The Life of a Certified Service and Therapy Dog

By Ambassador Doc-Barker

My name is Ambassador Doc-Barker. I’m a 2 year old Chocolate Labrador Retriever and Team CANIDAE Member.  I am a service dog certified through Canine Support Teams, Inc., a therapy dog registered thru Delta Society®, and a Canine Ambassador for the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of America through the Wishes Forever® endowment campaign, as well as my family’s loving pet.  I have eaten CANIDAE dog food my whole life! I started out eating the All Life Stages (ALS) formula, and for the past year I have eaten Grain Free pureSEA, and I love them both.

As a balance and mobility service dog, I help my mama do many things. I pick up items she has dropped like her car keys, money, credit cards, etc. I help her by pulling her wheel chair or scooter and a grocery cart, which is a huge assistance to mama. I also help her get up from chairs and up and down stairs and inclines. Because I am a therapy dog, my fur needs to be soft, shiny and petable for all whom I visit, and my CANIDAE food keeps it that way.

As a canine ambassador, I travel around the country accompanied by my family, bringing awareness about service and therapy dogs and the important jobs they do, and also bringing awareness about a children’s charity through a canine connection. Ambassador Barker, my mentor, was mamas first service and therapy dog as well as a canine ambassador. He ate CANIDAE All Life Stages (ALS) too!

Mama is constantly asked what she feeds me, and she proudly tells everyone CANIDAE pureSEA. This food helps keep me healthy and strong, and gives me the energy to be ready 24 hours a day to perform as a service dog. CANIDAE also helps keep me fit and trim, my skin soft, and my fur healthy and shiny. As a family pet, eating CANIDAE gives me the energy to play endlessly with my family.

I also love to get CANIDAE Snap Biscuits or TidNips as a treat throughout the day. They are very tasty and they give me a little extra energy boost too.  My kitty (Breve) also enjoys FELIDAE cat food and she gets TidNips as a tasty training treat when my mama is teaching her something new.

I am very proud of the work I do, and look forward to continuing it for several years to come.  I’m happy knowing that as a Team CANIDAE member, this great company will always be there for me to keep me healthy and strong.  Thank you CANIDAE for all you do!

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The personal opinions and/or use of trade, corporate or brand names, is for information and convenience only. Such use does not constitute an endorsement by CANIDAE® All Natural Pet Foods of any product or service. Opinions are those of the individual authors and not necessarily of CANIDAE® All Natural Pet Foods.

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4 thoughts on “The Life of a Certified Service and Therapy Dog

  1. Doc Barker – I am proud of how helpful you are to your partner AND so many others, too!

    I foster puppies who are candidates for Summit Assistance Dogs. I love to hear about the work dogs do with their people…so much intelligence and skill.

  2. Doggone cool work you do and I’ma purrroud to say you’re my furiend. I’ma FELIDAE Spokescat -a cat with a job in Animal Assisted Therapy and yur column has warmed my smitten kitten heart Doc-Barker! Mille Meowster Grazie (pardon my meowster jargon) for all youza duz to make a life speshule.

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