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Valentine’s Day Safety Tips for Pet Owners

valentine safetyBy Laurie Darroch

Valentine gifts and tokens of love may be wonderful for the humans in your life, but many of the traditional presents we give each other may be dangerous for your dogs and cats. Those seemingly innocuous gifts can injure or even kill your pet if they ingest them.

Chocolates and Other Foods

A heart-shaped box full of delectable chocolates may be just the ticket to please your Valentine, but those sweet treats can make your pets very sick. Chocolate contains theobromine which is similar to caffeine. The darker and richer the chocolate, the more dangerous it is for dogs and cats.

Many dogs and cats do like the smell and taste of chocolate. If they happen to grab one small piece of milk chocolate, part of a chocolate chip cookie or a dropped M & M, it is not likely to make them extremely ill. Leaving an unattended box of chocolates sitting where your pets can reach them, however, is a siren call many can’t resist.
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Protect Your Pet from the Ghosts of Halloween

By Linda Cole

Halloween is a holiday many people plan for long before the leaves begin to fall. Spooky costumes, eerie sounds, and a house full of masked intruders invade our lives, which can terrify some pets. Halloween is a time for human fun, but it’s also a time to remember your pet to help make their holiday as stress free as possible. It’s a reminder that’s given each year, but it’s important because we need to keep our pets safe during this holiday.

Many people decorate their homes with scary ghosts and goblins, and play creepy sounds on the CD player for Halloween. A pet’s home is suddenly overrun with two legged creatures that may sound like humans, but they don’t look normal and that can confuse and frighten some pets. We don’t always notice how our pets react to things we find enjoyable. Scary music and loud noises can be stressful. It’s enough to send a frightened dog or cat racing out the front door when it’s opened to trick-or-treaters or guests arriving for a party.

Animal shelters are very busy right after Halloween with lost pets that are found and turned over to them. Even a friendly and happy dog can become stressed or aggressive by seeing creatures instead of people standing at the front door. Not all pets are happy when company comes, and dogs or cats that normally go crazy every time the doorbell rings can become agitated with the constant interruptions. The safest thing you can do to protect your pet and your guests is to secure your pet in a room away from the ghosts of Halloween. If your pet doesn’t have a microchip, make sure they wear an ID tag just in case they slip out the door. That way, if someone finds your pet they know who to call. If you walk your dog on Halloween, keep him on a short leash to control him better. Using reflective tape on his collar and leash can help drivers see him.

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Rescue Chocolate is “The Sweetest Way to Save a Life”

By Julia Williams

I loved the taste of rich, dark chocolate long before studies confirmed that eating a few squares a day can provide numerous health benefits. When I learned that chocolate might actually be good for me, I quit fighting the craving (I was losing the battle anyway!). Now that I’ve discovered there is a chocolate bar that donates 100% of their net profits to animal rescue organizations around the country, I fear my consumption is about to skyrocket. But it’s okay…the way I see it, there are far worse things than eating chocolate and helping animals at the same time!

Sarah Gross founded Rescue Chocolate in January 2010 as a way to raise funds for animal shelters and rescue groups, while also educating the public on issues facing homeless pets. Every month, the Brooklyn-based company picks a different animal rescue organization to help.

Rescue Chocolate’s melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate candy bars, truffles and hearts are 100% vegan and certified kosher. Their products are handcrafted in the finest Belgian tradition with high quality ingredients and no artificial preservatives. Gross works with executive chef Jean Francois Bonnet at the Tumbador chocolate factory to make the divine dark chocolate creations.

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