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Inside the Minds of Men Who Love Cats

By Julia Williams

Although I don’t currently have a special “Cat Guy” in my life, I love them all because a) they are fond of felines and b) they’re not afraid to admit it. Some men think it’s not cool or “macho” to love cats because they see felines as feminine creatures. I have many wonderful male friends who love cats, and they would all tell you there is zero truth to that stereotype.

Six of my favorite Cat Guys agreed to be interviewed for this article. They are: Dan Powers, the talented photographer for The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey; Fred, “Pop” to Stunning Cathy Keisha; John, “Dad-Guy” to the Island Cats; Kevin from Animal Shelter Volunteer Life; Scott from the Katnip Lounge; and Terry from Brian’s Home. Enjoy!

What’s the best gift your cat has ever given you?
Dan: We currently have seven cats in our home. The best gift is the absolute unconditional love they give to me and the comfort that comes from that love.
Fred: Her love and companionship when I was home recovering from back surgery.
John: Headbutts.  I love when the cats headbutt me.
Kevin: I’m always amazed at how well all of our cats, especially those with whom we have the closest bonds, are able to read human emotions. Unsolicited cat snuggles, purrs and unconditional love are the most wonderful gifts after a tough day.
Scott: Unconditional love.
Terry: Without a doubt, the best gift my cat Brian has given me is that of patience and acceptance. Brian has just the right personality for a multi-cat household. He understands that everyone is different and sometimes it takes a little time for others to find the good in you. He is quick to show kindness, and will give up his treats or playtime if one of his sisters seems more interested. So Brian has taught me how to be patient and has helped me understand that everyone has needs of their own and that helping others is the most important thing you can do.

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Real Men Do Love Cats! 7 “Cat Guys” Tell All


By Julia Williams

If you think there aren’t any men willing to profess their love for cats…think again!  For this article, 7 Cat Guys talk openly about all things feline.

What’s the best thing about being a Cat Guy?
Dan: Having a Cat Lady to share our seven cats with! Not to mention the fringe benefits of the unique love, loyalty and companionship each cat freely gives to me on a daily basis.
Doug: Snuggling with a purring kitty on a cold day.
Eddie: They’re very cool, no barking, low maintenance, they bring home exotic “things” and they’re the only ones that “understand” me.
Kevin: I think there’s a certain sensitivity and self-awareness that cat people generally have. Being a cat guy also allowed my wife Tracey and I to reconnect (we had worked together at the same company many years ago).  I had been volunteering at PAWS for years, and then she started volunteering there, too. It was a total chance meeting of a crazy cat guy and a crazy cat woman. We’ve been a crazy married cat couple for five years now!
Michael: Cats are low maintenance and cuddly.
Scott: Saving a life.
Terry:  The best thing about being a Cat Guy is interacting with one of the most fascinating species on the planet. I love the time I spend with my cats. I also always try to fully exceed their expectations of me.

When you leave the house, on a scale of 1 to 10, how covered in cat hair are you?
Dan: 10+. On a recent trip, I even noticed that my luggage was covered with cat hair. I guess it’s their way of giving you something to remind you of them.
Doug: Well, that’s hard to say because I don’t take the time to count the dog hairs and then subtract for the number of cat hairs that are left.
Eddie: 7 on a good day, but usually 9
Kevin: It depends upon where I’m going.  In the morning during the workweek, I’m probably a “2.” Once I’m dressed in my work clothes, I don’t dare sit on any of the upholstered furniture, so as not to get cat hair all over me. On the weekends, I’m probably anywhere from a “3” to a “6.”  Thank goodness for lint rollers!
Michael: 2. Lots of laundering.
Scott: Not too much – I put on a clean shirt right before I leave!
Terry:  Listen, if I leave the house with a cat hair ranking of 7 or less I have really ignored the cats.  Up close and personal with your cats is something serious and there is cat hair involved.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.


What’s the craziest “Cat Guy” thing you’ve ever done? 
Dan: Fell in love with my crazy cat lady and encouraged a household of seven cats.
Doug: One of the neighbor’s cats got stuck on the roof of my house and I went up to get her down. It was cold, rainy and dark, and she kept moving around. We were both unhappy campers by the time I finally caught her.
Kevin: I definitely think non-cat people think much of what I do is crazy. Like volunteering for 15+ years with the cats at PAWS. Or having framed pictures of our cats in my office at work. Or making photo cards of the cats every holiday season for the past 10 years. Or having pictures of some of the PAWS cats on our wedding table cards.
Scott: I brought home cat #13, Sylvester.  He had lived two years in a cage at the vet.
Terry: I actually thought it was pretty crazy three years ago when, as a “Cat Guy” I attended the first Barkworld Expo, a social media event marketed to critters that bark instead of meow. Given the audience and the nature of the four-legged attendees, I took the “Flat” version of my cat Brian. As it turned out, the event was terrific and I made many new friends.

What cat-themed items are in your wardrobe?
Dan: I’d likely be arrested for divulging that information!
Eddie: No way. This article is about guys, right?
Kevin: I have a couple cat-themed t-shirts, a baseball cap, and a necktie.
Scott: I have a tie-dyed shirt featuring a cat’s paw.
Terry:  I can never have too many cat tee shirts or cat sweatshirts, and during the Christmas season I look forward to wearing my tie with Santa and the kitty on it.  Cat Guy items are not as easy to find as Cat Lady items.

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