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Breaking Your Dog’s Bad Habits

By Suzanne Alicie

Dogs are supposed to be “Man’s Best Friend” but without proper training and consistency they can develop some bad habits. Each dog is different and may have a variety of bad habits which can make your life pretty stressful.

I am in awe of pet owners who always have mannerly, well behaved dogs. My dog is generally well behaved, but at times I have difficulty controlling her when we get ready to go outside. She jumps and barks and whines because she is so excited. I know why she does it, and it is my fault. I made the mistake of riling her up in the past just to watch her do this because I thought it was funny. Now she thinks that is what is expected when I say “Let’s go outside.” We are working to change this bad habit that I inadvertently taught her. Each dog has their own personality and that is reflected in both the behavior of the dog and the success of training methods. Some dogs require a different approach, but many dogs respond to basic consistent training.

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