We’d Do Anything for CANIDAE’s Bakery Snacks!

September 26, 2013

Langley's dog 3By Big Al and Frosty Cornwell, canine correspondents

Big Al:

Wait. I hear something. Yes, there it is – the sound of my favorite cabinet opening! That cabinet has a special squeak that I’ve grown to love. Whenever I hear that squeak, it’s followed by a crumple. The crumple is followed by the sound of my dear human’s voice calling my name. But she doesn’t have to say anything; I’m already right by her side.

I sit before she even asks me to, because she always wants me to be a gentleman. I sit and hit her with my big brown eyes; she’s hopeless when I stare into her eyes with the full force of my brown-eyed sincerity. Sometimes I’ll even give her a dashing tilt of the head, which always makes her smile. This is one of my favorite times of the day.

She’s been giving us CANIDAE Bakery Snacks lately. Wonder if we’ll get the Turkey, Quinoa and Butternut Squash or the Lamb, Wild Rice and Sweet Potato. It doesn’t matter to me, they’re both delicious! I’ve heard her say that she likes these treats because their crunchy texture helps clean my teeth. Honestly, I’m not really worried about my teeth. For me, it’s all about the taste.

I’m not picky about treats, but I know our dear human is. I’d never turn down a treat (or two or three) but I’ve seen my human read labels and I know she’s careful about our treats and our food. I love everything she gives us. I hope she never makes me choose between these new Bakery Snacks and CANIDAE’s Pure Heaven treats or Snap-Biscuits and TidNips, because they’re all my favorites!

I like the crunchy sound these Bakery Snacks make when I chomp into them. Sometimes my dear human breaks the treats into two pieces and I have to share with my sister, but sometimes I get the entire biscuit all to myself. I hope, I hope, I hope I get a whole biscuit today.

Come on! What are you waiting for?


I hear the cabinet opening too, but I don’t have to race into the room every time it opens. Oh, I do love the Life Stages Bakery Snacks, but I’ll saunter in there at my leisure. I’m entirely too refined to go bounding in there, jockeying for position. My ole big lug of a brother will just bulldoze me out of the way, anyway. And there’s never been a time, in the history of my life with our dear human, that I didn’t get my fair share. So I don’t have to act like a clown right now. That’s my brother’s job!

My silly brother scarfs his treats down so fast that I don’t think he even tastes them. I like to take my sweet time, and relish the wholesome goodness. Our human usually makes us sit down and take our treats in a polite manner. It’s funny to see my brother squirming, using all his willpower to hold back and gently take a treat when it’s offered to him.

I heard my human say that CANIDAE Bakery Snacks are formulated with seven nutritious ingredients. I’ll admit that I’m not completely sure what words like nutritious and holistic mean, but I can tell by the sound of her voice that the words mean something good. If that makes her happy, then I’m happy. And she seems to be more generous with the treats when she knows they are good for us. So I guess that’s what the humans would call a win-win.

So amusing – my dear human tried to get my brother and me to choose between the Bakery Snacks with Turkey, Quinoa and Butternut Squash and the Bakery Snacks with Lamb, Wild Rice and Sweet Potato. She’s silly sometimes. She put both flavors equal distance from us, to try and determine which one we’d run to first. Hahaha. It was chaos, which is something I try to avoid when at all possible. After that failed attempt, she just asked us to sit politely and take our treats like civilized canines. With one command, both of our tails hit the ground in unison. We’d do anything for our CANIDAE treats!

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