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Elle’s Tailwagging Blog – How to Be a Good Office Dog

Elle_Queen_of_Bass_ProOh My Pawgoodness!  I’m so excited to have been asked to be a guest blogger on the CANIDAE RPO blog.  I am a CANIDAE dog and have been one my whole life.  My human works for CANIDAE and we are both fans of the CANIDAE blog. We are also huge fans of Guest Cat Blogger Rocky and Guest Dog Blogger Keikei. My human said “You’re a clever Labrador Elle, why don’t you try your paw at blogging?” So here it goes.

One of my most favorite things in the world is going to the CANIDAE office for the day.  I know it is my turn when my human puts on my collar and leash and puts the special blanket on the back seat of the car.  She says it’s to keep my dog hair off the seat; I don’t know what’s wrong with having my yellow hair all over everything, but I guess that’s a different topic for another day.  I know many humans are very lucky to bring their dogs to work with them, so I thought I would share my special tips on how to be the best office dog ever.

Arriving at the office – Make sure you “get busy” on the lawn before you go inside.  Humans like that, because for some reason “presents” in the hallway make everyone run around yelling and then the paper towels and spray bottles appear like magic.

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We’d Do Anything for CANIDAE’s Bakery Snacks!

Langley's dog 3By Big Al and Frosty Cornwell, canine correspondents

Big Al:

Wait. I hear something. Yes, there it is – the sound of my favorite cabinet opening! That cabinet has a special squeak that I’ve grown to love. Whenever I hear that squeak, it’s followed by a crumple. The crumple is followed by the sound of my dear human’s voice calling my name. But she doesn’t have to say anything; I’m already right by her side.

I sit before she even asks me to, because she always wants me to be a gentleman. I sit and hit her with my big brown eyes; she’s hopeless when I stare into her eyes with the full force of my brown-eyed sincerity. Sometimes I’ll even give her a dashing tilt of the head, which always makes her smile. This is one of my favorite times of the day.

She’s been giving us CANIDAE Bakery Snacks lately. Wonder if we’ll get the Turkey, Quinoa and Butternut Squash or the Lamb, Wild Rice and Sweet Potato. It doesn’t matter to me, they’re both delicious! I’ve heard her say that she likes these treats because their crunchy texture helps clean my teeth. Honestly, I’m not really worried about my teeth. For me, it’s all about the taste.

I’m not picky about treats, but I know our dear human is. I’d never turn down a treat (or two or three) but I’ve seen my human read labels and I know she’s careful about our treats and our food. I love everything she gives us. I hope she never makes me choose between these new Bakery Snacks and CANIDAE’s Pure Heaven treats or Snap-Biscuits and TidNips, because they’re all my favorites!

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Great Games for Kids and Dogs to Play Together

games for kids n dogs julie c OKBy Suzanne Alicie

Having a dog and being a responsible pet owner can be a very rewarding experience. When you have children, your dog can be more than a pet – it can be a playmate and a furry family member. Your dog needs exercise, fresh air and fun just like your kids do. With a well-trained dog and children who love and respect the animal, you can supervise a variety of fun games that everyone will enjoy.

Dog training may not be your personal specialty, but simple basic obedience training is all your dog will need to learn to play with your kids safely under your supervision. Linda Cole has shared 8 positive dog training tips that work to help you get started!

Not only are games for kids and dogs fun, but they can help improve the health and fitness of your progeny and your pet.  Exercise, agility, hand-eye coordination and a good, healthy sense of fun are great for your kids; playing with the family dog can prepare them for many types of sports and activities as they get older. Your dog may not need paw-eye coordination, but games can also improve their overall coordination as well as all the other high points mentioned above.

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