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Things Only a Cat Person Would Do

By Julia Williams

“Cat People” are a special breed. There’s really nothing too outlandish when it comes to the things a true cat person will do to keep their kitty content. Yes, we Cat People willingly suffer for the greater good of our feline friends. I mean…isn’t that Cat Commandment #1 in the adoption contract? I’m pretty sure it is, and I’m also positive cats know it’s mandatory that you cater to their every whim. They certainly act like it, and they didn’t just pull that “I’m the King of my Castle” attitude out of thin air, did they? No, your cat thinks you worship the ground he walks on…because you do.

I’ve recently discovered that there are some universal “Cat People” truths. I.E., there are things every diehard cat lover does at some point for their furry best friend’s happiness. Further, while these things might be seen as eccentric to the no-pet crowd, to Cat People they make perfect sense. I say that will full confidence, because I recently polled a large group of Cat People on this very subject, and certain “themes” emerged. Here are some:

We Don’t Wake Sleeping Felines

Cat People do many things to avoid waking the cat. We watch TV programs we don’t even like if there is a cat sleeping on our lap and the remote is out of reach. Forget about grabbing a snack, answering the phone or using the bathroom. Our food may get cold, our legs may go numb and we might nearly expire from thirst, but one look at the sleeping cat and everything else is forgotten.

When our kitty sleeps on the computer chair, Cat People sit on the edge to type. It’s not the least bit comfortable and sometimes makes sentences come out like this: I ki93te dkfill be te4 fjje. Yet the cat is blissfully unaware. My computer chair is one of Annabelle’s favorite sleeping spots. Even when she’s awake but lounging in the chair, she gives me such a pitiful “you’re not really gonna make me move?” look that I just can’t. So I suffer.

Cat People let their kitties sleep pretty much anywhere they want to, with few exceptions. When the cat chooses our favorite reading chair or the best TV viewing spot on the couch, we just find other places to sit. Moving the cat is unthinkable. Jennifer Niemi says “I have sat on the floor, as the couch in the family room was fully loaded.” Indeed!

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Coolest (Craziest?) Cat-Themed Decorations

By Langley Cornwell

There’s a gal in our neighborhood who is a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady. Of course, so am I, and we have a good time comparing the many over-the-top things we do for our feline friends. There is one area where she beats me hands-down, however. It’s her house. She has the wildest cat-themed decorations I’ve ever seen. Some are very cool and some can only be described as pure crazy… in a good way.

She wears cat earrings and has a cat scarf. Her house is resplendent with cat artwork – mainly paintings and prints but she does have some cool photography. She also has interesting cat statues. Her office desk is cluttered (don’t tell her I said that) with cat-themed desk accessories. Her kitchen has a soap dispenser in the shape of a cat but one of my favorite things is the cat butt magnets on her refrigerator. In fact, there’s even a hairball magnet. If you ask me, that’s funny.

I asked some online friends if they had cat-themed decorations in their homes. I was surprised at some of their answers.

Lots of friends collect cat figurines. Wendy has cat collectibles as well as a cat door mat and a cat throw. She has a black cat good luck token that her landlady brought her from Ireland that sits above the door frame between the dining room and the kitchen. She also has a cat curtain in her front window (which she says is actually a valance). I’ve never seen feline window treatments so I’d say that qualifies as, well, crazy. Thanks for sharing, Wendy.

Almost everyone who responded to my query has cat-decorated drinking mugs. Cate collects figurines and has blankets with cats on them. Virginia no longer has cats, but she has cat ornaments for her Christmas tree that reminds her of them each year. Sweet.

Debbie has a “wrought iron cat that wiggles and wobbles.” I’d like to see that.

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Isn’t It Time to Retire the Crazy Cat Lady Stereotype?

By Julia Williams

I read an article recently that described cat ladies as “quitters” and lonely sad sacks who never leave the house. By contrast, dog ladies were said to be outgoing, athletic, adventurous and full of life. Stereotype much? The article went on to claim that while dog memoirs (aka dogoirs) are inspiring, life-changing things of beauty, no comparable thing could exist for cat memoirs because “cat ladies only get to be one thing: lonely.” Seriously? Excuse me while I hack up a hairball on that article. cough. gag. urk.

Ah, I feel so much better now! =^..^=

I wish I could say this article was satirical, that this stereotypical characterization of the sad sack cat ladies was a joke. But I can’t…because it wasn’t. And this, I must admit, did peeve me just a bit. It doesn’t surprise me though, given that Crazy Cat Ladies are perhaps the last group we – and by “we” I mean society – are still allowed to make fun of. In fact, many people get a big kick out of ridiculing women who love cats, as though there is something wrong with it, something so “abnormal” about it that these women couldn’t possibly be functioning, happy, friendly people who engage in life and with others. Again… cough. gag. urk.

I watched a dumb show once where one of the characters said “Women with candles replaces women with cats as the new sad thing.” Claiming that loving any animal can be sad just seems so idiotic to me. Dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, gerbils or bunnies – why should it matter to anyone else who or what we choose to love? Newsflash! I’m a woman, I love cats, and I am definitely not a sad sack. I’m not lonely either, not one teeny tiny bit. I even leave the house on occasion to interact with society! And guess what? I’m not an anomaly either. I happen to know many women who love cats, and none of them are lonely old spinsters hiding away in a house full of felines.

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Dogs Rule…and Cats Just Sleep!

By Keikei Cole (Canine Guest Blogger)

Recently, Julia Williams – aka the Crazy Cat Lady – wrote an article that posed a question, “Which one makes the best pet, cats or dogs?” Well, when I was reading that one over the boss’s shoulder, I almost choked on my CANIDAE TidNips™! As I licked the chewed up pieces of my treat off the boss’s computer and desk, it was obvious a rebuttal article was necessary.

When I adopted the boss, I didn’t realize there would be fleabags (oops, I mean cats) in the deal. Don’t get me wrong, cats are fun to chase, but they sleep most of the time. What fun is that? The boss plays with them wiggling some stupid string on a pole they like to chase. Watching them jump around like their tails are on fire is so funny to watch! Oh, sorry, I was munching on something I found in that sandbox thing and forgot what I was doing. Woof!

About Cleanliness

I enjoy a relaxing bath, especially when it’s hot outside. The boss scratches my back all over and never gets mad when I get her wet. It’s her fault for getting water in my face. In between baths, I get combed, get my nails done and my ears cleaned out. It makes me feel close to my favorite human and I smell good. None of that wet doggie smell here. Think about it for a minute. How clean can a cat be? Come on, they wash themselves with cat spit! Hey, I’m just telling it like it is.

Physical Activity

OK, you don’t have to walk a cat, and I’m sure cold walks on a dark and snowy night may not be as much fun for humans as it is for us dogs, but it keeps the humans healthy and fit. (Although the boss could use a few more walks, if you know what I mean). Dogs get their human out of the house which helps stimulate their senses. We hardly ever pay attention to the, “Hurry up, it’s cold out here” because we know how important exercise is for them and us. We get humans to join dog clubs, we teach them how to run agility, show them off at dog shows and get them involved in other fun activities that we love to do.

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The Cat Commandments

By Rocky Williams (Feline Guest Blogger)

I’m told you hoomins have something called the Ten Commandments. Now, I like the sound of that because I have things I want to command my hoomin, aka the Warden, to do. And I should think that all felines might want to adopt these cat commandments too, for they are the word of one who clearly knows how to manipulate his hoomin, and is known throughout the land as King of the castle. Which is exactly as it should be, of course. But being a crafty cat, naturally I have more than ten commandments.

Here are my 18 Cat Commandments:

You shall not put any other cat before me, nor any dog, horse, hamster, gerbil, rabbit, chicken, or other creature that inhabits your world.

You shall honor all things Feline as divine.

You shall not call me Boo Boo, Bubba, Bugaboo, Chi Chi, Fatty, Floppy, Fluffy, Moo Moo, Noodle, Pookie, Snookums or any other any silly name that makes people laugh when they hear it. I am a dignified cat, and I shall not respond to any name that is beneath me.

You shall not ration my Tidnips Treats, for my desire to nom these tasty things knows no bounds, and my appetite for them is insatiable.

You shall not baptize me in water for any reason whatsoever!

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Cat Versus Dog: Which One Makes the Best Pet?

By Julia Williams

Pet owners often engage in friendly – and sometimes not-so-friendly – discussions on whether cats make better pets than dogs, or vice versa. While there are quite a few pet owners who love both cats and dogs equally, others are adamant in their stance that one species is better than the other. Where we stand in the great ‘cat versus dog debate’ is often a result of which pet we had growing up, or a particular experience we had with one, either positive or negative. Sometimes a preference emerges for no apparent reason; it just is, and it’s how we’ve always felt.

Over the years I’ve been a pet mom to a dozen cats. I like dogs too but have only shared my home with one, so my experience with them is more limited. However, just because my BFF’s have always been cats doesn’t automatically mean I think cats make better pets than dogs. The relationships are different, not necessarily better. Nonetheless, for the sake of the debate I’ve come up with a few reasons why one might want a cat instead of a dog. Don’t think I’m bashing dogs though, because I’m really not. Rather, this is just my attempt at humor.

The Cleanliness Factor

Dogs need to be bathed regularly and even then, many breeds have a distinct ‘eau de dog’ shortly after getting squeaky clean. Cats win this category paws down because they are remarkably self cleaning. My cats wash themselves after every FELIDAE feeding frenzy, in between mealtimes, and pretty much every waking hour. Bathing a cat is rarely necessary, which is a good thing because it’s not exactly easy to do without getting shredded.

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