Resolutions for Responsible Pet Owners

December 30, 2013

Every year around this time, many of us make a few New Year’s resolutions. Some of the most popular include: to eat better, lose weight, become more organized, save money, pay off debt, and get a better job. Resolutions are good to make because they keep us focused on making positive changes.

As responsible pet owners, we can also make New Year’s resolutions for the sake of our four legged friends. Here are a few:

I resolve to play with my pet more often. While your dog or cat might love special treats or toys, more than anything they probably just love spending quality time with you. Resolve to set aside time each day to play with your pet.

I resolve to learn from my pet. They can teach us valuable lessons about living well, being better humans, and enjoying every aspect of our lives. Julia Williams wrote a great article about lessons learned from cats.

I resolve to slow down. Just as we learn so much from our pets, we also need to learn the importance of slowing down. We hurry through our lives, rushing to get through one day and on to the next. Slowing down and savoring each unique day is a great way to live life; you’ll be happier and less stressed overall, which benefits your pet too.

I resolve to feed my pet well. Because we love our pets, feeding them a high quality food like CANIDAE is one way we can show them how much we care.

I resolve to exercise my pet regularly. Helping your pet get the regular exercise they need is a great resolution. You’ll not only be helping them stay fit and healthy, but you’ll reap the same rewards! Start the New Year right with a resolution to make exercising with your pet a priority.

I resolve to show my pet love and affection often. Sometimes we get so caught up in our busy lives that we forget to show our pet how much we care about them. Resolve to make the effort and take the time. A little love and affection goes a long way, so make time for belly scratches, back rubs and petting.

I resolve to get regular veterinary care for my pet. Veterinary care can be expensive, but it’s vital for the health and wellbeing of your beloved pet. Make a resolution to get regular checkups for your pet, and make a plan to put aside some money for emergency veterinary care as well.

Making New Year’s resolutions is easy; keeping them is the hard part. Write down your resolutions and post them on a bulletin board, your fridge or another place where you will see them often, so they stay fresh in your mind.

The important thing is diligently trying to keep the resolutions throughout the New Year. You’ll feel good knowing you are doing the very best you can for your four legged friend. Your pet will enjoy what you are able to do for him, and you will be proud that you are working hard to be the best responsible pet owner you can be.

Photo by DaPuglet

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  1. Good resolutions. Thanks.