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Alcohol Poisoning in Dogs

By Linda Cole

Along with all the heaping dishes of good food and fantastic desserts at family gatherings this holiday season, alcohol will probably be included. There’s nothing wrong with humans having a glass or two, but alcohol is dangerous for dogs and cats. Alcohol poisoning in pet is preventable, however, provided we as responsible pet owners take some precautions during our upcoming holiday celebrations.

I’ve grown up with dogs and cats, and am still amazed at how they try to manipulate us into giving them what we have. My mom had a dog (Heidi) years ago who had a persistent cough, and Mom took her to the vet. Heidi had bronchitis and the vet put her on antibiotics and suggested giving her a teaspoon of Sloe Gin to help ease her coughing. This was many years ago, before much was known about alcohol poisoning in dogs. Following the vet’s instructions, Mom gave Heidi a teaspoon of gin when her coughing became excessive. Heidi’s coughing subsided as she recovered from the bronchitis, and Mom stopped giving her the gin. However, Heidi liked the gin and wasn’t ready to give it up. Her coughing returned a week later – only this time, it was obvious she was faking in order to get some gin!
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