes well with an unfamiliar dog. And when loose dogs approach she gets defensive. It seems there are always loose dogs when I walk her, whether they are irresponsible owners who don’t think they need to obey leash laws or dogs who consistently get out of their yards. We have been attacked by both large and small breeds. I can’t lift 55 pounds of muscle over my head to keep her away from them. And when a fight starts i am pretty helpless. I’ve stopped walking her because of this. I fear for her safety and worry that if she causes injury to one of these dogs she’ll be the one blamed because she is a pittie.

    1. I have the same problem where I live I also have a 85 pound pitbull and when ever I walk him people let there dogs out without a leash and my dog is the same as yours and when lose dog come to him and attacks and I been able to stop the other dogs so far but I’m afraid also that if he defends him self because of his breed that they will put him down even though he did nothing wrong but protect me and himself

    2. Yolinda Mindre says:

      Yeah you admit your dog has inappropriate behavior and starts fights, but if anything happens and your dog gets blamed you will claim its because of the breed. Cant control your animal? Thendon’t have one. Typical pitbull owner.

  42. Su says:

    I have two little yorkies Pepi is a male he is 14 years old and he is so tiny and Lili female she is 5 years old and the other day we were at the beach and this black Labrador came and take Pepi by his neck and lift him up when I saw that I just said STOP and the black Labrador let go my little dog I pulled my dog and got him in my arms. And the Labrador was coming for us. The owner a 16 years old boy shout at the dog and thanks God the Labrador listened the boy did not say sorry or anything it was a very stressful situation my dog did not got hurt but just piss me off that people don’t care about others and that sometimes they are great to put others dogs in dangerous situation. I live in Ireland and pepper spray is illegal to use here any one knows of other sprays that I could use here to defend my dogs?????

  43. Andrew Joyce says:

    I was taking my chocolate lab out for a walk, let me add, he’s very tame and loving and wouldn’t hurt a fly, we were walking down a back alley, he was on a short leash, then all of a sudden a big German Shepard came walking towards us off his leash, his owner not far behind him, his owner called out to him a number of times to no prevail, at this point I was expecting a sniffing contest as I THOUGHT German Sheppard’s were friendly animals, then unprovoked he grabbed my lab by the throat and wouldn’t let go, the owner came rushing over and started kicking and punching his Shepard as was i, no luck, I tried desperately to price the Shepard’s jaws away but they are strong, all I could see was my beautiful lab just crouched helpless, eventually he let go, my lab moved out of the way and the Sheppard subdued by his owner tried going for him again, the guy wasnt a jerk about it, he told me to take my dog home and come back, we exchanged details, he was badly bleeding on his hand, through to the bone, I had cuts too. Morale of the story never trust ANY dog, thankfully all my lab has is a bloodshot eye.

  44. Marwan Assaf says:

    My wife was walking my labrador (1 year old) yesterday and a stray dog attacked them. My dog didnt do anything to defend my wife. Good thing people were around to help with the situation.
    How can i get my dog to defend us if a stray dog attacks?
    Would appreciate it if u can send ur advice on marwanassaf7@gmail.com


  45. Hyg Dyg says:

    The stick is the best idea, I can speak from experience. I am on this website because I whacked a dog across the head last night while walking in our dark neighborhood. I couldn’t even tell if the two canines were wild or not, but one got aggresive with me. I was carrying a lacrosse stick shaft with me. I never do this, but for some strange reason I did last night. The advantage of a light but very strong lacrosse stick is that you are very unlikely to cause a severe injury but the message it sends is clear. This dog whimpered off after I hit him, and his companion followed.

  46. allen says:

    Yeah, this is ok advice, but won’t work against a very strong dog with a big prey drive. Pepper spray is the answer. It will stop any dog fight within seconds. Pepper spray is 12 bucks. boom, problem solved.

  47. Dana says:

    I came across this after googling what I should do if a dog attacks mine because yesterday I was CLUELESS. my dog is an extremely submissive pitbull. he is 2 year old about 80lbs, huge head & is strong as hell. but looks are deceiving because he’s biggest baby you will ever meet. well yesterday I took him for a walk & normally we walk about 2-3 miles a day but it was so nice out so I figured we could walk further than usual….my first mistake. I should have listened to my gut instict telling me to just go back home but I didn’t. this woman had 4 large dogs, a pitbull, some black & white terrier mix & 2 very large white fluffy mixes. she was loading them in her car & before I had even seen them, they bolted right past her & went straight for my baby. the minute he started screaming bloody murder I knew I had to do something. 2 people that were driving by pulled over to help & they got them all except one that kept coming back so I stepped in between him & my dog & yelled “BACK OFF” about 4 times & he finally got the hint. luckily my dog was fine other than some scratches & a few puncture wounds but the owner apologized & paid for whatever medical attention he needed. it just makes me so upset that everyone looks at my dog like he’s gonna rip their faces off but he didn’t even defend himself in that fight. he was trying to be submissive to get them away from him but they just kept on 🙁

    1. Dale says:

      sounds like my pit bull. she was attacked last night…twice! first by a german shepard, then, a minute later, by a little jack russel. forutunately, the owners came right away and grabbed their dog. my sweet Sadie is the same as yours. she’s not a fighter. I will carry a stick and spray. I’ll also try and remember the assertive “back off.” thanks for all the advice.

  48. Jeff says:

    Well I just had to google “what to do if a dog attacks your dog on a leash” after what happened this evening. I was walking my dog as usual, it was dark. I saw a dog sniffing around a near by condo about 100 yards away. I kept my beagle close and walked hoping my dog wouldnt notice..he is intrigued with other dogs. This dog was a pit bull mix..easy to tell. It noticed us while we were trying to get from the area. Once it saw my dog, he went right for her throat and pinned her to the ground by the head. This is the first time i have i have experienced this. I hit the dog with my fist and really had no effect. I grabbed its leash and tried to pull and all it did was pull both dogs. I kept pulling and i think the unleashed dog lost its breath or nearly blacked out since it let go and was confused or may have thought i was the owner. I held it down, luckly it was not super aggresive towards me but it did bit me and and left its mark on my hand as it flipped its body. No one came to help. A guy siting on his porch just sat there as I asked for help. Luckly while i held the dog, mine ran out of site. I was scared, heart raced and I felt helpless. I will now carry mase or baseball bat. I am so angry. I dont know what to think of owners of dogs that would attack and could kill another dog. A small dog is no different I would think then a toddler if the dog sensed anything that would trigger it’s aggression. When a dog is in attack mode forget hitting it. I am a good size man and feel afraid for neighbors with small dogs who may not have got the unleashed monster off his or her pet. truthfully, I want to carry a good 5 inch blade and put it in the dogs chest if this happens again. Forget a walking stick and trying to break a small dog away from aggressive pitbull mix which probably had a not so competent owner. As an owner, believe me, it is a helpless feeling seeing you loving pet being killed . Trust me, now I know it can happen. Take protection. Many careless owners out there and they all want the big mean looking dog.

    1. Neal says:

      I know this is an old post but I may as well have been the one to write it. Our beagle mix was attacked at a dog park by two pitbull terriers. It was the most helpless and painful thing to be a part of. The short of it is that our dog amazingly survived. I had her over my head while punching the dogs. Both of us were a bloody mess and $2k later (with no help from the owner who zipped out of there -fortunately eye witnesses got their license plate so will know shortly who they are) we both are more or less whole again. But right there with you. I now carry pepper spray AND a small dagger. I never want to be in that situation again but if I do the offending dog is toast. And yes people, buy a motorcycle if you want to look tough. Stop with having beasts for pets. It’s such a pathetic and dangerous compensation.

    2. mrs. ck says:

      Report that dog! Find out who owns that dog and report them. A dog like that will bite again and do real damage or death.

    3. Anne says:

      This same happened to me today. I was walking up the road at 9am with my 1 year old collie. A pit bill escaped from its pen on the owners property. It first sniffed my dog then attacked. Latched on to my dogs neck and face and wouldn’t let go. I kicked and punched the dogs head and it wouldn’t release. A Fed ex guy was driving by and saw what was happening. He pulled over and had a shovel and hit the pit bull in the head until it finally released my dog. I picked her up and put her in the fedex truck and locked the door until the police came. My dog would have died if this Fed ex driver didn’t help me. My dog is swollen and wounded but will recover. I am devasted, scared to walk again. I ordered mace, thinking I need a knife too.

  49. DBeatScum says:

    Just yesterday my neighbour's German Shepherd was off the leash inside their yard and the fools left the outdoor open. I was returning from the walk with my dog which is a retriever.

    For 1 and a half minute my dog was savagely beaten as also me from this dog. I was extremely calm but at the same time i attacked the German Shepherd with fists kicks and whatever a human body can do to such an animal. The results of my attacks to the dog : ZERO
    If i did that to a human i would have broken his bones but the dog behaves as if it felt no pain. Of course it attacked me also and the owner was not able to control it.

    4 men tried to help but it was extremelly dificult for the german to let his teeth from my retrievers neck and then from my leg which is…good for people who study medicine in order to see the inside of the body

    I think that this guide can be a base when it comes to ordinary dogs up to medium size. But cannot be adopted to certain races that are strong and have aggressive nature against their “non-pack” beings, for example against a Rottweiler/Dog Argentino/German Shepherd…the best defense is start praying 😛

  50. tina marr says:

    My dog was attacked in it's own garden today by a neighbours male dog. It jumped TWO fences to attack, i have four passive female cavaliers,one only a year old. It tried each of them but the oldest jumped in to protect them, she was lucky to survive and only did so because I was at home. I am a professional dog walker and I had previously voiced my concerns to it's owner about it's level of aggression. In my country we are mot allowed to carry mace or pepper spray. The owner did not have a clue how to get his dog off mine and actually stood and watched,while I did. No apology after either. Bottom line DO NOT have a dog if you don't know what you are doing, this ended up with a dog being put down and anothers future uncertain.

  51. lori says:

    I have the same issue. I. have a very large st bernard, who is a good dog, good with other dogs as long as they are good with him. there have been countless times we have been attacked by little dogs, and I’m usually out walking with my toddler as well. it is TERRIFYING. I am concerned for the well being of the little dogs as well, because mine will hold his ground and will protect us, and these little dogs won’t stand a chance. luckily no one has ever been hurt, but it’s not fair that I have to choose to not walk my dog because others refuse to put theirs on a leash. I have talked to the owners, called the police, and it continues to happen. I have started bringing mace with me too, and its sad it has to come to this 🙁

  52. Anonymous says:

    I feel so terrible! We rescued a high strung Yorkie Poo who turned out to be an aggressive terrier at 15 lbs. I have trained and worked with him for over 4 years and he is highly intelligent and his personality is just full of life. He does wonderfully with me on a leash but is very aggressive to larger dogs. Today the door was accidentally left a jar and Skipper got loose. I heard barking and commotion in the front on the road. Skipper saw a man and his Labrador quietly walking in front of our house and went crazy! I immediately ran to them but had no control over him. I was so humiliated and felt terrible. He basically just barked and scared everyone but we can’t have a dog like that….we love him but that scares me and I don’t know if I can do anything more than what I have done. If it had been me I would not like the people who lived in our house and would have called them irresponsible! What is the responsible thing for me to do?

  53. Anonymous says:

    Lost my yorkie yesterday because of a dog attack (by a pitbull.) It hurts to lose a best friend.

    1. greggi pichardo says:

      i am so sorry…having difficulties in my house with a new 5 years old mixed breed small dog who has now attacked my smaller older weaker dog and would have certainly killed her if I was not there to intervene.. this is sooo sad that happened to u…

    2. janet says:

      You need to sue the dog owner. I have a Yorkie and they are too small to endure that type of trauma. I am so sorry that you lost your best friend.

  54. Anonymous says:

    My dog and I were attacked today by two off leash German shepards. I am thinking seriously of something a little more intense than pepper spray. But I guess bringing a firearm for the dog walk would make people upset and then they will want to ban guns. I am not going to hide inside and be a victim. I will start with a well intentioned walking stick (more like a club – for all of gods creature the dog and then the owner) lets make dog walks even more exciting!

  55. Thank you very much for this Linda. My dog was bitten this morning. My dog is a big dog, around 46kgs, but this dog was easily 60kg. I saw it following us, but as I walked faster, it picked up the pace – so I thought it might be better to just let them sniff each other then go, as opposed to turning it into an excited chase. I obviously didn’t read this dog’s body language well because the first thing it did was barge and bite my dog’s torso. My dog is big, but he is not at all violent – so he pretty much submitted straight away. After a few seconds of holding him down, the other dog marked his territory, and carried on wandering as if nothing had happened. My dog is currently at the vet getting a couple of stitched. I think I will get some pepper spray, that seems like a good deterrent. And I suppose a walking stick is good too. Thank you very much, this is exactly what I needed to read.
    ♫ Ashwin Acharya

  56. Anonymous says:

    I appreciate everyone’s insights and comments on this topic. Some point that haven’t been mentioned though that are worth mentioning are, first and foremost, the dangers of a flexi leash. If something happens, it prevents you from reacting in time. Even if it’s your own dog in danger. My dog got attacked today, and the attacker dog plus other two of his dogs were on flexi and he couldn’t do anything because of that. Those things should be banned and all dogs trained to walk on a relatively short leash. Dogs really don’t mind. Another thing is walking three large dogs at once. It’s impossible for you to break a dog fight if you have two other dogs there. Anyway. I’m going to start carrying the pepper spray for sure. Considering other options. Thanks for the tips.

  57. Anonymous says:

    A canine behaviorist once said to me,”There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.” Irresponsible “owners” (I hate that word owner when it comes to dogs or cats)are the problem. Just 2 weeks ago, my Weim and I were walking and 2 Pit Bulls crossed the street and backed us into a yard and wouldn’t let us go. They had no collars on,and they paid absolutely no attention to their “owner” who called,yelled, and attempted to drag them back from us – they kept coming back across the street- my response was to do my crazy woman performance of screaming, growling, stomping my feet after telling my wonderful dog to sit – which he did throughout. This performance seemed to break the concentration of the dogs who were backing us into a yard. My intention was to keep them focused on me and away from my dog. I figured if they bit me, the consequence for the “owner” would be much greater,and my dog is my family,so I was protecting him. The “owner” yelled at me as if it were my fault,and I yelled back at him, “Whose dog is under control ? Your dogs aren’t even listening to you !” Anyway, there had been a break-in at a house a few down from where we were a couple of days previous to that,and 2 police officers investigating just happened to hear me and came up to where we were and pointed guns at the 2 dogs. I’D THOUGHT ABOUT SAYING,”IF YOU’RE GOING TO SHOOT SOMEONE,SHOOT THE “OWNER” but am very glad I kept my thought to myself.The appearance of the police with guns drawn at his dogs seemed to get the “owner’s” attention,and my dog and I left and went home – I, trembling the whole way. I’ve since bought pepper spray but was told by another former police officer that it does no good in stopping Pit Bulls. I’ll repeat: THERE ARE NO BAD DOGS, ONLY BAD,IRRESPONSIBLE,EVEN STUPID “OWNERS”.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I know your frustration with irresponsible, stupid owners. This past Sunday, my chocolate lab was attacked by a dog (probably a chow mix) that had slipped out of its leash. The dog latched its jaws onto my dog’s neck and the stupid owner made literally no efforts to call her dog off of mine. The stupid owner didn’t even yell the dog’s name. While I was trying to break up the fight and pry the dog’s jaws off of my dog’s neck, I had to even ask the stupid owner what the dog’s name was so I could try to coax the dog off of mine. Can you believe that? She had no reaction except to freeze when her dog was attacking mine!!! Just ridiculous!
      720 dollars worth of vet bills later, my dog is on the mend after having stitches in his side and leg and it turns out the woman might not even have enough money to pay me back. Ugh, not sure exactly what to do, but I’m thinking I might need to take this to small claims court.

  58. Anonymous says:

    best thing to actually do is grab the attacking dog by his hind legs and hold them high in air. Making dog do a handstand. This way the attacking dog can not bite you or anyone else. Keep hold of that position till help come. IF there is 2 people just for safety measures do this to both dogs to prevent your dog attacking now the vulnerable attacker dog. I have done the stand between the 2 dogs and face the aggressive dog. The dog approaching wants at your dog not at you. Always face the unknown dog and as he walks around you do too keeping your dog behind you. This does work. I have done it several times and not once have been bitten.

  59. Anonymous says:

    I’d really like to know why my extremely friendly, wouldn’t hurt a fly dog gets attacked by every single other dog he comes in contact with. Leash or no leash. I mean he’s never shown aggression towards other dogs or humans or cats or anything. He’s just really friendly. could it be because he hasn’t been neutered yet and the other dogs are trying to prove their dominance?

    1. It really depends on what breed he is. If he is a ‘bully’ type, it may be that he is sending out the wrong body language in his stance. We’ve all seen teenagers coming over as aggressive or frightening or just with attitude, just because of all the hormones raging through them and the way they swagger around in their hoodies, where you can’t read their facial expressions. If he is long-haired, other dogs will struggle to see his facial expressions and any warnings he is trying to send out, like curled lip, hard eyes, which warn them to stay away, or the reverse, which indicates that he is friendly and playful. If you have mutilated him by slicing off his ears or hacking off his tail, at whatever age, you have robbed him of another means of communicating and showing that he is friendly. even if he is bred to hold his tail or ears in a certain way, that can be confusing to other dogs

  60. Anonymous says:

    My dog was attacked by a bull terrier yesterday while I was running her. The bull terrior slipped out of her leash and latched onto my dogs back leg and wouldn’t let go. My dog is having her rear leg amputated tomorrow. The vet told me in order to break the grip of a dog, you have to pull the dog by the tail and lift it up into the air that way they lose their grip. Another, was a hose full force up their nose or in their eyes, or spray deodorant or something similar into their eyes.Of course you don’t usually have these things handy, but if I had of known this yesterday, I would have run into the nearest house and asked for a spray can of some sort (nothing toxic).At least I would have broken the dogs grip without putting myself in any danger and probably would have saved my dogs leg.
    It should be compulsory for all dog owner to muzzle their dogs while walking them in the street, that way it would prevent any carnage. Good luck fellow dog owners.

    1. k.. says:

      just keep in mind, when you grab someone elses’ dog by the tail, it may make them release..well will amlost always work, you have to be willing to risk yourself of getting bitten. most dogs leg go, but then they turn at whatever is holding them…once a dog is engaged in a fight, they have a one track mind, verbal commands will not work at this point.

  61. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been walking my three dogs around the block for so many years now, recently there’s a neighbor that has a dog and always barks at my dog, and instead of the owner telling the dog to calm down, twice now he tells his dog to “bite em!” bite!” what should I do? Or say? Or just ignore? Please help me.

    1. Anonymous says:

      just miss out that house cross to the other side of the road or take another street dont waste your time or breathe on irresponsible owners looking to upset random dog owners

    2. k.. says:

      You can report this to the police, this is considered a threat. DO NOT IGNORE, this person needs to be reported. I wouldnt cross the street at all, if you are on a side walk or street you are within your rights to use it, and if he is threathening people that are not even in his yard, that would be illegal. its like threatening someone with a weapon.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Long story I’ll try to make it short.
    My neighbor’s fence was held together by string. No joke. His property backs up to our local park and his 3 huge dogs were jumping at the fence whenever other dogs walked by. I started carrying pepper spray when walking my omega husky sweetie in the park. She’s always on leash. About a month ago I was walking about 30 feet behind a lady and her poodle. His dogs hit the fence, busted through and 2 of his dogs grabbed the poodle. The lady let go of her dog and was looking on in horror. I’m 5’2”, 50 years old and weight 120. Before you tell me, I realize this was stupid, but my mother bear instincts took over. The 1st dog (smallest of the 3) let go of the poodle for 1 second while attempting to get a better hold. I kicked it hard in the side and it rolled into a bush. I pepper sprayed the 2nd dog (the poodle was slightly sprayed but was having much bigger problems at that time). The 3rd dog had run back into its yard. The pepper sprayed dog ran away, not in the direction of his house but I didn’t care. The 1st dog rushed out of the bushes and tried to get back to the poodle that was now immobile and bleeding. I tried to kick him again but he bit at my leg. I had a hole in my jeans and a scratch. My heart was beating so hard I thought it would exploded. I managed to hit him with the pepper spray (by now my eyes were burning from fumes) it started whimpering and rubbing its face on the grass.

    Oh, my trusty husky had turned tail and ran home (thank goodness)alerting my son that something was wrong. He showed up in the park about the same time the neighbor stepped out of his house. The guy was running toward me yelling something at me. When he was close enough to see the poodle and the damaged done, he stopped. I wanted to take the string and strangle the jerk. Cops were there, I have no idea who called them. He received a ticket for having his dogs off the leash in public. The poodle was taken to vet but last I heard it wasn’t doing well. My son listened to me through my tears, went over and talked to the neighbor and the cops. The next weekend the neighbor bought wood and my son helped the guy fix his fence. I wish I could be more like my son.

    1. Anonymous says:

      You’re a great person for doing that. You put your self in danger to help someone and her dog who were in trouble. I hope the poodle makes it through, but it wouldn’t have had a chance if it weren’t for you. Your son is a great person too. Takes after his mom 🙂

    2. Anonymous says:

      Wow you and your son are amazing people!!

  63. Anonymous says:

    Me and my dog were just attacked by another dog this week. It was a dog walkers nightmare. I rescued my dog 4 year’s ago, she had been severely abused and I’ve worked for 4 year’s getting her to trust humans and to be comfortable around other dog’s. She’s in obedience classes and doing well. We take dog walks everyday getting her used to the leash and she’s learning all commands. The attack was from out of no where. A typical owner who allows their dog to act out of control on their front porch. This dog (pitbull) was lose in the yard and came right at us. Don’t get me wrong, I love the pitbull breed and my dog is a pitbull/rottweiler, it’s the ignorant owners that’s responsible for their dogs behavior. Now, my dog has seventeen puncture wounds and I have three. My dog who has become my most trusted companion has given me so much happiness and I believe she fells the same towards me. She missed out on her class yesterday because she could barely walk. The authorities were called and I believe the only slap on the hand the owner is going to get is a $25 fine. I went to the emergency room for my bites in my hand and if I want that dog owner to pay for my medical bill, I have to take them to court. This owner came out of his house and threatened us for kicking his dog. During a time in which his dog had clamped down on my dogs leg and was shaking and tearing at her. The only thing me and my husband could do was to try and kick it. It never let go…it was a nightmare. Now, we can’t walk our dog around the neighborhood because of ignorant dog owners like what he are dealing with.

  64. Anonymous says:

    I was walking my small mixed dog on a leash in my neighborhood yesterday. A neighbor had his pitbull in the car. The pitbull was going crazy in the car as we went by and naturally my dog started barking too. We got past the car and the owner of the pitbull went to the car to check on his dog and opened the door. The pitbull charged my small dog and nearly killed it. After a major surgery my dog is still alive and will be at the vet office for 5 days. My bill will be about $400. I went to the house to talk to the owner and let him know the fees I will be charged for the vet. He told me his dog got scratched and wants me to pay for what my dog did (his dog never even went to the vet). My SMALL dog was leashed when his viscious unleashed dog attacked mine. Now he won’t pay the bill. My first approach is to make a police report, send him a statement by certified mail, then small claims court if needed. Needless to say, I’m not a fan of pitbull that are trained to be viscious, nor their owners for training them this way. Why do want to be a part of that stereotype?

    1. k.. says:

      Think about what you are saying…why do i want to be a part of that sereotype? why does anyone want to be judged on what they do not do…so you are telling me that because your dog was attacked by a pitbull owned by a very ignorant and irresponsible owner (for that i am sorry)…that all pitbulls should be held accountable? do all black people rob banks and sell drugs? are all white people rich? do all labradore retrievers like water? come on now…really? i am a responsible owner, so dont hold my dog responsible for what your idiot neighbor did.

  65. Anonymous says:

    In a perfect world, people would be responsible and diligent with their pets and dog on dog attacks would not occur. Unfortunately, in the real world, they are an all too common occurrence. It’s not fair that taking a walk with your dog has become a dangerous occupation. I live in the suburbs and have a large fenced yard. I have given up on trying to take my dog for a walk. So, instead, I taught him how to retrieve a ball and we play fetch every morning. It’s great exercise (for him) and a good “give and take” bonding experience for the both of us.

  66. Anonymous says:

    i took my dog to the local playing fields and meet up with a lady i see regular who has a rottwieler and another dog a little bigger! i do let my dog off the lead ( a patterdale) he is very good does not run off to far and always comes when called. her dog was on a lead to start but then she let him off. dogs were playing and my dog walked near them and was attacked by her rottwieler he pick my dog up and shock him like a rag doll at which point i thought he had killed him the owner went in to try and stop it and my dog bite her!! the dog did eventually let go of my my dog with injurys that at first glance didnt look to bad! the ladys arm was bleeding quite a lot i called her hubby who came and picked her up and he said he would pay my vet bill. I took my dog straight to the vets he had to be put under sedation to be proper looked at which they found he had extensive damage shoulder muscle ripped apart and massive brusing! When i told the owner how much the vets was now going to cost he is not so keen to pay!! i dont know where i stand or what i can do ?? i have since found out that this dog has tried to attack other dogs before!!

  67. Anonymous says:

    why is there no laws to protect dogs and their owners from owners who let the dogs off the leash. We all want dogs to have a run but not at the expense of attacking other dogs in the area. It can cost quite a bit of money to take dogs to the vests and also the cost of the mental anxiety caused to the dog and their owners.

  68. Anonymous says:

    My pitbull mix loves little dogs and is very tolerant of bad behavior from anyone smaller than her, but we almost met her match today. Some moron had her two little dogs off leash and one of them attacked my dog out of the blue. My dog growled and tried to run away but didn’t even open her mouth to bite. I held her head up away from the little dog and ended up picking her up in my arms just to get the little dog off her. The little dog was climbing up my leg when the owner finally got to it. I think people with little dogs tend to think that there’s no danger in having their dogs off leash because they are so small, but if a little dog bites a big dog and the big dog reacts that little dog is going to be in bad shape pretty quickly. If they aren’t well trained, small dogs off leash are dangerous to themselves and other dogs as well – what do you think would have happened to my dog if she had bitten back and seriously hurt this lady’s dog?

    1. Anonymous says:

      when my dog was a puppy we were at a public dog event in my local park when a tiny dog attacked him he had to go to the vets and now tries to take revenge on all the little dogs he sees now!!!

  69. Anonymous says:

    Yesterday my mother took our dog for a walk. My dog is a shih-poo so he is a little guy. Both my dog and my mom came under attack from a much bigger dog, not quite sure what breed. My dog was injured and my mom thankfully got away with a only a few scratches.

    Now call me selfish or whatever you but that if it was me that was walking my dog yesterday instead of my mom then that other dog would have said some serious injuries!

  70. Anonymous says:

    reading all comments there`s some truth in most of them , i own two dogs a dog and a bitch both jack russell crosses they are both well behaved come back when they are called and very obidient they are never out on their own and have a secure garden so there`s no chance of them escaping. recently my male dog has been attacked by a husky who would`nt go back to it`s owner when called and so never should be let off the lead in my opinion, and in the same week two bull mastiffs that had got out of their garden did the same thing i managed to get them off him with the risk of being bitten myself , but like some one said earlier when you hear your dog screaming in pain you don`t think about your own saftey. My chill time was walking my dogs but now i`m nervous every time i take them out .. people should be more responsible for their dogs no matter what breed i love all dogs it`s the irresponsible owners i don`t like.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Around where I live people think its okay to let little dogs out in their front yards. Today I was walking my two dogs and a puggle attacked us. It bit my english shepherd who was trying to get away. It was too windy for pepper spray so I kicked it but it came back and attacked her again. Thats when my other dog, a shepherd mix, attacked back. It ran away and I felt bad for it and my dogs. I wish people would quit letting dogs out unsupervised.

  72. k.. says:

    There are a couple of recipes that you can make your own online, i tried to post it but i guess because it was a recipe it wouldnt be approved. Try googling how to make it and the first two recipes online were the ones i tried to post.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Iam in N.J. and the sports and hunting stores here sell pepper spray it sits right on the counter, its a small amount though but I think it would work. Also Ive seen in a magazine which offer large selections some not legal to have, but when dealing with strong dogs, you need it, just be real careful were and how you spray, not sure if you can order. http://www.cabelas.com good luck.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Yesterday me my brother and a mate were walking our rottweiler we had been walking for about 10 minutes when 2 pitbulls had got lose and were facing off woth our rottweiler my brother starts slowly backing away with our dog when they both started atttacking her our friend bolted and got a few hundred metres away when the pitbulls started chasing him so he climbed into a tree saving our dog from being seriously injured then a neighbour came out and let us take our dog into his back yard. The pitbls then realised they couldnt get our friend who was in the tree and ran away. But in australia i dont beleive there is any where you cab get pepper spray. What could you use instead? And to the guy above this i have nothing against pitbulls ive had friends who have them and there lovely dogs it just the owners dont treat the dog right!!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Here in the US, some states regulate pepper spray but I found a citronella spray at at pet store that can be used. It might not deter very aggressive dogs. I’m glad that your dog is OK (and your friend!)

      1. mrs. ck says:

        statistically, unfortunately, pitbulls are aggressive and will attack. It may not be the dog’s predilection but it sure is the owner’s. You are seriously irresponsible to your animal if you go around thinking you will risk your dog’s life for some stupid social need to make everyone feel good. I am not saying you need to be bitter or hateful towards pitbulls but exercising common sense that these dogs are not statistically owned and raised by responsible, civil people who care about others welfare in the general population is being a responsible pet owner to your dog. Sorry, but after having your attitude and having my dog twice attacked and bit in the neck one time and in the face another – pitbulls are not to be approached or played with unless I can for sure see that the owner is responsible and has an attitude of civility and care towards others. I feel the exact same way about dobermans and rottweilers and english bulldogs – all breeds that have traditionally been aggressive and deadly towards others and in my experience bitten people and other dogs.
        Stereotypes exist for a reason and it isn’t always because of ignorance as you would think, it can also do with real statistics and experiences. You own a pitbull, you unfortunately have to put up with the bad behavior of other owners of pitbulls who are irresponsible and train their dogs to be aggressive. You probably have to do double duty to educate others that YOUR pitbull is not aggressive and a deadly weapon. But, you have to accept that the adage “one bad apple spoils it for the rest” is in operation here and cannot fault others for stereotyping pitbulls.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Ammonia water mix or vingar with a LITTLE water in a spray bottle works. Keep it on a stream setting not spray. Aim for face. Vinegar hurts but wont harm. Jalpeno pepper juice, or just plain black pepper flakes thrown in their face helps. Heard shampoo also works. Good luck.

  75. k.. says:

    another thing that is a shame is that people are to quick to say “pit mix”….do you also say that all “black people”, “asian people”, “white people” look alike? DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY BREEDS GET MIS-IDENTIFIED AS PITS ON A REGULAR BASIS? There are tons of dogs that bite people that LOOK like pits, or so people say. My suggestion to those that THINK they know what a real pit looks like should look it up..get some info and education on breeds of dogs..because PITS die everyday because people are mis-identifying other breeds of dogs that are the ones doing the attacking…if anyone saw the most recent of the news anchor being bitten in the face by a “MASTIFF”..90% of the media is calling that dog a PIT…not only is it NOT a pit…but that STUPID woman (news anchor) should have never stuck her face in a strange dogs face…not saying any dog should bite, but one thats been through a tramatic experience…PEOPLE are stupid…if you are interested in knowing the over 20 or so breeds of dogs that get confused with pits everday…look check them out…i can guarantee you that not only will you be suprised..but 80% of you will not be able to pick the pit bull out of the other dogs…PEOPLE need to start being responsible for their actions…and that is being irresponsible owners to animals. http://www.pitbullsontheweb.com/petbull/findpit.html
    go to the link and see if YOU can find the pit bull!!!

    1. Anonymous says:

      I hear you and I was the one who commented that I thought the dog that attacked my smaller dog was probably a pit mix. I did say I was not certain and I agree that it is difficult to determine a breed sometimes – I could have been wrong about it. However, in the end, it doesn’t matter so much to me – I just wanted to relay my story that the dog that attacked mine was bigger and that there was no indication that this dog was going to attack – no barking, no growling, nothing. That dog I believe reacted on it’s prey instinct when it saw my smaller dog.
      As you say, the real issue is that the dogs owner should know that those kids were not able to handle that dog by themselves – it was too strong for them. They need an adult with them if they want to walk it and they need to be aware that their dog has a tendency to attack smaller dogs.
      I know many pit/pit mixes that are very sweet, gentle dogs.

    2. No idea why people do not just go to dog parks. I guess if there are none in your area … I have taken my puppy all over my city to different parks, the ocean, wherever to get her as absolutely the most socialization I can.

      No matter, In the few months she has been going to the parks we have come across four dogs that have been very aggressive and tried to bite her (and others). Three were pit bulls, not mixes as the owner themselves verified, and one was today a Weaton (sp?) Granted the Weaton was much more aggressive than the pits. Fact is when I see a pit in the dog park I worry a bit until I know everything will be ok. Get over it. The breed hasa bad reputation due to countless bad owners. It will be critcized no matter how much you don’t like it.

    3. k.. says:

      Get over it? Im sorry but i wont, first of all IT IS because of bad owners or breeding in general, and i wont get over the fact that people are ruining a breed of dog. First of all I WORRY about dog parks, because most people in there do not watch their dogs, much less know the signs of any type of aggression or warnings. dog parks are fest pools for germs, and mostly irresponsible owners chatting it up and not paying attention to their mostly unsocialized dogs. Its mostly a place for people that are lazy and dont want to take the time to properly socialize their dogs. I personally WORRY about ANY dog that is unleashed PERIOD…im not going to limit it to pits because ALL dogs can bite..especially if they are scared or feel threatened….that bundling all your sticks in one basket dont you think. Yep they do have a bad rep, but its people like you not doing anything to help that by continuing the ignorance. I wont ever give up on my dogs. and ANONYMOUS, i agree no child should have been walking a dog they could not control..but somewhere in there there was a warning that went unnoticed…the pit bull could have run over to greet your dog (wasnt there so just guessing) and then either dog could have given off a hint that it was upset, and each dog is going to defend themself. One of my fosters was like this, he wanted to play with smaller dogs, but some small dogs get defensive when a large dog is hanging over their head..which is normal..so a small dog may growl, then..time to fight…its normal honestly, but as owners you have to be prepared or avoid situations, and also be able to read your dog when it gives you signals. I WOULD NEVER TAKE MY DOG TO A DOG PARK, THATS PROBABLY THE MOST IRRESPONSIBLE THING ANYONE CAN DO!

  76. Anonymous says:

    You have to be prepared to save your dog. I carry pepper spray a large amount of it, but you have to be aware of wind and try it out ahead of time (havent had to use it yet). also I read some good advice when searching for ways to protect my dogs, If your dog is being bitten you can stick your fingers into a dogs eyes and do damage and you might be bitten but you have a chance to save your dog (and if dog bites you then theyll do something),pet dogs are being killed all the time by dogs running loose or not under control by their owners research it. the dogs you love dearly mean nothing in eyes of the law. Ive encountered so many off leash dogs, call police every time (if dog doesnt retreat)and get reports written up. so next time if it gets bad theres records of the dogs off leash. I walk two dogs. One big and one small, big dog a pit who I dont want fighting but shes always ready, she was attacked by pit running loose with stupid owner in state park. Cops called, was told theres not much they can do (N.J. has leash law, cops dont enforce) owner paid vet bill just missed jugler. She would have died. Now moving to new neighborhood. See lots of dogs running loose taking pictures keeping records. For future problems. putting fence up. getting hunting license. so itll be kinda legal if I need to protect my dogs. I will go insane if off-leash dog goes for my little dog. Its a real shame people are so lazy and cant leash their dogs.

  77. Anonymous says:

    I own two dogs – one small, about 11 pounds, and the other medium size, about 27 pounds. I was walking them in a residential area near the water (SF Bay) on a walking path. I only occasionally take them there. There were both on leash and we were actually off the path towards the edge where the grass meets the sand/mud at the water’s edge.
    My dogs were enjoying all the birds and smells – not paying attention to folks jogging or walking by.
    A group of 4 young kids walks by with a good-sized pit mix (my guess – not certain what type of dog – just bigger than mine and muscled with that big head that pits tend to have). The youngest girl was holding the dog’s leash. She probably weighted less than the dog. Something triggered that dog to run towards us, pulling the leash out of the little girl’s hand. I’m sure she was not expecting it and doubt she had the strength to hold the dog back.
    The dog went for my smaller dog. It all happened so fast that I did not have time to pick her up so I dropped her leash and tried to grab the attacking dog. Luckily, that dog had on a harness which made it easier to grab but not before my dog was attacked. And even once I grabbed the dog he had my dog in his mouth and would not let go for a few seconds.
    The kids had no control over the dog they were walking and they did not have an adult with them. I picked up my dog once they took their dog back from me and grabbed my other dog’s leash and run back to my car to take mine to my vet’s office.
    She was bleeding on her side but the puncture was fairly minimal considering the attack. I thought for sure I was going to watch this dog kill my dog. It is horrible to hear your dog screaming and trying to get away from a dog attacking it. I guess I’m lucky the dog did not attack me when I grabbed it. My vet suggested I carry mace when I walk my dogs but I’m not sure if I would have thought to use it. My reaction was just to get that dog off my dog.

  78. k.. says:

    Here is my opinion…Yes there should be responsible owners, but the fact of the matter is..there arent…we live in the REAL world, and you need to get with reality…and reality is, that when you walk out your door in the morning, there are alot of risks…people shouldnt brek laws either, but they do…you need to help yourself by avoiding the worst scenarios..you cant just walk out your door, and expect people to do what they are supposed to do just because they should. There is a reason for all attacks, if it be, because a dog was raised to attack, or abused, or whatever..there is always a reason, and the reason is always because of US…its people that make animals the way they are..and its people that are ignorant to always blame the animal…HUMANS are to blame wether they were present or not. It’s rediculous and ignorant to just say “it isnt fair”…your right , LIFE isnt fair, there are tons of things that are not FAIR…but this is the real world…anything can happen at anytime…all you can do is do your best to prepare. As far as using livine in AFRICA as a comparison is just a really ignorant thing to say..as if lions just go around attacking people for no reason…no probably because PEOPLE threaten them on a daily basis, move into their homes…humans are whats ruining this earth, animals did not ask to be domesticated, but WE did it, so now we have to pay for what we made…dont be so ignorant to blame animals or breeds…blame your neighbors…and if you dont like walking in your neighborhood..work to make a change in your neighborhood…walk somewhere else, or stay in your house…so sick of people complaining but never doing anything to help or change anything..you can expect to help a situation just by saying it shouldnt happen…otherwise you will NEVER get anywhere.

  79. Anonymous says:

    I walk my dogs almost everyday and more I get worried about other dogs attacking them. Everywhere I go in the neighborhood I see loose dogs, for the most part I usually turn around. Some of them follow me, some don’t. Others have attacked my dog just like today. I had a incident with a pitbull, luckily he was friendly because my dogs are pretty small. Plus a few weeks ago when I was out of town I seen a massive pitbull pretty much kill a dog and it got me thinking about the safety of mine.

    I always have them on a leash, the only thing is I have 2 dogs, obviously. Anyways, that leaves me without a hand in a hostile situation. Today a Boxer who actually was tied to a tree but ripped through whatever was holding him, ran up to my dogs. At first they had face to face stare down as the owner came running over the Boxer attacked my dogs, I instantly said “fuck it” and went and grabbed the Boxer by his neck fat and ripped him away. He automatically seemed to submit when I did that as the owner grabbed him. I was lucky I didn’t get bit but wasn’t going to let my dogs get hurt after what I seen.

    Now the fear is still in me that I might have a run in with a truly dangerous dog like a pit. I mean I love all dogs, I think there great but owners can be stupid. I understand certain situations but dogs are responsibilities, there not some shiny toy you show off in your backyard. A note to anyone out there, if a dog kills one of my dog without the owner trying to restrain it, I will kill your dog. Not trying to sound like a tough guy or anything but its collateral for your mistake.

    I’ve had my dogs for maybe 5 years now and nothing major has happened. I’m hoping it stays that way. I think the best option would be to walk your dogs outside of neighborhoods. Now if your young like me and don’t really have the choice to just take your dogs out to somewhere safe, then stay cautious.

  80. Alison Bateman UK says:

    every person who owns a dog , has a legal obligation to keep that dog under control when out walking in public. Its not fair that people should be afraid to walk their dogs from fear of attack from dogs of irresponsible owners whome they let them run free

  81. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Anonymous who talked about being afraid of walking his dog because of other dogs in the area. It is NOT his fault that other owners are not responsible and keep their dog on a leash or at home. I would suggest hitting the other dog with a walking stick as hard as you can between the ears until it backs off. When that happens, if the other dog doesn’t run away, spray with bear spray. You and your animal should not suffer because of others. It is your responsibility to keep your dog safe by whatever means necessary.

  82. Anonymous says:

    People who are attacking Anonymous have probably not been in a similar situation. I walk my dog all around my city and I try to be aware of my surroundings at all times and my dog is always on a leash. But my dog was literally just attacked by a dog because his owner did not have him on a leash. I understand the frustration of feeling like I’m doing my part but I can’t protect my dog from irresponsible dog owners who not only don’t follow leash laws but can’t keep their dog from running up on other dogs. It’s fine if people have dogs that are good with other dogs and they want them to get their exercise off the leash… that’s great I support that but that’s why there are dog parks. My dog is a rescue who was abused by his previous owners and other dogs in his previous home, so attempts to train him to not get defensive when another dog runs up to him have been unsuccessful but that’s why I don’t take him to dog parks and always have him on a leash. Other dog owners should be mindful of the fact that not all dogs are good with other dogs. And I don’t think it’s crazy to expect people to follow leash laws or take their dog to a dog park if they want the to be leash free! And I also think it’s frustrating that there is nothing that I can do about people not following the leash law. I flagged down a cop after my dog was attacked as the other dog owner was casually walking away with his dog and the cop literally sat there eating a donut and with his mouth full said, “they’re just animals”. I love my dog like he’s family and I do everything I can to give him a good quality of life because he’s suffered enough for 5 lifetimes and it IS frustrating to have to pay for other people being selfish!

  83. Anonymous says:

    There are some very good pointers too this article. I rescued a pitbull 6 years ago and trained her to be a good citizen. And all that training was destroyed by people who say “don’t worry he/she is friendly” as their dog tears your dogs face up and your arm. Another good tool to carry is a stun gun on your belt. Not lethal and gets that stupid dog off of yours in a hurry. Its not the dogs fault or the breed. Its the stupid OWNER!!!! Yes your dog may be friendly at home but not on the sidewalk jumping on random people and their dogs. But of course it always boils down to “its the pitbulls fault”. Which its no breeds fault.

  84. Anonymous says:

    Today, while walking my doberman another person’s dog jumped out of the back of his pickup truck which was parked. The dog came after me and my dog. Needless to say, a dog fight started with the other dog’s owner on a cell phone near his pickup oblivious to the situation. Yelling help, other people ran to see what was happening as I tried to separate the dogs as my doberman had won the battle and had the other dog by the neck. My dog would not release for a long time. The owner came up and asked if it was his dog and what to do. I said grab your dog’s leash and help separate the dogs. He said that he would get bit. Eventually, the dogs got separated. He planned on taking his dog to the vet. I am sure that his dog learned a very important lesson… do not jump out of a pickup, do not run after another dog and instigate a fight, and don’t try taking on a dog bigger than you. Hope the other dog is doing ok.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I would get him cited for lose dog. I would bill him for the vet bill if anything scratch happened to your dog. Even though your dog won, it sends a message to all in the community that they are responsible for their dogs actions and will be held accountable. If everybody did this action win or lose people would be more responsible.

  85. Anonymous says:

    Incidentally, off the point, but to point out a fact to Anonymous about being attacked in Africa by lions, I think you have your facts totally wrong about Africa. No, we do not live in the jungle where the lions roam. No, lions do not run around attacking people.

  86. Anonymous says:

    This is to the third person that posted a comment! Are you dumb!!!!!????Stop going to the same place to walk your dog!Maybe you should take some protection with you! just because your dog got attacked 4 times doesnt mean that these methods dont work! So stop your complaining and do something about your problem!

  87. Anonymous says:

    i was just attack lastnight by a pitt bull the onwer said it broke off its leash it was scary i slowing try to move away from the dog and coach my dog to follow the other owner manged to grab her dog and pulled it back thank god no one was injured the key is to remain calm and avoid the attacking dog by moving away as much as possible its a scary feelig to hear you poor pet cry after it brought tears to my eyes but my dog saved me from getting hurt shes my hero

  88. Anonymous says:

    People in my area seem to think its ok for them to let their small dogs roam free and unleashed. I have 2 pitbulls that I walk at least twice a day. If my dogs are on a leash and a Chiuahua runs up and tries to attack them then what do I do??? So far I’ve been scooping both my dogs up in my arms and carrying them home. It works, but that is over 200lbs of dog to carry home. I think I may give that pepper spray a shot. Hey, I’d rather spray a dog then see it get eaten

    1. Anonymous says:

      I like your reply that was pretty cool, I am a big fan of pitbulls! I walk my dog everyday and Busters a pretty damn good dog, I like the little guy, he is a dingo! Well I walk him with a muzzle-just in case-but when we are running I let it loose so he can breath. While running him today, two dogs ran up on us I pulled him close to me and got in front of the two dogs and they darted in different directions, then they were coming back in from different directions, while I was trying to make sure one dog didn’t bite him the other one did! I lost it and had a very quick protective reaction and as soon as the one dog started to bite his hindquarters I grabbed the attacking dog by his skin and fur on the side of his neck and slammed him to the ground, I turned to see where the other dog was and he was just watching, like he didn’t want to continue the fight without his partner. This happened in a residential neighborhood and luckily the owner of the dogs was home close by and heard the ruckus and collected his dogs with apologies and I had no hard feelings although it was his fault the attack happened. He said they keep jumping over the fence, one of these days somebody’s going to be walking by with a nice big walking stick or they might not be as obliging as me and turn them in. Your animal is your total responsibility they are like a child and it shows just how good of parent you are by the way you handle all things with your dog.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Today as my brother and i were walking our two pit bulls Bella and rasco the neighbors dog came flying out his house ..like what the hell are you serious …she was a German Shepard right away she charged at Bella whom was in front of rascal all of a sudden they were attacking each other!!! i was so frightened 🙁 my brother held Bella really tight but Bella would not let go of the German Shepard luckily i was able to pull rasco back and keep him away !! so the owner came out all upset that our dog was a pit bull and his dog was gonna die..so he held on his dog Thank god none of the dogs bite him but Bella would not let go, she was so scared and shes only 2years old ..the owner was even trying to kick Bella!! i couldn’t be leave my eyes what in the world makes him think he could kick Bella, finally Bella let go and we ran inside and poor Bella she was bleeding she had a broken nail,swollen eye, bite marks everywhere and the German Shepard was okay she was only holding on to her so she wouldn’t bite..they came over and apologized ..the cops came right after!!
      This was all there fault my mom had a pepper spray i don’t know why she didn’t use it 🙁

    3. Anonymous says:

      Good point or as you said if they are small dogs just hold on tight to your dogs leash an pull their heads tightly against you so they wont be able to strike.

    4. Anonymous says:

      Reality Check, life isn’t always FAIR. Just learn to live it. Enjoy it, and be realistic. You have a dog, you want and need to walk your dog. Learn from experts how to do so in the safest, most educated way. Forget legislation. Legislation will never make you completely safe in life. As there are countless dangers to meet. One must keep a level head, and educate yourself. Enjoy life. Stop raging against unfairness.

  89. Anonymous says:

    A dog tried to attack my dog the other day during a walk. i held my dog back and shouted at the other dog but that didnt help it got within biting range of my dog and it got the shit bitten out of it…..lesson learned 😛

  90. Anonymous… You think you own the world!!! Your a selfish little person. You only think of yourself, and that attitude is why your dog is getting into trouble. Grow up! All dogs are Gods creatures, not just yours.

    1. Anonymous says:

      That’s ridiculous. They aren’t selfish at all and they think they own the world? What are you even talking about? They may all be G-d’s creatures, but if they are dangerous, they are dangerous. My dog had to have extensive surgery after being attacked by another dog. Dogs get attacks and it’s not the owners fault, but there need to be repercussions. If anyone needs to grow up, it’s you.

  91. Stephanie Addison says:

    anonymous, did you even read the article?

  92. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry, but none of these solutions is acceptable. I am SO sick of being afraid to walk my dog because of other irresponsible pet owners. If they have a vicious dog, they need to take appropriate caution and treat it as a dangerous weapon. The cavalier and careless attitudes of dangerous dog owners astounds me. It is NOT FAIR that I have to be attacked or that my dog has to be attacked when I’m out walking in public. It is NOT FAIR that I have personally had my dog attacked four times (twice very seriously) in the 8 years I have owned him. If the other owners had not been there to help me, my dog would undoubtedly have been killed in two of the cases – both by very large pit bulls. I am SO SICK OF NOT HAVING AN ADEQUATE SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM. Why do I have to live like a person in Africa afraid of being attacked by lions when I live in the United States? Why? WHY? WHY???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And when I hear of other people or dogs being killed by other dogs, it is so unbelievable to me that this can go on in the United States! HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN?!?! I need a better solution for preventing these attacks. It’s time innocent dog walkers and people take control of this situation.

    1. Anonymous says:

      We live in a country full of right wing rednecks who want you to have to walk with a gun whenever you leave your house. They don’t believe in laws. They are like the idiots in the Middle East where everyone carries a gun and no one is safe. I too am sick of being terrified of attacking dogs here in the US. I now carry a stun gun and pepper spray just to walk my small dogs to the mailbox, and I live in an upscale neighborhood. The police never enforce the leash laws and the right wing politicians here in Arizona just tried to do away with the leash laws. These people are nuts!!!!!!!

      1. mrs. ck says:

        what’s wrong with you? Are you always this biased and self-righteous? You think all dog owners who let their dogs roam are right wing nuts and rednecks? I live in liberal NYC where the population is decidedly liberal and dogs are irresponsibly off leash all the time. Last night my friend was out walking two puppies – one 8 months the other 5 months. THe puppies were on leash minding their own biz when unleashed dogs attacked her to get to one of the puppies that was just walking on the widewalk. These dogs bit, and tore her dress as they went after her as she huddled race down with the puppies on the ground. The owners HAD NO CONTROL of their dogs, and didn’t even bother to help her up or assist her. We are going back to that place tonight to find these owners and tell them she has bites. Given the area of where this happened, I can pretty much say, the owners are liberal. Now does that add anything to the facts? Not really.

    2. Right wing rednecks eh? OR it could be irresponsible dog owners. Most of the attacks done by dogs are because of the owner not training their animal properly. Has nothing to do with politics. I take my almost adult dog (8 month Cocker Spaniel) and had never owned a dog before as an adult; I am 39 years old. When I take her to the dog park most owners have no idea how to handle their dog(s). They yell at them when they are just trying to play, don’t break them up or remove them from aggressive situations, think their dog can do no wrong, bring them to the dog park to socialize then go off in a far corner where their dog (as a pack animal) follows alone.
      I have spent hour upon hour training my dog. Spent countless hours with her trainer. Asked question upon question to make sure she has the right diet, exercise plan, and training regime. I understood my ignorance on how to properly take care of her from the beginning and although I still make a minor mistake from time to time I see what she is doing and ask the trainer so I can be properly trained to take care of my dog.
      It has absolutely nothing to do with politics and this is not the forum to voice your political perspective. It is an area to understand the proper training of an animal. Understand your surroundings, keep your dog leashed, keep your dog well-socialized and keep them happy. There are tons of dogs in my area, I know where the ones I wish to avoid are and guess what? I avoid them.

    3. Anonymous says:

      I must say. Fair or not fair. The whole world currently has this scenario. I truly appreciate this article. Until we are able somehow to stop all possibility of encountering a dog attack, We must equip ourselves with knowledge. Or just hide in your house and cry unfair for the rest of your life. I currently walk my dog. With or without legislation to protect me. I refuse to let fear Mongers take away the quality of life. If you let them, they will have you too afraid to walk out your front door. So, read the article several times. Practice the scenario in your mind. And go out and live!!!!

    4. Anonymous says:

      We always put our dogs on a leash when we see other dogs comming over to ours to try to avoid any dog fights ! Even when other people see this they still let their dogs run over to outs ! Our older dog does not like other dogs in his space and will grab if the other dog comes to close ! Why cant people respect the fact that if we leash ours they should keep theirs away !

    5. Anonymous says:

      I totally agree with you, it happened to my border collie when he was attacked by 2 st bernards that suddenly appeared from a gap in the wall near me. I’m sorry to say hitting/beating the dog didn’t work as it was too intent on attacking my dog. It only stopped when I managed to get them off my dog and a man helped me fend them off. The owner said they aren’t normally like this and they escaped from through the garden by a door that was left open.

    6. Highlander says:

      12/1/2012 My Collie was attacked by a dog. Here’s the story:

      I had my 23 month old Rough Collie at our local Parade at night. He is VERY well trained and is started as a service dog. It was dark and we were standing about 30′ from the main crowd next to the sidewalk watching the parade. I also had my 4 month old Min Pin puppy and my Min Pin mix all on leashes. They are also very well behaved do not bark or cause any problems while out. They were all being quiet and still. We were there probably 5 minutes and suddenly a bulldog type wire haired terrier mix mix dog bolted from under the chairs and instantly locked his mouth on my Collie’s neck. There was no warning. No barking no sniffing just bolt and bite. The dog weighed over 60 lbs and was twisting his body with his locked jaws on my collie’s neck. I was terrified my collie would die. I could not tell what the dog had in his mouth was it hair or my dog’s ear I couldn’t tell. I was kicking it and hitting that dog’s eyes it would not let loose. My collie was in a complete submissive position with his head lowered and now sufficating becuase this dog had a hold of his martingale around his neck. NO one could get this dog off my dog. Poeple were trying to get a knife to kill the dog locked on my dog. It was horrifing. I have had dogs most of my life and never experienced this before. Finally after about 3-5 minutes (seemed like forever) the owner saw what was going on and was able to get the dog off my dog just before he was passing out from lack of oxygen. I was furious with the owner of the dog. He had this dog at a parade with only a leather collar and a hay rope attached. He said that it was just an accident and he was sorry his dog is just protective. I couldn’t even talk to him I was so upset. I found that my hand was bitten by his dog and my collie, because of he heavy mane, only had some scratches on the top of his head and his neck seemed sore. Then I saw that my poor dog had urinated and deficated all over him self. I was so upset with that owner. I had the sheriff go over and get his info for my bite and my glasses had gotten knocked off and broken. I reported it to the animal control and they quarentined the dog. This owner is a volenteer at an animal shelter locally and had this dog for only two months. I asked the animal control officer to please have him get help training this dog. He is so lucky that we did not get hurt much worse. I finally got a hold of this man by phone and he was trying to negotiate my price for my glasses and a bath for my dog total 225.00 was all I wanted I treated myself and my dog with out going to a doctor. I could not believe it….He did finally agree to pay it when I had a officer call him and talke some sense into the guy. Also animal control saw my bite and documented it as a witness to it. Do you know this guy refuses to believe his dog is aggressive and believes his dog is just protective and it not dangerous. I can not believe someone would be that stupid.

    7. stephanie Israel says:

      I have 2 friendly and sociable Kerry Blue terriers aged 11 and 3/4 and 11.
      3 Months ago I was on the large field around the corner from my house and had just let the male one Parker off-lead when an out of sight Staffy charged him, knocked him over and stood rigid over him with its nose pushed into his belly. Because it had one of those chavvy bronze and leather harnesses on I straightaway grabbed it by the harness, lifted it off him and hung it in the air so it could not bite him. The female owner then ran up grabbed her dog and punched me in the face. I was hysterical by this point and would not let go of the dog and screamed and screamed for someone to get the police. I think Parker thought the dog was trying to attack me and he jumped up about 8 times and bit it on the bum-not to leave holes but it had his teeth marks in.

      When the police came she lied and said the dog was on-lead and had not attacked mine and she had not punched me in the face. I had no witnesses and the police were useless-they just commented on how friendly the dog was with people!
      I later found out that the dog had previously attacked a neighbour’s Collie and bitten it and she had threatened the owner.

      Because Parker has previously been attacked by a Staffy and bitten badly I carried an alarm and a pet corrector spray but they were useless on this occasion as if I had stopped to get them out of my bumbag the dog would have bitten him. I now carry a Nordic walking pole so I can protect my dog if necessary as if this dog had not been wearing a harness I would probably have been bitten. A friend’s dog has also been attacked by a Staffy and had 47 stitches. Her vey said that if he hadn’t have been neutered he would have been by the attack.
      Hopefully you will never be in this situation when walking your dog but sadly you need to be prepared so you can protect your pet. These type of owners know their dogs are aggressive but still risk other people’s friendly and well-trained animals by having them off-lead and unmuzzled.

  93. Zeb Hammonds says:

    Your information here is just what I was looking for to help explain a dog attack I witnessed this year.


    1. I’m just completely frustrated with my neighbor not having her dog on a leash. Her dog would like to eat my little dog and when her dog comes along I have to pick up my dog and leave. I’m tired of leaving where I am entitled to be. I think that it might be the owner of the dog that I fear and not her dog. I don’t want to be a bad neighbor. All my dog wants to do with anybody or any dog is wag her tail and be happy. What to do?

    2. chaitanyak says:

      go out of your way to avoid this person and their dog. if your really feeling threatened, and fear for yourself or your dog’s well being, you may have to report the neighbor to the authorities.

      don’t try to resolve it yourself, that rarely works with aggressive people.

      i have two passive females, an irish setter and a smaller mixbreed. both adopted, yet well behaved, and always on leashes.
      i have this problem with one of the family’s down the road. not only do they not put their aggressive large dog on a leash, but they themselves(father and pre-teen son) ride around oblivious on bicycles.. letting the dog run amuk. And occasionally the dog charges at mine. at first i changed my schedule, to avoid running into them, but now i’ve realised that they don’t follow one.. so finally today i told the guy to either put his dog on a leash or stay away from my dogs. he said: “Why? he’s not doing anything.. its a public road..”
      Dude! … I mean really?!

      i have anger management issues when dealing with stupid people like this. Also his son was watching, and i didn’t want to have a child watch his dad get messed up.. so i took a deep breath and walked away.
      now I just visualize the guy getting mauled by someone else’s off leash dog.
      maybe i’m sick in the head
      it really is frustrating. i get what your going through.

      Linda Cole thanks for the excellent post

      Please Note:
      i am a reformed off-leash dog walker. i used to let my last dog, a large labrador, run amuk.
      And one day he got stolen.. i somehow managed to recover(long story) him, and then he hurt his leg during another leashless walk.
      After that i grew a brain. kept him on a leash for the rest of his long happy life(14years). He became so well behaved that i could even take him to my office with me and keep him off leash there. and because of him they officially turned it into a dog-allowed workspace!

    3. A very dear family fried just lost her long time friend Sissy, she was o hound of some sort. Sweet, loving and non aggressive. They live in a rural area, 10 miles from the nearest town,and it is quite small. She and Sissy have walked daily for years in that dessert and never and issue. Well, a few days ago sissy was attacked by two pit bulls and killed. My friend tried desparatly to stop the attack, but as soon as she kicked one off the other circled around and grabbed sissy again. My friend is devistated. This was something to horrible for anyone to ever have to go thru. The dogs and owner have been found and the two pits will be destroyed. My friend and I truly believe this was not the fault of the dogs 100%, regardless of the breed.I have known many sweet non aggressive pits. This come from owner negligence and ignorence. Plain and simple. I don’t care what you believe. I have been training dogs since I was twelve. And I own wolf hybrids. Height %. Never have ANY of mine EVER attacked anyone or anything. You have to know how to be a pack leader! Period. Without guildence, these dogs just act on impulse. I only wish, I could have been there to help her to stop the attack, and hopefully save her dog. Maybe I could have, maybe not. But the owner Certainly could have diffused or better prevented this tragidy, and saved all three dogs. So please, keep you dogs trained, leashed. Kenneled or in a fenced yard!
      You are not just protecting others, but your dogs as well.
      Proud pack leader of two wolves, 3 great Pyraneese, a daschound mix and 6 cats! All happy together!