How to Keep Pets Safe When Using Candles in Holiday Decorations

December 5, 2013

By Laurie Darroch

The festivities and decor of the holidays often include beautiful lit candle displays set on tables, counters, window sills, buffets and mantles. The soft ambience of lit candles is appealing, but they can be dangerous around pets and children. There is, however, an option that allows you the flickering lights and romantic lighting without the dangerous flames.

An excited or curious dog or a cat climbing on a mantle or counter, or bumping into a table while running by or curiously sniffing, can knock over a lit candle in a split second and start a fire or burn a paw or nose. No matter how careful or attentive you are, like a human child, your dog or cat is a curious and playful being. They get into things they are not supposed to. A dog or cat does not realize the dangers of a lit flame and you can’t explain it to your pet the way you can to a human child. Pets are not always aware of surrounding hazards either. Sometimes the draw of something new in the house is too much to resist.

Pets trust their human family members to keep them safe, especially when they do not understand what the dangers are. It is up to you as a responsible pet owner to show your pet that their trust is warranted. Even a well-trained pet can inadvertently knock over a burning candle with an excited wagging tail or a misplaced step on a table or shelf. You cannot possibly keep an eye on your pets every second, and it only takes a few seconds to bump a lit candle over and start a fire.

Instead of using real candles, consider investing in reusable flameless candles for your holiday displays in order to keep your four legged family members safe. They provide the same soft lighting as real candles, have flickering lights, and some even have timers so they can be programmed to come on and turn off when you want them to. There are even scented varieties of flameless candles available.

A wandering or excited cat or dog won’t inadvertently cause a fire or get burned if they knock a glowing flameless candle over by mistake. Flameless candles are battery operated with an on-off switch. They are both pet and child friendly. There is no fire to worry about.

Since there is no live flame, they have the added advantage of placement options in areas that normally can’t have a burning candle. There are no worries about leaving them unattended with your dog or cat wandering around the house.

Substituting flameless candles for real ones will give you peace of mind and provide a preventative step you can take to ensure the safety of your dogs and cats, while still enjoying the beauty of candle glow highlighting your holiday decorations.

Top photo by hyper7pro
Bottom photo by nikkilemieux

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