Dog Friendly Vacation Spots

By Suzanne Alicie

Summer is fast approaching. We all like to take family vacations, but when it comes to our furry friends the choices may seem limited. If you feel that a family vacation should include your canine family as well, you’re likely searching for dog friendly vacation spots. Luckily, there are plenty of these to choose from, and they make great vacations for the entire family! While you could board your dog or skip vacation because it seems like a hassle to plan a vacay with your dog, once you check out the possibilities you’ll see that it’s not so difficult to find dog friendly vacation activities.  Yes, there is some preparation and specific packing to do… but wouldn’t you rather have your dog on vacation with you? For some of us it’s not a question; it’s not a family vacation without the whole family – dogs included!

The Great Outdoors

If your dog is happy on a leash, there are many state and national parks across the country that allow and even welcome dogs. You can go hiking, swimming, kayaking and more with your four legged family member. Camping eliminates the need to worry about finding a pet friendly hotel too! Note: Some parks have pet limits, so be sure to check the rules before you plan your vacation.

Festivals and Events

You may be surprised at just how many dog friendly events and festivals are held across the country. From the Bark in the Park events to the Dog Bowl and pet expos, you’ll find many instances where dogs and humans alike can gather and have a great time! Check online and in the cities you’d like to visit to find out when dog friendly festivals and events will be held so that you can plan your vacation to include them. These events are lots of fun, and you might even snag some goodies for your pooch, like CANIDAE TidNips treats!


So, you may not think of a vineyard as a great place to take your dog – after all, Fido isn’t supposed to imbibe, but many wineries and vineyards are dog friendly! Some even offer wines that are named in honor of canine friends such as “Merlot Over and Play Dead.” Think outside the box and you may find that there are lots of place you can take your dog that you wouldn’t typically think of.

When you consider your dog a member of your family, you may also be surprised at how many vacations aren’t dog friendly. The costs of flying with your pet, lodging with family and of course tourist places where dogs aren’t allowed may be discouraging, but you do have options. This is a large country with so many things to see and do that you can surely find a great place to vacation with your dog.

No matter where your family decides to vacation, it is possible to find dog friendly lodging and activities that the whole family can enjoy. It may seem like a challenge to plan a vacation with your dog, but really all it takes is a little research and additional planning. Beaches, hotels, and even some amusement parks offer pet activities and welcome your dog to spend your vacation with you.

While you’re trying to decide the best place to vacation, be sure to check out Julia Williams’ article about dog friendly cities. You have to figure that if a whole city qualifies as being dog friendly, it would be a great place to vacation with your dog. If you take your dog on vacation and end up doing something that isn’t dog friendly, there are often ‘stay and play’ locations where your dog can hang out while you do something that is for humans only. Also, be sure to read our handy tips for traveling with dogs so that you’re prepared for anything!

Photo by Andrew Gillespie

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6 thoughts on “Dog Friendly Vacation Spots

  1. That is such good info. I always wanted to go away with my dogs but never made it. So that is so great to know places to go. Thanks for this.

  2. We took Finn to a bark in the park event and to some vineyards as well. She loves just being with us and she’s our little girl, so of course we think of her as part of the family. It’s so nice to see there are so many options for us when we want to bring her on an outing.

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