Neela and the CANIDAE Package

February 4, 2014

By Laurie Darroch (and Neela)

When I was approached to blog for CANIDAE, being the dog lover I am, I was definitely interested. I will not, however, write for a company I know nothing about or back a product I have had no experience with.

I checked out the CANIDAE website and liked what I read about the products and the standards they reach for in both quality and a healthy line of products for dogs and cats. That told me they actually care about the animals. But the ultimate test with any food is whether or not my dog likes it. In the past, I’ve had some issues with getting her to eat. She has turned up her nose up at other dog food and treats and only finally ate them when she got overly hungry.

CANIDAE sent several different samples of dry food and treats for Neela to try, and quite frankly, I was astonished at her instant positive reaction to each of them. It was funny to see how excited she got and how eagerly she ate everything she tried. Here is the experience from her point of view.

My name is Neela. I am a blue-nosed Pit Bull puppy. Mom says I am a nosey parker. I simply have to know what is going on with everything and everybody, you know. I mean, that is part of my job isn’t it?

Recently, I heard the metal gate outside our home clank open. I did my job and ran to the door to bark at the intruder. I like to get outside and play with them, but sometimes Mommy tricks me into going in the bathroom while she opens the door. It didn’t work this time.

I heard the person set something on the table outside the door, but Mom still didn’t open the front door. After a while I stopped barking and running around trying to get her to let me out to see what was going on. I finally gave up and lay back down, but not without whimpering a few times to let her know that I really, really wanted to see that person and what they were doing. I’m sure they wouldn’t have minded that much if I had tried to jump up and greet them. I’m really friendly, you know.

A little while later, Mom picked up this big brown package from the table, but pooh, the guy was gone. I sniffed around for him and looked through the gate, but he wasn’t anywhere. She said the box was pretty heavy. I figured I would help her open it, just in case there was something interesting inside that I might like.

Mommy said I needed to back up a little bit so she could see what she was doing to get the box open and that my little nose was in the way. It was all very exciting. She used these funny looking snippy things to slice open the big box. The second it was beginning to open, I could smell something very interesting inside. I tried to push past Mommy’s hands and put my nose in the little opening she had made, but my nose got stuck in the hole. Mommy thought that was really funny. She stuck her fingers in and pulled until the top opened.

There were these different sized bags inside the box. Mommy said it was all for me. Once I knew that, I simply had to get inside that box to see what it was! I climbed right in the box, past her hands, to examine the bags more closely.  All the bags were closed. Believe me, I checked them carefully for openings, but you can’t fool me. I have an extra good sniffer and that box had a definite smell of excellent possibilities.

There were some paper booklet things on top of the bags that Mommy said were about the products. Those might have been good to chew later, but she put them up where I can’t reach.  I don’t read people letters but Mommy said the word CANIDAE a few times. CANIDAE this and CANIDAE that. But then she said the words treats and food and num nums. I know those words really good! It’s what she says when my tummy is growling.

Mommy was being way too slow reading the writing on each bag. I just wanted her to open, open, OPEN them, now, now, NOW! She finally picked one and pulled the bag open with her hand. Then she did this thing she must have learned from me. Mommy put her nose in the opening and sniffed. She told me it smelled pretty good and didn’t stink like some other dog food. She makes funny scrunched up faces when she opens some brands of dog food, but she didn’t this time. Gee, I knew it smelled good already. She just has a slow nose I guess. It took her forever to reach inside the bag and get something out for me. I could have done it faster than that.

The first bite I took had salmon in it! I love fish. But Mommy only let me have a few bites. She put it on top of that cold thing she puts food in. She can’t trick me though. I know right where it all is. I stand over there and cry a little and give her a really sad look. Sometimes she gets me another bite.

For dinner, I had some of the CANIDAE Life Stages dry dog food. It was way better than other stuff. CANIDAE made scrumpdilicious food just for me. Mommy was laughing because I ate it so fast. Well, heck you have to try it. It’s good stuff, Maynard!

Final note from Mommy: Every kind of CANIDAE food and treats Neela has tried, she has devoured. She could barely stand waiting to see what her treasures tasted like. I have to say, I am impressed with their products. So is Miss Neela Bear.

Photos by Laurie Darroch

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