Our Holiday Pet Photo Contest Winners!

January 10, 2014

By Julia Williams

I had so much fun looking at all of the wonderful pics submitted for CANIDAE’s last photo contest on Facebook. It’s always hard to choose my favorites because they’re all just so darn cute. Seriously, how could I possibly choose just one dog photo and one cat photo for my vote? They’re all winners in my eyes because the subject – a beloved pet – is near and dear to my heart. But they can’t all be awarded the awesome CANIDAE food prizes, unfortunately. I wish they could, because it’s such great pet food (my three kitties have eaten it for 10 years!).

One winning photo was chosen by the most online votes, but that still left two other winners for our panel of pet lovers to choose. After much deliberation, I finally picked my faves and my votes were tallied with the others…and here are all three winners!

Santa’s Little Helper: BC Davidson’s adorable little dog, Ruby, was the winner for the Most Online Votes category, with 153 votes. BC said “Ruby was rescued from the Animal Shelter and has been the most patient and wonderful dog. Here she is standing up ready to be Santa’s helper.”

A Cat with Mad Climbing Skills: The “Most Festive Cat” photo chosen by our panel of pet lovers was taken by Christa Strub, who wrote this about her cat, “This is a little foster who is staying to live with us. She has been up the tree near to the top multiple times a day.” Yay for a foster kitty finding her forever home! And with such impressive tree-scaling skills already, just wait until next year.

The Big Wrinkly Elf: The “Most Festive Dog” photo chosen by our panel of pet lovers was Kathryn Dunlap’s elf, errrrr…dog, Rufio. Kathryn wrote, “Everyone loves a big wrinkly Elf!” We agreed!

CANIDAE Prizes Awarded

6 FREE months of CANIDAE dry food to the photo with the most online votes
6 FREE months of CANIDAE dry food to the most festive dog chosen by our pet-loving panel
6 FREE months of CANIDAE dry food to the most festive cat chosen by our pet-loving panel

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  1. Laurie Darroch says:

    Congratulations to the winners! I love seeing family pets included in seasonal festivities. These made me smile.