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Meet Boo, the Most Popular Pup on the Planet!

By Julia Williams

Nowadays, it’s not unusual to learn about cats and dogs that blog, tweet, write books and entertain their Facebook fans with funny status updates. As intelligent humans, we know the animals aren’t really the ones doing such things, but we play along because it’s harmless fun. In the past few years I’ve become “friends” with quite a few cats and dogs on Facebook. Until recently I thought Giant George, with 65,000 fans, and CANIDAE Pet Foods sponsored Surf Dog Ricochet, with 23,000 fans, really had it going on.

Ha ha! Those numbers pale in comparison to “Boo,” the impossibly cute Pomeranian who, as of this writing, has amassed a staggering 1,109,355 fans! What’s more, Boo gains fans at the rate of about 4,000 every day! When Boo posts a photo or video of himself doing what he does best – looking incredibly adorable – as many as 17,000 people click the “like” button, and 700 to 1,000+ people leave a comment.
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