Boundless Puppy (a Poem)

May 14, 2014

By Laurie Darroch

In their charm and soft innocence, puppies tug at every heartstring. It is a good thing they are so cute when their antics and exploring the world test our patience. With a puppy comes heartfelt love and moments of sheer exasperation, constant challenges and times of laughter, pride and amazement. Puppies are unfettered in their consumption and absorption of life. Once they worm their way into your heart with unerring love, they are there for good, a constant lifelong shadow to their loved human. Here is a poem I wrote in celebration of puppyhood.

Boundless Puppy

Into your life they wiggle in
Cute as cherubs and naughty as jinns
Soft as down, and rough and tumble
Antics laughable, but small and humble

“Aw, she’s so cute!” onlookers say,
“Watch how she rolls and tumbles and plays.”
Loving licks that wet your face
Eyes like saucers when caught in disgrace

Time demanding and all insistent
Feed me now, and non-resistant
Mournful whimpers and pleading eyes
Soft warm cuddles and contented sighs

Who knew a tiny ball of fluff
Would hold such heart and endless love
In sleeping form pure innocence
Then wide awake exuberance

Barely contained while she learns to be good
Training is frequently misunderstood
In leaps and bounds, and tiny yips
and playful exploring and little nips

The world an adventure to soon discover
A bond to form and hearts to love her
She goes and runs wound like a top
Then falls to sleep in a sudden drop

Exhausted from her rambling and jumping
And bounding around, and tail wag thumping
Back to angelic sleeping form she curls
Rhythmic breathing, a worn out girl

Around the room the signs abound
Of boundless puppy all around
Chewed up paper, a blanket dragged
Your purchase energetically unbagged

Big hole in the delicate curtain of lace
A book edge chewed in shameful disgrace
With little teeth as sharp as blades
She leaves her mark until she obeys

The trails of a busy and curious day
Vigorous life hard to keep at bay
Nibbled toes and chewed on shoes
A perfect house is yesterday news

A worn out human catching slumber
While puppy now awakes to wander
Too excited to reach the door outside
She leaves small presents for you to find

With energy hard to be abated
An endless appetite that never seems sated
Inhaling her food like a vacuum cleaner
Acting as if you never ever feed her

At the end of a constantly busy day
She settles down to rest, you pray
A four-legged child who trusts without ceasing
Tomorrow more mischief will be releasing

Struggles or challenges, rascal or dove
A puppy is a warm soft bundle of love
She will grow to be faithful, unerring and true
And as a wee doggy, she looks up to you

Patience a virtue often to be tested
Puppies will try to never be bested
Take a deep breath, count slowly to ten
For unbounded puppy is winding again


Top photo by John M.
Middle photo by Adrian Scottow
Bottom photo by Tony Harrison

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