10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Your Dog

December 17, 2013

By Laurie Darroch

To many dog owners, their beloved four-legged babies are just as much a family member as any human. Dogs may not realize what Christmas is all about, but they can sense the excitement and see the changes around them in the decorations. It is fun to include your pet in the holiday celebrations. Why not hang a stocking for your canine family member and make sure Santa fills it with some special surprises!

Balls – Choose balls that are dog friendly and safe. Rubber balls designed specifically for dogs are a good option. Tennis balls are very popular with dogs, and pet stores even have scented varieties in flavors like peanut butter.

Chew Toys – Not every chew toy is dog safe. Some dogs can rip apart chew toys that are made for a smaller dog. Choose accordingly, with tougher toys for stronger dogs.

Bubbles – Buy or make non-toxic bubbles and have fun playing with your dog. Battery powered bubble blowers work particularly well in dispensing the bubbles quickly for your dog to chase. It is great exercise, too!

Tasty Treats – Every kid loves getting edible goodies in their Christmas stocking. While humans are chowing down on sugared delights, make sure your dog also has something tasty and healthy in their stocking to eat. CANIDAE Pure Heaven Biscuits, Bakery Snacks, TidNips, Snap Biscuits and Snap Bits are all great choices Fido will love.

Stuffed Animal – Some dogs find security and comfort in a favorite stuffed animal. There is nothing more endearing than seeing a dog carrying around a much loved stuffed animal in its mouth, or seeing a dog fast asleep cuddled with it. Buy pet safe stuffed toys that will hold up to wear and tear. Like any smart parent, keep a spare favorite stuffed animal on hand.

New Collar – If you like new clothes, chances are your dog might like something new to wear too. In fact, it is fun to have a change of themed or colorful collars for your dog to wear.

CANIDAE Dog Food – This premium quality pet food provides puppies and adult dogs the proper nutrition they need for good health. Try a couple different flavors, for variety at mealtimes.

Brush – Grooming is important for all dogs, and brushing is very important for dogs with fur that requires more upkeep to stay healthy. Brushing is a good way to give your dog bonding attention.

Tags – Constant jangling and rubbing of your dog’s ID and medication tags can wear down the pertinent information printed on your dog’s tags. If they are getting worn down, this is a good time to get new ones made.

Leash – It is a good idea to keep a spare leash on hand in case of breakage. Store the spare one in your car for outings and trips.

Take your cues for stocking stuffer ideas for your dog directly from them. You know what they like to eat or play with, and what they might need. Nothing has to be pricey or fancy. Pets are just happy to be included when gifts are opened on Christmas.

Top photo by Laurie Darroch
Middle photo by Nick Bair
Bottom photo by LaraMW

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