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5 Fun Homemade Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

homemade gifts 1By Laurie Darroch

When it comes to the dog lovers in your life, a homemade gift that acknowledges the bond they have with their special canine companion may be the perfect present. These 5 dog-themed Christmas crafts are all easy to make, inexpensive gifts from the heart.

Wooden Plaque (pictured at left)

These are very simple to create using paint and a cut piece of wood, acrylic paints and a clear finishing spray to preserve the completed project. If budget is an issue, use scrap wood or cut up old pieces of fencing post to make the wood shape you want to paint on.

Paint a fun saying, the dog’s name, a humorous quote or any other wording that is appropriate for the receiver and their dog. Let it dry completely and then seal it with clear spray. Add a hanging hook if desired. These look cute hung on a wall or set on a shelf standing up.

Paw Print Picture

If you have a willing canine helper, you can use paper and acrylic paints to make paw print gifts, such as a set of cards, a painting or wall hanging to frame. Add a photo of the dog to finish the project, or write a story or poem to go with the paw print painting.

To set this craft up, plan on working in an area that can be easily cleaned and is contained. If the dog is skittish about you dipping their paw in wet paint, have a helper there to keep the dog still. Lots of praise and a few CANIDAE treats as a reward will help. Have paper towels, water for washing their paw and a towel handy to keep them from running off covered in paint. Acrylics are water soluble and wash off the dog’s paws easily, but don’t let them lick it even if it is labeled as non-toxic.

Dog Emergency Information Kit

It’s always a good idea to have the information needed in an emergency easily accessible. It will not only be useful for the dog’s owner, but other caregivers when necessary.

Compile a written record that includes the dog’s name, breed and age, favorite toys, food and items of comfort. Include any medical problems and medications, special behavior issues, command words, owner’s name, address and phone number, vet’s contact information, and any other pertinent details regarding the dog. Add a few photos of the dog taken from different angles.

For presentation, buy or make a special folder or box to store the emergency kit in. Make it bright or easily identified so it can be found quickly in an emergency. If you use a box that is large enough, add a package of CANIDAE dog treats and a small toy for comforting a stressed dog. This gift may not be costly, but it is a genuine and useful gift of love to acknowledge a person’s connection to their beloved dog.

homemade gifts 2Shell Ornament

If you have access to shells, you can make simple Christmas ornaments for your dog loving friends.  All you need are acrylic paints and a brush, a finishing spray, and a bit of ribbon and hot glue to make the hanger.

Write the dog’s name on the inside of the shell using a fine tipped paint brush. You can embellish it with paw prints or a heart. Paint the edge of the shell to add color to the ornament. Use a clear finish spray to seal it and keep it from rubbing off over time, then cut a piece of thin ribbon and glue it in a loop on the back of the shell for hanging.

Besides the dog’s name, you can make additional ornaments with each family member’s name, or make shells with fun dog-related sayings or words to present a set of shell ornaments as a gift.

Gift Certificate

The gift of your care and time may be the best gift of all.  Create your own homemade gift certificates for services such as dog sitting, dog walking, playtime, and so forth. You can create them by hand or using a computer graphics design to print out. Create a small booklet of tickets redeemable for services that the receiver can redeem when they need your services.  Make them as ornate or as simple as your skills allow.

Photos by Laurie Darroch

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DIY Crafts for Dog-Treat Jars

dog-treat-3By Langley Cornwell

When it comes to doggies and their treats, having a custom made jar is almost a requirement; after all, anything as important as a CANIDAE Pure Heaven dog treat must have a special container! How else can we expect our lovable pooches to sit up and beg? Here are some ideas for a DIY handcrafted dog-treat jar:

The first thing you need to do is find a proper container. You want something that you can seal up tight, but that you can easily open and reach into, for those moments when your pooch is doing something especially precious and requires an immediate reward. Your container should be made of glass or plastic so that it will be easy to work with when you start crafting. Glass and plastic take paint and various other things quite well, so those are excellent choices.

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Patriotic Dog Crafts for July 4th

By Tamara McRill

What could be more natural than pairing dogs with a day dedicated to independence, patriotism and love of our country? After all, our furry friends are the epitome of freedom, loyalty and love. At least that’s how my mind works, and so my patriotic canine crafting theme for the Fourth of July was born. These easy crafts range from dog-themed to actually for the dogs, with a little in between.

Uncle Sam Dog Hat

This was my favorite project, because it produced such adorable pictures and inspired the final craft. I started with one of those dollar store cloth hats, but you could easily make one from construction paper. Just be sure to have a camera and dog treats handy – I used CANIDAE Chicken and Rice TidNips™ to reward Wuppy for sitting pretty.

Supplies: Uncle Sam hat, white snow batting or cotton balls, glue gun, glue sticks, and 1 ½ foot of string or elastic.

1. Pull off enough batting to make two sections of pouf white “hair” to hang around your dog’s ears.

2. With the glue gun, glue each section to the inside brim of your hat, so it hangs down like hair, one section on the left and one on the right. Allow glue time to dry.

3. Pull off another section of batting, enough to make a goatee. Hot glue the goatee to the center of your string or elastic. Let the glue dry, then tie the goatee on your dog’s head.

4. OPTIONAL: You can also glue the string or elastic to the hat, like a chin strap, if you want your pet to wear the hat for more time than just picture taking. Loop it around from your dog’s head to chin, to measure the right length.

Firecracker Dog Treat Favors

Since I was handing out treats to get Dusty and Wuppy to pose for pictures, I decided they needed their own rocket favor containers. They were entirely too willing to pose with this craft!

Supplies: toilet paper or paper towel roll, small section each of red and blue poster board or scrapbook paper, white printer paper, scissors, tape, glue gun, 3 inches of string, and markers or paint.

1. Wrap the white paper around your toilet paper roll and tape it where the paper meets. Trim the excess paper off the top of the tube with scissors.

2. Decorate covered roll with markers or paint and write your dog’s name on it.

3. Take one of your poster boards or scrapbook paper and cut a half circle that is 3 ⅓ inches on the flat side. This is going to be the firecracker’s pointed cap.

4. Fold the half circle perfectly in half, tip-to-tip. Tape it where the flat bottom now meets in two sections.

5. Put a bead of glue along the top edge of your toilet paper roll and set the newly made point cap on top, with the point facing up.

6. For the feet: Cut out three or four identical feet from your poster board or scrapbook paper, for your firecracker or rocket to stand on. These should be an inch across at the top and taper where they will stand at the bottom.

7. Tape the string to the inside top corner of one of the legs, if you want a firecracker. You can skip this step if you want a rocket.

8. Cut 3 or 4 slits (depending on how many legs you made) evenly up the bottom of your tube.

9. Insert legs, with the narrowest point facing down.

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Dog Inspired Valentine’s Day Crafts

By Tamara McRill

I’m a dog person who likes to make special things for every holiday. So of course I had to make some Valentine’s Day crafts inspired by my canine loves! The three doggie Valentine’s Day crafts featured here offer a little something for everyone and are fairly easy to make. They even make excellent gifts for the dog lovers in your life.

Sweetheart Dog Book Page Art

Have you ever seen those framed book pages with an ink drawing or sketch of a dog on them and wished you could have one of your pet? I have and finally figured out just how simple it was to make. Especially after using some of the same techniques used in making a dog portrait pumpkin.

Supplies: Ruler, scissors, tape, pencil, black ink pen or fine point marker, red marker, book or newspaper page, frame, computer and photo of your dog.

1.  Measure the opening of your photo frame.

2.  Cut your book or newspaper page 1/2 inch wider than that measurement. (Bonus points if you can find a page about dogs.)

3.  Bring up your dog’s photograph on your computer screen. Blow it up just big enough to fit in the center of your book page.

4.  Tape your book page to your monitor and lightly trace the photograph. You don’t have to get too detailed, just get the general impression, but don’t forget to give the idea of your pet’s general markings.

5.  Untape your book page and go over what you have traced with a black pen or marker.

6.  Color the dog’s tongue and collar with red marker.

7.  Draw a red heart in the upper right or wherever you like best.

8.  Frame your book page art.

Of course, feel free to take any artistic license! Dusty was quite fascinated with his portrait.

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DIY Dog-Themed Christmas Tree Ornaments

By Tamara McRill

I’m not sure if it’s the mad love for my dogs or all those hours spent on Pinterest, but I have decided my boys deserve their own little Christmas tree. Decorated completely in – you guessed it – handmade dog-themed ornaments. From photos to paw-tastic ribbons, there are so many options to choose from and each one can be customized to fit in with my current holiday decor. Since I am in full-on craft mode, I decided to make the ornaments myself. Figuring that my fellow dog lovers might also want in on the fun, I’m sharing some of the easier ornaments I’ll be making and others under consideration. Enjoy!

Frame Ornaments

This one is easiest if you already have some photo frame ornaments sitting around. Then all you have to do is print out some pictures of your pets and put them in the frames. To match your current decorations and make the look more cohesive, also frame other graphic images of dogs, bones and paw prints. You can find these in your Christmas colors online, or buy some dog-themed wrapping paper and cut out the details you like best.

I don’t have any frame ornaments on hand, so I am turning to my trusty glue gun and silver spray paint. Here are the steps:

Supplies: Cardboard, scissors, exacto knife, glue gun, glue sticks, silver spray paint, ribbon and your image.

1. With scissors and an exacto knife, cut out ornate frames in different shapes from cardboard.

2. Poke a small hole at the top, wide enough to string ribbon through.

2. Spray paint them and allow to dry.

3. Glue the edges of your image to cardboard backing.

4. Glue the backing to your photo frame.

5. String a ribbon through the top hole and tie the loose ends in a knot.

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Simple Dog-Inspired Crafts to Make

By Tamara L. Waters

Are you a dog lover, or know someone who is “doggone crazy” about their canine friend? Whether you are looking to decorate your own home with man’s best friend or you want a cute gift for someone else, homemade dog crafts are a great way to show your personality and creativity. If you have kids in the house, they will enjoy making some doggy crafts just for fun. Check out a few of these dog-inspired crafts, and get busy!

Toilet Paper Tube Doggy

Recycle an empty toilet paper tube into a simple craft little ones can make. The website has great printable templates for toilet paper tube dogs. These are simple to make and always a hit with the kids.

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