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The World’s Most Expensive Dog Accessories

By Suzanne Alicie

I love my dog, yes I do. But after seeing some of the outrageously expensive doggie accessories available, I know that in comparison my dog probably feels like she lives in the orphanage from Annie! Posh pooches and superstar pocket pets are treated to all kinds of fancy things that most of us normal doggie moms can’t begin to afford. Don’t believe me? Check out some of the world’s most expensive dog accessories.

A Bed Fit for a King

Forget that old fleece thing in the corner, don’t you know your dog really wants the Louis XV Pet Pavilion. It’s a dog bed styled after an 18th century French Rosewood Commode. Custom built and truly luxurious, the Louis XV will cost you just over $24,000. Then you will have to supply the linens. Wonder if my old flannel “blankie” would look good in it, or would I have to splurge on silk sheets?

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