Inside the Minds of Men Who Love Cats

March 21, 2014

By Julia Williams

Although I don’t currently have a special “Cat Guy” in my life, I love them all because a) they are fond of felines and b) they’re not afraid to admit it. Some men think it’s not cool or “macho” to love cats because they see felines as feminine creatures. I have many wonderful male friends who love cats, and they would all tell you there is zero truth to that stereotype.

Six of my favorite Cat Guys agreed to be interviewed for this article. They are: Dan Powers, the talented photographer for The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey; Fred, “Pop” to Stunning Cathy Keisha; John, “Dad-Guy” to the Island Cats; Kevin from Animal Shelter Volunteer Life; Scott from the Katnip Lounge; and Terry from Brian’s Home. Enjoy!

What’s the best gift your cat has ever given you?
Dan: We currently have seven cats in our home. The best gift is the absolute unconditional love they give to me and the comfort that comes from that love.
Fred: Her love and companionship when I was home recovering from back surgery.
John: Headbutts.  I love when the cats headbutt me.
Kevin: I’m always amazed at how well all of our cats, especially those with whom we have the closest bonds, are able to read human emotions. Unsolicited cat snuggles, purrs and unconditional love are the most wonderful gifts after a tough day.
Scott: Unconditional love.
Terry: Without a doubt, the best gift my cat Brian has given me is that of patience and acceptance. Brian has just the right personality for a multi-cat household. He understands that everyone is different and sometimes it takes a little time for others to find the good in you. He is quick to show kindness, and will give up his treats or playtime if one of his sisters seems more interested. So Brian has taught me how to be patient and has helped me understand that everyone has needs of their own and that helping others is the most important thing you can do.

If your cat was given the power to talk to you in human words, what’s the first thing they would say?
Dan: Hey, can’t you throw a big screen up around that tropical backyard and give us a door so we can go out whenever we want please?!
Fred: Whatchoo doin’?
John: Feed me! (Of course!)
Kevin: Hey … you’re back!  Can we have a snack?
Scott: Daddy, I Love You!
Terry: Seriously, he would say “Six sisters, wasn’t there a boy cat out there somewhere needing a home?”

Are you a “cat guy” or “just a guy with a cat?”
Dan: If it’s not obvious, I’m a cat guy. I cannot imagine my life without cats. As a matter of fact, imagining that life is not even an option.
Fred: I am a cat guy. I love my girl and am not ashamed to say it or show it on Facebook or in my office. I’m always showing off her blog or my bite marks.
John: Before I met the lady with the yellow hair, who had cats, I always thought of myself as a dog guy. I had a dog and I had never been around cats much. But since being around our cats, I see how wonderful they are…and now I definitely consider myself a cat guy.
Kevin: I’m definitely a cat guy, because I just can’t imagine not having them in my life.
Scott: Cat Guy PLUS!  Actually, I’m a “Cat Whiskerer” — I am very in tune with my cats and I always know if they aren’t feeling good.
Terry: Well, if I were just a guy with a cat, you would only hear about Brian.  However, Sascha, Gracie, Zoe, Dolly, Precious and Kit would all tell you that they each are my favorite cat. A real cat guy loves making each one of them feel that special.

What is it that makes you, definitively, a Cat Guy?
Dan: They are so much more than pets, they are my “babies.” Each must be sought out at the end of the day and said goodnight to individually, and they each must be greeted similarly at the start of the day.
Fred: I love Cathy even when she always gives me her worst gifts.
Kevin: Tracey and I have three cats, all of whom were adopted as adults from our local no-kill shelter (PAWS); 16+ years of volunteering at PAWS; five years of blogging about cats, and the totally deserved reputation for “spoiling” our own kitties; cat pictures in my office at work.
Scott: I have 13 cats! On PURPOSE!
Terry: I often leave home with plenty of cat fur on my pants and shirt.  Also, in my meetings my smartphone cover has a photograph of Brian on the back and I always turn it over for all to see. Everyone who knows me knows I am a Cat Guy, and when I meet new people they usually find out pretty quickly too.

What is your most prized cat-related possession?
Dan: A small yellow collar with a single bell that belonged to my first cat when I was a young boy.
Fred: I can’t say if it’s my iPod Touch case with her face on it or my one-of-a-kind Cathy Keisha messenger bag.
John: A print that we have hanging in our home called “Le Chat Van Gogh.”  It reminds me so much of Ernie, and every time I look at it, it makes me smile.
Kevin: A good lint roller.  Every cat guy needs to have at least one!
Scott: A custom painting of my first cat ever, Fuzzy.
Terry: The clay paw prints from every cat who has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  They are all proudly displayed in our living room and we take care of them as if they were gold, which they certainly are to us. When I walk by them I often stop to touch them and fondly remember those wonderful souls who brightened my life.

What aspect of your cat’s personality do you love most?
Dan: I love how you can just stop, look each of our cats in the eye without saying a word and they respond vocally to you.
Fred: I love how she comes to greet me when I come home from work every night. I love how she spends time with me in the morning laying on my chair, purring while I shave.
John: Their inquisitive nature.  They cannot let a box or a bag go unexplored.
Kevin: Moosey always knows how to make us smile; Gracie is the queen of all snugglers; Zoe has a totally childlike nature.
Scott: LOL, all 13 have their own distinct purrsonalities! I have to go back to the unconditional love.
Terry: Brian is such an easy going guy. He does know when it is time to run and hide, just like other kitties do, but he generally doesn’t let too much bother him.  Because he is so laid back, it is quite easy for him to get his claws clipped and to take medicine in either pills of liquid form.

What’s your proudest Cat Guy moment?
Dan: When our Zoey (a female Bengal) gave birth to her kittens. We were able to keep three and gave the fourth to my daughter. (Yes, we neutered all after that unexpected event!)
Fred: Telling everybody she had won a Nose-to-Nose Award from Blog Paws for her Twitter page.
John: There have been 2 stray cats hanging around my business and we’ve been taking care of them…we feed them and we built them a shelter. We named them Slim and Chip.  Naturally, as are most stray or feral cats, they have been very wary of us humans. But lately when I feed them, Slim will headbutt me and he lets me pet him. Chip also has become friendlier. I am very proud of the progress I’ve made with them.
Kevin: As a cat volunteer at the shelter, I’m lucky to be able to experience this one repeatedly.  The moment when a shy, scared and withdrawn shelter cat I’ve been working with finally “turns the corner,” and decides that I (and other humans) are trustworthy is amazing.
Scott: Rescuing any of the 20+ cats we have had.
Terry: I’ve had many proud cat guy moments over the years, but I am probably proudest of helping those cats that were deemed “impossible” by others.  Last year we were able to help Panther, a big black cat who everyone said was too feral to be adopted. I did not believe that. We helped find Panther a home with a wonderful lady who is good at socializing cats, and now he is healthy, happy and home!

Where is the strangest or funniest place you’ve ever found your cat sleeping?
Dan: The funniest and the cutest was when I found our Mia sleeping on her back in a wicker basket on the floor that is filled with little stuffed toys. Those toys totally surrounded her. I managed to capture that moment in a photo that is now one of my favorites.
Fred: She got locked in the linen closet and was sleeping on the clean towels.
John: I found Wally sleeping inside my guitar case.
Kevin:  Years ago, I found (Angel) Graphite asleep INSIDE the duvet cover for the down comforter. He was a small cat, and the comforter was pretty fluffy, so I looked everywhere before I realized that’s where he was.
Scott: Discovering our cat Chuckles on top of the refrigerator! We rescued him as an older adult and it was a week or so before we realized he was deaf and slept up there so he could be undisturbed. He had his Special Bed up there, and even moving house three times as long as HIS bed was on the fridge, he was cool. In fact, when we moved the houses had to have “refrigerator access!”
Terry: A couple of weeks ago I was taking a nap on a Saturday afternoon. One of Brian’s sisters, Dolly, was sound asleep on my rump. She woke up as soon as my wife started taking pictures, but I managed to sleep through it all!

If your cat was a musician, what type of music would they play?
Dan: I’m pretty sure they would play some jazz – from its unpredictable, speedy, hard-hitting rhythms to the laid-back, mellow harmonies of cool jazz, to the jittery, atonal forays of free jazz and the earthy grooves of soul jazz. Jazz would certainly reflect the lifestyles of our cats.
Fred: Rap and hip hop.
John: Ernie would be blues/jazz…something smooth and easy because he’s a cool cat. Zoey…she’s so quiet and stealthy, I can’t see her playing any music. Wally would never play music…he’s more like talk radio.
Kevin: Moosey, Gracie and Zoe are all such good-natured cats.  I’d have to say something along the lines of Pharrell’s “Happy.”
Scott: The CELLO!
Terry: Brian would likely play the guitar and he already does that from time to time.  I have played guitar for a long time so there are many guitars in our house. Brian loves to walk by and let his tail do a little strumming!

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  1. What a great article, so very heartwarming and it gave us all a glimpse into the world of some very special friends and furriends!

    Mom Julie, Tinker, Chopin, Anastasia and Bridget

  2. What a great idea for an interview. All great cat guys.

  3. This is a great post! You sure picked the cream of the crop for your interviews. I just love it. Cat ladies sure know how to pick them. I did, too, but I had two failures before that. I am a slow learner, I guess.

  4. Random Felines says:

    LOVE these cat guys and so happy to call them friends

  5. Love the interviews! Gotta love cat guys! Hearts of gold!

  6. Cathy Keisha says:

    Whoa! I’m so proud to see Pop up there with those other ultra famous cat guys! What a great article.

  7. toni says:

    Just confirms what I already knew. Gotta love a man that loves cats.
    Great article!!

  8. Loved reading about all of the cat daddies!

  9. Such a COOL interview with the all the cat-guys (and seeing pretty Zoey!). I tell ya, are there any more Cat Guys around so I can get my human Tommy one? I bet a Cat Guy would cook better than her!! 🙂


  10. meowmeowmans says:

    Now THAT was fun! It’s so nice to know I’m in such good company with this band of cat man brothers! 🙂

  11. I love ALL these guys, and one in particular…;-)

  12. Hmmm…. Hard to believe that since the time you interviewed my Cat Guy, Dan, that this post already needs an edit… The post indicates that we currently have seven cats… Well, guess what… now we have eight… And why do we have eight? Because my Cat Guy fell hopelessly in love with a rescue kitten that was up for adoption at the Global Pet Expo. It is he, not me, who insisted we bring her home with us. That, of course, is one of the many reasons I love Dan and one of the many reasons he is a “Cat Guy,” and not just a “Guy With a Cat!”

  13. Fuzzy Tales says:

    Wonderful interview with terrific cat guys, all of them.

    One of Scott’s replies cracked us up: “I have 13 cats! On PURPOSE!”