Nonprofit Organizations That Help Pay Vet Costs

By Linda Cole

We never know when a sudden illness or accident will send a pet to the emergency room. Sometimes the finances just aren’t there to cover medical expenses. When that happens, there are some nonprofit organizations that may be able to help with vet care. The following organizations are ready to lend a helping hand to pet owners.

Angels4Animals is a small nonprofit made up of pet lovers who believe all pets should have equal access to vet care, even if their owner is financially challenged. Decisions on pet care should be made based on what the pet needs and not what the owner can afford. Angels4Animals has two programs: Program Guardian Angel works with the vet clinic to provide money for medical care needed for a sick or injured pet. The Lost & Found Program provides money to low income pet owners so a microchip can be inserted in the pet. This helps cut down on pets in shelters by identifying and reuniting a lost pet with their owner.

Brown Dog Foundation, Inc. provides financial assistance to people who have a sick pet with a treatable condition. Founder Carol Smock understands what it’s like to be unemployed with no funds to pay for vet care. The foundation’s mission is to provide needed help for pets with life threatening conditions or illness to help give both pet and owner a better quality of life. They understand the love of a pet goes across all income levels and no pet should be put down for a treatable condition or illness just because their owner is unable to pay the vet bill.

The Pet Fund understands that while responsible pet ownership includes medical care, they also know some pet owners can have a hard time finding the money when it’s needed for proper care. The Pet Fund helps with medical costs that are beyond routine vaccinations, vet care, and spay or neutering.

United Animal Nation (UAN) helps animal shelters, strapped pet owners and good Samaritans who rescued an animal in need. They also provide funds for help after an unexpected disaster whether it’s a house fire, domestic violence or natural disaster. Help in the form of grants will pay to transport a pet to a safe location, take care of injuries or illnesses, and provide temporary housing for the pet.

Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance helps cat owners provide care for their cat’s injuries or life-threatening conditions. Senior citizens, disabled people, the unemployed and people who rescued a cat that needs medical care are eligible for assistance. They also have a fund (Kobi’s Fund) dedicated to cats with Vaccine Associated Sarcoma.

CareCredit is a personal credit line that can be used to pay your pet’s vet bills and medical or dental bills for you and your family. It’s like a credit card, but can only be used to pay healthcare costs for you or your pet. The loan is interest free as long as you make regular payments on time and repay the loan in the time frame you agreed on. Most people have no problem getting a loan and you can apply for it before you need it. That way the money is available when it’s needed.

Help-A-Pet provides financial aid for owners who can’t pay for their pet’s medical care. A single person with an income below $20,000 and a family under $40,000 a year can apply for financial help. Pet owners are asked to chip in as much as they can afford. This organization helps mainly disabled people, senior citizens and children of the working poor. Every penny donated to Help-A-Pet is used to aid a pet in need of medical care. They have no overhead or administrative costs because it’s an all volunteer operation.

Jake Brady Memorial Fund provides help for corrective and life-saving medical care for pets of low income individuals, disabled people, senior citizens and unemployed individuals in Ohio who are having trouble paying for non-routine medical care for their pets. This is the only nonprofit on my list that is just for residents of a specific state.

The downturn in our economy has taken a toll on nonprofit organizations. If funds aren’t available when applying, check with another one. You can also find more organizations by typing “organizations that help pay for pet care” into your favorite search engine.

Donations are always welcomed and needed. These organizations help because all pets deserve medical care, and no pet should be surrendered to a shelter or put down because their owner can’t afford the vet bill.

Photo by Jenny Whitlock: “CANIDAE Food Fans” Daisy and Dylan

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19 thoughts on “Nonprofit Organizations That Help Pay Vet Costs

  1. My Yorkie has a bad tooth.. It became abcessed and huge blister of blood busted.. I took her to get a check up and they gave her antibiotics but I can’t afford to have her tooth pulled.. Or anything for that matter. I just lost my job.. I’m so sad for her because I know she’s in pain.. I wish I could have been approved for payment plan but wasn’t.. I just can’t afford all the money in one lump sum. I live on Oakland California.. Does anyone know of an affordable vet who will take payments?

  2. I have a fifteen year old chihuahua that needs major dental work I live on less than 500.a month In 2014 I lost my home and most of what I had worked for all I really have left are my two senior dogs Mr. Peanut and Shorty.I am living with friends and pay half of my social security check on my rent. I often worry how I can help Mr. Peanut as I dont want him to suffer with mouth pain and I think he is. I live in Riverside County in Calif does anyone know of any help out this way?If you do and are legitimate with a desire to help please let me know.

  3. hi my male cat is not able to pee he is in so much pain , not eating or drinking for almost 2 days now and not walking around with out meowing in pain .I am on social security and cant afford the costly medical bill for the veterinarian… help please what can I do to save my very loved Aries (male cat) you can contact me at my email :

  4. Woke up early this morning with my sick dog of 15 yrs “Duchess” on my mind & somehow was guided to this site (GOD wks in mysterious ways)??

    She developed a nice size lump at the base of her tail so I scheduled an appointment with the vet hospital but been unemployed for a while & seeking work hoping to find job soon to assist with future vet bill (but this needs attention asap).

    I have had bad experiences w/vets in past only caring about $$ and not the pets welfare but this vet hospital I was also directed to after hard thought & after checking out references-was highly recommend (thank you again). We will see on outcome but had to write and say thank you for the info on organizations that assist w/pet care vet bills & also helping those owners under hardships. Hope this will help me w/Duchess.

  5. We have a 12 year old cat that was a rescue animal.Me and my wife just got married and moved from San francisco to Asheville NC.We lived in a small apartment complex and when my neighbor was sitting on the porch a truck pulled up and threw 4 kittens out the window.She was the one who ran up on my porch.She looked about 3 months old and she was infested with fleas.So my wife gave her a flea bath and she has been with us since.It was our first pet together so we named her TT for Tommy and Tonie.We got a puppy a month later and they grew up together.We never had a flea problem for the first 3 years.We noticed that she was pulling all her hair out.So we took her to the vet.They said that she was allergic to fleas and they gave her a cortisone shot.Took her home and it cleared right up.Went another 4 years or so and then one of my dogs brought a flea in and once again she pull her hair out. took her in and got her a shot and once again it cleared right up.We put drops on them once a month every month but about 4 months ago a week after we put the drops on both of my dogs and TT the dogs were full of fleas and TT got it once again.We are unable at this time to take her to the vet.Now after 4 months she has scratched and bit herself up that everywhere you try to pet her there is a scab.She wont get on the floor for some reason.My wife said that she knows that is where the fleas are at.Now she is drinking and eating and also going to the bathroom.But she constantly is wet from bitting and licking.It has never been this bad.The times that it did happen we were able to get her treatment quick.We are both on disability and have once a month income.I get $733 a month and My wife gets $841.We have a 17 year old that was going to be put on the street so we took him in.Had to move into a bigger place and our rent is $800 a month.We raised all of our animals (TT Piper Hobo)as best we could.Really could never afford to bring any of them to the vet unless we had no choice.Our third pet was a rescue also.My wife worked with the homeless and one day a coulpe put down this little puppy down and walked away.With the wind chill it was down to 10 degrees that day.She picked him up and put him in her purse and brought him home.We notice he was hopping and thought he might of been abused.We let him go play with a neighbor of ours dog.Did not know it but it but the neighbors dog had Parvo.The vet said they needed $500 to put him in the hospital for three days.We did not have it.When the doctor left My wife said he was coming home with us and if he had to die that he would die at home.The vet came back in and said they had another treatment that was cheap but not a very good success rate.A needle and a bag of fluid.They treated him that day and we had to bring him back the next day.He did not need a third treatment.She said he was not abused.He was born with both of his back legs were fused.It is just one bone.So he drags his legs.He turns 10 on September 20th.We love all our animals and would give them our last.Me and my wife are both HIV positive.These animals saved our lives.The dogs we can manage with flea shampoo and drops.But that is not the case with TT.It has never gotten this bad.We are really concerned for her.She actually physically saved my wife’s life.They over medicated her and while she was laying down and stopped breathing and TT ran back and forth on her throat which made her jump up and started breathing again.We are asking if anyone could help us get her to the vet.

  6. Maggie a family mix around 7 years old has close uterus or some sorts life treating infection. Most non spayed dogs get n can be treated with antibiotics however she is supposedly spayed yet has long knots on her belly 2 of them n now I’m affair it may be too late. I can’t afford surgery which I think she may need can anyone help? I just noticed the weight loss the other day now she looks to me for help.

  7. I am looking for help treating my Jack Russell who has just been diagnosed w IMHA. She is my world. I have already depleted my accounts spending over $4000 in vet bills and 3 blood transfusion. This is a manageable disease once under contro, but I am out of funds and don’t know how to make it work for her. I have at Auburn University bc no other Drs seem to know how to manage this disease. I love her and will keep fighting for my Sweetpea. Any help with direction will be gladly appreciated.

  8. to whom this may concern
    my dog was injured Sunday morning while trying to get on the sofa, applied for care credit got approved took her to the vet did x-rays findings were that she has a
    acl ligiment tears in both hind legs, TPLO surgery is recommended I am on ssi disability and can not afford the surgery. Gracey is my complain for my epilepsy and cerebral palsy she is my golden angel, I got her two days after my last golden retriever passed away from a heart based tumor. she has helped me heal from losing him please help me help my golden angel. Thank you Rachel Irwin

  9. I have a lab beagle mix male dog that was basically a rescue dog. Our neighbor across the street did not pay any attention to him when he was a puppy and we found him numerous times in the street so we decided to just keep him. He has been with us since 2006. He is a very healthy, Strong, muscular dog, But when my daughter gave him and our other dog a bath in July outside they played tug of war with a towel and Copper tore his muscle in his back leg. We took him to the vet and they confirmed the tear but said that if we did not get it fixed soon that it would eventually tear all the way apart. The cost of the surgery??? $1,000- $1,500. They will not take payments and our credit sucks. We can afford regular vet bills but this one is a big one and at the same time our water heater went out and also our stove. And now it is Christmas! If anyone know of someplace that is able to help out in any way it would be a great blessing if they would guide us in that direction. I love my boy Copper and I hate seeing him limp on his leg. I can get an estimated bill from my vet if needed. Thank you all so much!

  10. There needs to be assistance for those of us working poor who make just enough to not qualify for assistance. We always fall between the cracks. I work 70 hours a week, live check to check, can only afford the basics, have no credit or savings. My cat needs dental care the vet estimates at $800…all at once…no payment plan option. What am I to do here?

  11. Dear Linda – I’m almost positive Angels4Animals is no longer in business. I have tried to reach them by phone and email, but only get disconnected numbers and bounced-back emails. You many want to remove them from this list.

    United Animal Nations’ LifeLine Grant program offers assistance nationally. For more information about the grants offered and eligibility guidelines, please visit

  12. This is most informative. I don’t have health care and neither does my dog. But I love him more than anything and just hate it when it gets to feeling badly and can’t tell me what is wrong. Recently I had to take him to the vets and thought it would be worse. $300 later on a VISA that I can’t afford and he’s ok. But programs likes this could help me in a pinch.

  13. Those look like great organizations and I sure personally can use some help. Tge angels 4 animals link doesn’t work or has moved.
    Thanks for this great info. It is nice to know that we can get help.

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