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New Study Says Watching Cat Videos Can Improve Your Mood

cat videos storemBy Linda Cole

Are you guilty of watching cat videos online, even sneaking in viewing time at work? Well, you aren’t alone. Watching cat videos is one of the most popular things to do on the internet these days. Some people may see it as a waste of time, but according to a new study, watching cat videos is more than just entertaining and has some surprising affects on your mood and health.

For the last four years, cat lovers have flocked to Minneapolis for the annual Internet Cat Video Festival. The event this year was held August 11 at the CHS Field in St. Paul, MN and drew a crowd of around 13,000 dedicated cat loving fans. The sold out event, hosted by the Walker Arts Center, featured some of this year’s best internet cat videos that were shown on the stadium’s giant scoreboard. Cat lovers who couldn’t get tickets gathered outside the ballpark’s fence to watch the videos. It was a purrfect evening for all with lots of giggles, laughs and awws. A Golden Kitty statue was presented to this year’s winner entitled “Cat Behavior Finally Explained.” It was created by the people who make the Cat CATastrophes series.

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Funny Cat Videos That Will Make You Meow Out Loud

By Julia Williams

It’s no secret that watching cat videos on the internet is a favorite pastime for many. Remember, this entertaining time waster is so popular nowadays that hordes of feline fanatics flock to internet cat video screenings across the U.S. to watch the videos together, on a big screen (cat attire optional). But thankfully, you don’t need vacation days or travel plans to watch funny cat videos from home on your own computer.

Since Facebook is a virtual water cooler for work-at-home people like me, I see my fair share of funny cat videos. OK, more than my fair share. There are worse ways to take a “comic relief” break from work, right? Plus, laughter is good for the soul. At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Here are some of my favorite, recently viewed YouTube videos of cats doing funny things. Enjoy!

Cat plays peek a boo

Cat imitates boxers on TV

This kitten just wants to play – why does he get the cold shoulder?

A compilation of epic jumping fails

Cat drinks from water cooler (this could get expensive)

Cats versus the mirror, vacuum cleaner, an aquarium, their own tail, a lizard and more

A game of one potato, two potato gone wrong

Three cats watch tennis on TV

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The 2014 Internet Cat Video Festival

catvidfest 1By Julia Williams

I’ve never been to Minnesota, but I’ve wanted to go ever since the shopping mecca known as the Mall of America opened. Now I have another reason, a much more compelling one actually, to add this fine state to my travel bucket list – Minneapolis, MN is where the annual Internet Cat Video Festival takes place!

The What??!

Yes, I heard you say that. This is likely what I also thought the first time I heard about the Internet Cat Video Festival, aka Catvidvest. Now I just say … what a great idea! That, and why didn’t someone think of this sooner?  I mean, we all love to watch funny cat videos, right? What could be better than sharing the experience with thousands of other cat people?

catvidfest 3Catvidvest is billed as an “offline celebration of online cat videos.” The live festival offers feline fanatics an opportunity to come together to watch a curated collection of cat clips in a social setting. In other words, the Internet Cat Video Festival provides people like me a much- desired way to “be among my people,” i.e., those who adore cats and aren’t afraid to tell it to the world.

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