DIY Crafts for Dog-Treat Jars

November 14, 2013

dog-treat-3By Langley Cornwell

When it comes to doggies and their treats, having a custom made jar is almost a requirement; after all, anything as important as a CANIDAE Pure Heaven dog treat must have a special container! How else can we expect our lovable pooches to sit up and beg? Here are some ideas for a DIY handcrafted dog-treat jar:

The first thing you need to do is find a proper container. You want something that you can seal up tight, but that you can easily open and reach into, for those moments when your pooch is doing something especially precious and requires an immediate reward. Your container should be made of glass or plastic so that it will be easy to work with when you start crafting. Glass and plastic take paint and various other things quite well, so those are excellent choices.

Next you need to find out what type of theme you want to go with. Do you want something breed specific, or would you prefer something treat themed? Are you going to personalize the container or make it generic? These things will help you come up with your ideas for stencils, which are next on the list of things to gather.

Stencils are absolutely priceless when it comes to crafting, so finding the best ones will be vital. There are countless free stencils online, or you can create your own. All you really need are some artistic skills and scissors, and you can quickly craft a stencil for your dog-treat jar!

Paw prints work wonders as a stencil and can truly make your doggie jar pop! This is what I’d have to do, because paw prints are fairly easy to draw. Just put several paw prints all over a jar and then color them in funky colors.

Most people do end up personalizing the treat container. How else will Fido know that those delectable treats are his? If you don’t like the idea of stenciling, chalkboard paint and paint brushes are great choices – especially if you are working with glass.

Now that you have your supplies, you simply need to come up with some ideas. One of the coolest ideas is to draw a dog bone stencil and put that on the side of the jar, or draw one freehand with chalk on chalkboard paint. Then in special letters put your dog’s name inside of the bone. You can do this on both sides of the jar if your jar can be seen from the front and back.  Make sure you draw out the pattern in pencil or something erasable first. Paint and a brush or chalks are all it takes after that, so get to work!

Another cool idea is to crochet a huggie of sorts for the dog treat jar. This is relatively easy if you know how to crochet. Some examples I’ve seen are patterns that are designed to make the huggie look like a specific dog breed. If you’re particularly crafty, you may be able to exaggerate obvious cuteness factors like big ears or a fluffy tail. These will help to make the dog treat jar your own special work of art.

Speaking of funky, why not break out that Bedazzler? You can make a funky doggie treat jar with tons of flash if you have one of these beading machines. In fact, any type of beads can add a flash of color.

Consider making a dog treat jar out of an old shoe box or a flower pot. Really think outside the box here and come up with ideas that nobody has thought of. Dog treat jars are meant to be fun, so the crafts should be as well! And if you are exceptionally talented in this area, homemade, personalized dog treat jars would make adorable holiday gifts for the special dog lovers on your list.

Are you crafty? Would you try your hand at something like this?

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