Good Magazines for Cat Lovers

October 1, 2013

By Langley Cornwell

Cat lovers are among the most passionate pet owners on the planet! It is perfectly logical why a cat lover would seek out a cat magazine to read about the various things they might try with their feline friends. Cat magazines serve several purposes for the cat lovers of the world. Good ones help them stay on top of the latest cat health news, provides cute stories and jokes, offer up coupons and savings and even help in finding a great vet to keep the kitties healthy. Cats and kittens are complicated creatures after all. There are a number of great cat magazines out there, but here are a few that stand out:

Cat Fancy

This is one of the most popular and intriguing cat magazines, and it’s certainly one of the most respected. Every issue is loaded with articles about breeds, health concerns and various cat specific stories and anecdotes. If you love cats, you will enjoy this magazine from start to finish. It has been around for quite some time and makes a great subscription choice.

Natural Cat

Like any other living thing, cats deserve the opportunity to live naturally. Natural Cat dedicates their entire magazine to helping cat parents provide a natural alternative to disease control, medicines, food and toys. Natural Cat does remain true to the lifestyle while still embracing a vet’s medical opinions. Why not let your eco-friendly lifestyle radiate out to your pets as well? There are plenty of “green” options for cats and kittens. Living naturally allows cats to be much closer to nature and the way things were intended, which makes them healthier and happier than ever. This magazine focuses on how to do exactly that.

Kittens USA

Although this magazine is annual, it is a good option for those that want a solid reference guide for all the basics. Informative rather than entertaining, Kittens USA will still engross you as you learn all about the cute little kitten that runs around your home. This makes a wonderful gift for a new kitten owner, and will remain relevant throughout the first year of life. It is aimed at mixed breed cats, but there are some articles on specific breeds as well.

Cats USA

If Kittens USA is the bible for mixed breeds, then Cats USA is the bible for pedigreed cats. If you want a pet cat but have no clue how to go about picking a breed, Cats USA will be invaluable to you in your search. It describes the various breeds and explains what to expect. Each breed has their own attitudes and personalities, and not every breed works with every family type or home environment. This magazine is the ultimate resource to find out what breed is for you.

Modern Cat (

This cute online magazine has tons of great information about cats and kittens of all sorts. The cool thing about this site is that it is constantly updated. If you love cats, you will spend hours surfing around the various articles and ideas. Online sites like this make a great resource for finding the latest and greatest items in the cat world. If you are one that likes to keep your cats and kittens current, then Modern Cat is for you.

Your Cat Magazine

Based out of the UK, Your Cat Magazine is one of the most enjoyable resources on cat lifestyles available today. The stories, articles and photos are top notch, and the magazine is complemented by a wonderful online presence. The true stories of cat survival, cat comedy and cat love will keep you coming back for more. There is also a ton of great advice on keeping your cat healthy and safe. If you want the ultimate cat magazine that has everything you need, this is the one that would be my choice.

Cat magazines do many things for those of us that love cats; they keep us informed and enhance our relationships with our pets. All of these magazines are solid choices, and will entertain you if you love cats. Whether you prefer to read them online or want to hold the paper in your hand, these great magazines will keep you up-to-date on all things cat related.

Top photo by Jon Ross
Bottom photo by Ollie Craford

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  1. Deacon Solomon says:

    Do you folks know of any cat magazines that pay for submissions?
    Let me know, please.

  2. Check out our Australian National Cat Magazine “Ozzi Cat” here: 🙂 The magazine heartedly supports local cat rescues, donating part of proceeds to them, educating and showing how others can help. We share amazing cat stories, essential cat care information and have a family-style community of cat lovers. Keep up the good work, everyone! xox

  3. CATachresis says:

    I have read Your Cat on occasion. It’s good, but all magazines are very expensive over here. But you are right, they do have a good online presence 🙂