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Breed Profile: American Indian Dog

By Ruthie Bently

The American Indian Dog history goes back 30,000 years in both North and South America. They were used by Native American tribes for herding, tracking, corralling bison, running down deer, hunting bear and guarding, as well as pack animals for pulling the travois when a family unit migrated from place to place. Their hair was used for weaving to make garments and blankets. They also kept their owners warm on very cold nights. The breed was developed and strengthened by the breeding of dogs that were traded between tribes of all the Nations from Alaska down into south America by the Plains Indians.

The American Indian Dog is a very intelligent breed. They need a firm, steady owner who is able to be the pack leader so there are no behavior problems. They have strong instincts and need to be socialized well. American Indian Dogs are very conscious of their territory and will bond very strongly to their family members. They are able to adjust to many environments and make exceptional watchdogs of both family and the household. They are cautious and alert around strangers.

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