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Crazy Pet Laws – What Were They Thinking?

By Linda Cole

We hope politicians carefully consider new laws they craft because of the impact it has on us. However, sometimes you have to wonder if these law-makers were of sound mind or sober when it comes to some laws that make absolutely no sense at all. Case in point: the following funny pet laws from different states. You do have to ask, “What the heck were they thinking?”

Sterling, Colorado says if you allow your cat to run around loose at night, she must have tail lights attached to her behind. So some poor cat gets pulled over for having a broken tail light, not wearing a seat belt and has no proof of insurance. And heaven forbid if she made a stop at the local catnip patch!

If you have a cat or dog who likes to relax with their favorite cigar now and then, don’t go to Zion, Illinois. It’s illegal to let your dog or cat have lit cigars there. I wonder how big of a problem that is in Zion?

In Hartford, Connecticut, it’s illegal to educate your dog. I suppose it might be embarrassing to have a dog giving a graduating speech as the valedictorian.

If you make an ugly face at a dog in Oklahoma, watch out. You can be arrested, fined and/or thrown in jail! “So what are you in for?” says one inmate to another. “I made a face at a dog. Got 20 years. It was a really ugly face.”

International Falls, Minnesota must have some mighty big cats in their neck of the woods, and they are apparently pretty mean and feisty as well. They had to pass a law making it illegal for cats to chase dogs up telephone poles. Picture a poor Great Dane shaking on top a telephone pole waiting for the mean old cat that chased him up there to move on.

French Lick Springs, Indiana requires that all black cats wear bells on Friday the 13th. I wonder if this is to alert passersby that there might be a witch hovering just above them on a broomstick… or maybe it’s the cat that’s the witch?

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