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Coolest (Craziest?) Cat-Themed Decorations

By Langley Cornwell

There’s a gal in our neighborhood who is a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady. Of course, so am I, and we have a good time comparing the many over-the-top things we do for our feline friends. There is one area where she beats me hands-down, however. It’s her house. She has the wildest cat-themed decorations I’ve ever seen. Some are very cool and some can only be described as pure crazy… in a good way.

She wears cat earrings and has a cat scarf. Her house is resplendent with cat artwork – mainly paintings and prints but she does have some cool photography. She also has interesting cat statues. Her office desk is cluttered (don’t tell her I said that) with cat-themed desk accessories. Her kitchen has a soap dispenser in the shape of a cat but one of my favorite things is the cat butt magnets on her refrigerator. In fact, there’s even a hairball magnet. If you ask me, that’s funny.

I asked some online friends if they had cat-themed decorations in their homes. I was surprised at some of their answers.

Lots of friends collect cat figurines. Wendy has cat collectibles as well as a cat door mat and a cat throw. She has a black cat good luck token that her landlady brought her from Ireland that sits above the door frame between the dining room and the kitchen. She also has a cat curtain in her front window (which she says is actually a valance). I’ve never seen feline window treatments so I’d say that qualifies as, well, crazy. Thanks for sharing, Wendy.

Almost everyone who responded to my query has cat-decorated drinking mugs. Cate collects figurines and has blankets with cats on them. Virginia no longer has cats, but she has cat ornaments for her Christmas tree that reminds her of them each year. Sweet.

Debbie has a “wrought iron cat that wiggles and wobbles.” I’d like to see that.

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