Father’s Day Activities and Gifts for Dog Lovers

June 12, 2012

By Tamara McRill

If your dad or husband is the type of dog lover who takes his canine companions everywhere he can, then he’s just the type of guy who would get a kick out of Father’s Day plans that include them as well.

To let Dad enjoy the day with his best friend, you need to plan activities that will make them both happy, but are still safe for his pet. Even better, most of these activities do double duty by providing gift ideas.

Here are six great activities and gift ideas to ensure your favorite guy has a wonderful Father’s Day with his favorite pet:

Fishing Buddies

Is your dad often bemoaning the issue of not being able to take his dog fishing, because he would be uncomfortable? You can put an end to that and a smile on Dad’s face by planning a pet-friendly excursion to a fishing hole that allows animals. Treat him to some new fishing gear, and his faithful sidekick to the pleasure of a family outing—and the promise of more to come.

Supplies you’ll need to make sure his pet is well taken care of during the excursion include traveling food and water dishes, a blanket to lie on and an umbrella to help shade from the sun. Include a new lead and stake for dogs that tend to wander, and a towel if you have a swimmer. Don’t forget plenty of water and CANIDAE dog food if you’ll be out past feeding time.

Pampered Pa and Paws

You know his dog enjoys a good rubdown and chances are Dad does too. Turn your living room into an impromptu spa by arranging for a masseuse to come over and work all the tension out of Dad’s muscles while you or the kids focus on his dog. Just remember to avoid chatting away, since this should be an opportunity for them to relax.

Doggie Pools 

Planning a barbeque for Father’s Day? Help keep his furry friend in on the action—but out of the heat—with a kiddie pool to splash in. Get dad a pair of swim trunks and sandals so he can easily enjoy the antics and dip his toes in to cool off.

Gear for the Game

We love to bond with our friends, and the perfect way to do so is with shared activities like sports. But sometimes hardworking fathers prefer to take a less active route and cheer from the sidelines… or recliner. Either way, there are plenty of gifts for him out there plastered with his team logo, as well as presents that will help his pet show team pride.

Traveling Companions

When we travel it is usually with a slightly heavy heart, because our three dogs are left behind. You can spare your dad or husband the heartache and plan a vacation to a pet-friendly resort or hotel. Just make sure there will be plenty of activities he can take his dog along on, so his pet isn’t often left alone in an unfamiliar room.

Picnic for Two

With all these Father’s Day pet activities, don’t forget to gift your special duo their favorite meal. Pack it up in a picnic basket and let them enjoy a pleasant lunch at the dog park. Be sure to include some CANIDAE dog treats, and a ball or Frisbee so they can enjoy some special play time together.

One thing to remember when including his pet in any Father’s Day activities is to make sure the focus is still on dad. Time and treats enjoyed with his pet should be a side-bonus of a day meant to honor everything he does for you—and his dog.

Photo by Jixar

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  1. Justin Iiams says:

    This was a great post! I don’t get to see my dad often and he had to give his dog up for adoption because the apartments he moved to didn’t allow them. Maybe I’ll find a way to fix that….

    Thanks Again !!!

  2. Some great ideas for the dog loving dad. Heck, for some their dog is a child in the family.

  3. Teri says:

    Some great ideas here. I would suggest NOT taking food, human or dog, to the dog park – a war may break out. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts.

  4. Marchel says:

    My Dad turns 95 July 7th but no longer has a dog. He is however in Colorado so I won’t see him until his birthday. We have a dog and since my husband is off tomorrow I know he will spend the day bonding with his best friend. Love the suggestions.

  5. Cdog Zilla says:

    As a dad and a dog lover, I approve of this message. 🙂

  6. Very nice post, so sorry to say my Dad is in heaven, but I used to go with him to his favorite fishing hole and we did take my dog with us. Bring back good memories.

  7. Oui Oui says:

    Those are some really great ideas! We love fishing!

    1. Thanks, Oui Oui–we love fishing too!

  8. Finn says:

    We got a From the Dog card for our Pops! Don’t know what we are gonna do. I like the frisbee idea!

    1. Oh, the “From the Dog” card is an excellent idea, Finn!

  9. ~E says:

    I remember my grandpa and how the dog Tasha (Lhasa apso) was his buddy. this reminded me of him! Thank you ♥

    1. Hi ~E — Happy this brought you fond memories. ♥

  10. Marg says:

    Those sound like such great ideas for the Dad and the dog. Sounds like they both would have a great day.

    1. Thanks, Marg. It’s definitely a day where dads should have everyone they love around them–and we know that absolutely includes their best friend!