Funny Pet Nicknames

October 11, 2013

By Julia Williams

Sooner or later, most people will bestow a nickname or two on their pet. We can’t help it. Even when we think we’ve chosen the perfect name for them, one that fits their personality to a T, nicknames will invariably emerge as new quirks are discovered. Sometimes we don’t even know why we start calling our pet a certain nickname; we just do. Some nicknames stick, and some are quickly forgotten.

My childhood cat, Pepper, was called Salt all the time… but not by me. My obnoxious  brother called her that because he knew it annoyed me. My first cat as an adult was Tosha. An accident took one of her back legs, so she hopped around on three legs. I called her Hopalong Catsidy and also Tripod. Binky was called the Binkmeister a lot, but I have no idea why. Tiger’s nickname was “Hoover” because he vacuumed up his Canidae cat food like he was seriously training for a competitive eating competition.

My current three have many nicknames as well. Mickey is called Mickleberry, Slick Mickey and Nuthead. Rocky is Rock Star, Fluffy and Naughty McNaughterson. Annabelle is called Furry Beast (when I am brushing her luxuriously long fur). One of her other nicknames was Bella Boo which became Boo Bear and then Boo Boo and finally Moo Moo. No idea how that all happened, but Moo Moo is what I call her the most. And no, she doesn’t look like a cow!

I asked my pet loving pals on Facebook to share their own funny pet nicknames, and the responses poured in! Here are some of them:

Laure: TJ the kitten has the name Total Jerk (I did not name him) because he gets into so much trouble! TT was short for Table Troll because she used to sit under the kitchen table and stare at everyone. Toot (her real name) gets Rootsie Tootsie or Toot Toot doodley doot. Trooder gets Trooder Dooder because he really leaves a bad smell in the cat box. Mooch gets “Smoochy Moochy” because she likes to give kisses.

Karen C.: My Riley doesn’t really meow, she squeaks. It sounds like she’s saying “squeeeee,” so we started calling her Squee. Cocoa was named because he’s a lovely dark brown/black, but then I started calling him Cocoa Puff. Grr already has the perfect name, but sometimes she gets called Furry Purry Grry when she’s wanting love.

Tracy: Muffiin was Muffy, Puffy, Muffalata, the Muffin Man and Butterball.

Bonnie: Gemini is so puffy we’d call her Puff and now she’s Puffalo.

Sue:  I call Wally W (dubba-ya) or Wally Cat. Ernie is Easy E (his rapper name), Bubbs and sometimes Skinny Butt.

Lisa: With two cats named after physicists, it’s inevitable they’d have nicknames. Faraday’s current one is Count Bratula because of his tendency to crawl under the covers and bite me in the ankle. HARD (while purring. LOUD.)

Nancy: Little Nicky is called Nicky Poopers, Snickers and Snickerdoodles.

Alasandra: Fenris is Fenny Merriny and lover boy (those blue eyes), Socks is Ninja Cat because he is good at hiding, and Scylla is Kitty Cow because of her weight and spots.

Karen T.: Max is Big Guy, Mister Max, Buddy, Captain Crankypants, and Ohmygawd Get Off My Face. Buddah is Little Man, Sweetie, BuddahBuddah, and StopItStopItStopIt.

Thomma Lyn: C.J. is called Brainball so often that it has pretty much become his #1 name. He’s also called Brainy Wainy, Spooge, Spige, Itty Bitty Witty Kitty, Squidge, Snidge, Brainy Pie, Brainy and Spoogey Pie. Chairman Mao is MaoMao, Mao Head, Mao Brain, MaoKnocker, Splao, Maoskers, Mao-zerooni and Maoskeroonies.

Tonya: We call Princeton “Big Tiny.” He grew into such a big boy at such an early age. It also sounds like a name for a mafia guy, and we thought that suited him purrfectly!

Julie: Newton is Newt or Rooty Toot Newt. Pierre is “Under Where?” (Yes, his nickname has a question mark in it, since it came from the longer phrase “Under where? Under Pierre!” but then he started answering to the first half!). Unfortunately, that nickname sounds like I’m referring to my cat as underwear, and I rarely think about it until I get a startled look.

Amber: Jamesie was Snoodleroo because he sniffed everything and had what looked like a pouch on his belly, or Bear because he snored, very loudly, and sounded like a bear. Scooby is Chickie because he is scared of everyday things and I didn’t want to call him chicken.

Nancy: Kirby is Kirbster when he is being a sweet, easy boy and Kirby-Derby when he is a running maniac!

Virginia: One of my Abyssinians is called Ebisu (the Japanese god of plenty), normally shortened to Bibi. But over time he has become Da Beebs, Beebster and even Beebsteroo.

Marie Anne: I sometimes call my Jethro ‘Jethernuts’ because he’s, well, nuts! And Molly is often Mollydoodles or Mollyducks.

Cheryl: I just add syllables onto their names – Yoko is Yokodoke or Al is Allyboo. Just a bit to make them silly!

Jeanne: My foster Amelia is known as the Dust Bunny. She is about 8 weeks, weighs about 1.6 pounds and is a medium hair black/brown color. Her hair stands on end and thus the nickname. And in a fit of cuteness, she got mad and growled at me…. becoming the “angry dust bunny.”

Caren: I call Cody Co-dependent and Jelly Belly …for obvious reasons; Dakota is “Bob Barker.

Kay: I had a dog named Melody, and when she stank we called her Smell-ody. That eventually turned into calling her “Hey, Smell,” which then morphed to Smellers.

Cathy: TW calls me Sweet Cheeks and I don’t know why. Maybe cos she likes to kiss my cheeks (the ones on my face).

Church Cat Tom: I’ve always added “poo” to pets’ names..Gretchie-poo, Stasia-poo…except Tinker is Tinker Puss and his name is reason. No reason for the others, either, except that poo goes with all the kitties names I’ve ever had.

Heidi: My German Shepherd, Lindsey is Lips cause she has big dawg lips.

Carole: Pia Pinprick because she insists on sharing the computer chair with us and her nails are like pins!

Jb Bean: Hootchie Pootchie for Gaia, cos she got pregnant when she was a stray and she was a hootchie mama.

d’Artagnan: Hammy (and his name is Diego, Hammy is already a nickname!) is mostly known as Loafie because he lies like a cat-loaf all the time!

Connie: We call Eli Squeaky because he does not meow he squeaks

What nicknames do you have for your pet?

Top photo by carterse
Middle photo by Eddie Van 3000
Bottom photo by felicidade

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  1. I think those are really cute nicknames. I was also thinking of naming my cat porky porch because he always stays at the porch and has gotten extremely fat from cat food. I am also thinking of putting him on diet (though he might not like it). I really got nice ideas from your kitty names.

  2. Cristy TLC says:

    Cool! We have two cats at home named Cha-cha and Maya…We gave them names Cha-cha’s real name is Charmaine while Maya is Marcelita. They are not so fun to deal with because they won’t eat any food aside from Whiskas that is mackerel. My friend bought them 5 packs of the tuna variant and they did not eat it!

    Love pets a lot, I’ve been thinking getting a financing for veterinary equipment for my cousin so that I can have services free for my little ones.. 😀

  3. CATachresis says:

    Some very innovative nicknames there. Everyone calls Austin “The Poo” which isn’t very original!! MOL

  4. thanks for adding us to this SUPER FUN post! It’s hilarious how we all change our pet’s names!

  5. meowmeowmans says:

    What a fun post! We ALWAYS have nicknames for our pets, too. Moosey has SO many nicknames (The Bebbeh, Honey, Cootie, Mooty, just to name a few), and even Gracie and Zoe have some (though they only recently come to live with us!). 🙂

  6. What a fun post! You saw what the mom calls us. Sheesh. Like our names weren’t enough??

    Wally & Ernie

  7. Cute…nice to know mom isn’t the only one that does this. Though one of these days Ivy is gonna get mad if mom keeps calling her “princess watermelon” MOL