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Tips on Choosing Winter Accessories for Your Dog

By Tamara L. Waters

You might be thinking it’s a simple thing to choose which winter accessories your dog needs to be warm and cozy in cold weather, but there are a few things to consider.

Winter Coats and Boots

There are winter accessories that would be good choices for your dog based upon his time spent outside. When going out for a walk, the snow and salt on sidewalks, roadways and yards can hurt your pooch’s paws (or at least make them very uncomfortable) so buying him some boots would be a good choice. You can choose disposable boots or reusable ones.

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How to Winterize Your Outdoor Doghouse

By Suzanne Alicie

The temperatures are dropping, and if your dog spends time outdoors in winter, it’s important to make sure his doghouse is properly winterized. Responsible pet owners have no problem spending an afternoon making sure their pet will have a nice warm place to spend the winter. It is advisable that if possible you prepare a space for your dog in your garage or basement, but if that is not feasible you can still make sure your dog will be warm and safe throughout the winter.

Doghouses come in all shapes and sizes; there are igloo shaped houses, large kennel type houses, and even homemade wooden doghouses. When choosing a doghouse, keep in mind that for winter you need something that will block the wind. The smaller the entrance or the longer the entrance to the dog house extends, the better for keeping your dog warm and cozy inside. It is pretty easy to affix an extension tunnel entrance to nearly every type of doghouse that doesn’t already have one. It may take your dog a few days to get used to moving through a longer space before being in his house, but he will quickly adjust and appreciate the warmth.

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