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5 Fun Homemade Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

homemade gifts 1By Laurie Darroch

When it comes to the dog lovers in your life, a homemade gift that acknowledges the bond they have with their special canine companion may be the perfect present. These 5 dog-themed Christmas crafts are all easy to make, inexpensive gifts from the heart.

Wooden Plaque (pictured at left)

These are very simple to create using paint and a cut piece of wood, acrylic paints and a clear finishing spray to preserve the completed project. If budget is an issue, use scrap wood or cut up old pieces of fencing post to make the wood shape you want to paint on.

Paint a fun saying, the dog’s name, a humorous quote or any other wording that is appropriate for the receiver and their dog. Let it dry completely and then seal it with clear spray. Add a hanging hook if desired. These look cute hung on a wall or set on a shelf standing up.

Paw Print Picture

If you have a willing canine helper, you can use paper and acrylic paints to make paw print gifts, such as a set of cards, a painting or wall hanging to frame. Add a photo of the dog to finish the project, or write a story or poem to go with the paw print painting.

To set this craft up, plan on working in an area that can be easily cleaned and is contained. If the dog is skittish about you dipping their paw in wet paint, have a helper there to keep the dog still. Lots of praise and a few CANIDAE treats as a reward will help. Have paper towels, water for washing their paw and a towel handy to keep them from running off covered in paint. Acrylics are water soluble and wash off the dog’s paws easily, but don’t let them lick it even if it is labeled as non-toxic.

Dog Emergency Information Kit

It’s always a good idea to have the information needed in an emergency easily accessible. It will not only be useful for the dog’s owner, but other caregivers when necessary.

Compile a written record that includes the dog’s name, breed and age, favorite toys, food and items of comfort. Include any medical problems and medications, special behavior issues, command words, owner’s name, address and phone number, vet’s contact information, and any other pertinent details regarding the dog. Add a few photos of the dog taken from different angles.

For presentation, buy or make a special folder or box to store the emergency kit in. Make it bright or easily identified so it can be found quickly in an emergency. If you use a box that is large enough, add a package of CANIDAE dog treats and a small toy for comforting a stressed dog. This gift may not be costly, but it is a genuine and useful gift of love to acknowledge a person’s connection to their beloved dog.

homemade gifts 2Shell Ornament

If you have access to shells, you can make simple Christmas ornaments for your dog loving friends.  All you need are acrylic paints and a brush, a finishing spray, and a bit of ribbon and hot glue to make the hanger.

Write the dog’s name on the inside of the shell using a fine tipped paint brush. You can embellish it with paw prints or a heart. Paint the edge of the shell to add color to the ornament. Use a clear finish spray to seal it and keep it from rubbing off over time, then cut a piece of thin ribbon and glue it in a loop on the back of the shell for hanging.

Besides the dog’s name, you can make additional ornaments with each family member’s name, or make shells with fun dog-related sayings or words to present a set of shell ornaments as a gift.

Gift Certificate

The gift of your care and time may be the best gift of all.  Create your own homemade gift certificates for services such as dog sitting, dog walking, playtime, and so forth. You can create them by hand or using a computer graphics design to print out. Create a small booklet of tickets redeemable for services that the receiver can redeem when they need your services.  Make them as ornate or as simple as your skills allow.

Photos by Laurie Darroch

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Father’s Day Activities and Gifts for Dog Lovers

By Tamara McRill

If your dad or husband is the type of dog lover who takes his canine companions everywhere he can, then he’s just the type of guy who would get a kick out of Father’s Day plans that include them as well.

To let Dad enjoy the day with his best friend, you need to plan activities that will make them both happy, but are still safe for his pet. Even better, most of these activities do double duty by providing gift ideas.

Here are six great activities and gift ideas to ensure your favorite guy has a wonderful Father’s Day with his favorite pet:

Fishing Buddies

Is your dad often bemoaning the issue of not being able to take his dog fishing, because he would be uncomfortable? You can put an end to that and a smile on Dad’s face by planning a pet-friendly excursion to a fishing hole that allows animals. Treat him to some new fishing gear, and his faithful sidekick to the pleasure of a family outing—and the promise of more to come.

Supplies you’ll need to make sure his pet is well taken care of during the excursion include traveling food and water dishes, a blanket to lie on and an umbrella to help shade from the sun. Include a new lead and stake for dogs that tend to wander, and a towel if you have a swimmer. Don’t forget plenty of water and CANIDAE dog food if you’ll be out past feeding time.

Pampered Pa and Paws

You know his dog enjoys a good rubdown and chances are Dad does too. Turn your living room into an impromptu spa by arranging for a masseuse to come over and work all the tension out of Dad’s muscles while you or the kids focus on his dog. Just remember to avoid chatting away, since this should be an opportunity for them to relax.

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Great Christmas Gifts for Your Favorite Feline Fan

By Tamara L. Waters

Christmas,  Christmas time is here, time for joy and time for cheer. . . chipmunks may sing about what they want for Christmas, but what do cat lovers want? Is there a song for that? Probably not, so instead, here are a few ideas for your favorite feline fancier. Give them something that appeals to their love of cats and you’re sure to make them purr (sorry, bad pun).

Cat Pattern Blankets – Buy or make fleecy blankets that have a kitty pattern on them. Your kitty lovin’ friend will enjoy a snuggly blanket with pictures of their favorite animal scattered all over it – great for a chilly winter evening!

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10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

By Tamara L. Waters

If you have a friend who adores their canine pals, consider getting them a gift that caters to this special love. You can rest assured your friend will appreciate a present that remembers their favorite four-legged pal. Check out these ideas for perfect Christmas gifts for your favorite dog lover.

Dog Calendars

The Pink Ribbon Puppies calendar features adorable yellow lab puppies, and all proceeds go toward breast cancer research. Local book stores and online retailers offer a multitude of dog themed calendars too. Choose a wall calendar, a desk calendar, a planner or all three that feature dog photos. Whether your friend has a special dog breed that’s their favorite or they squeal over cute puppy pictures, they can stay on schedule with their favorite pet breeds. Some specialty stores even offer pet calendars that include special sections for veterinary records. This is a great option for your favorite responsible pet owner.

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Great Gifts for Pet Lovers

By Anna Lee

Gift giving is something we do all year long whether for a birthday or Christmas, a thank you gift or a get well gift. Many of the gifts we buy are given to pet lovers such as ourselves. Instead of giving that pet lover a box of candy or a bouquet of flowers, why not give them something more near and dear to their heart?

If your friend has an Akita or a Cocker, a Black Lab or a German Short Haired Pointer, why not give them a beautiful sand-cast figurine of their particular dog. Figurines last a long time and can be used on a mantel, a bookcase or as a table decoration.

The website Remmeer has a variety of unique gifts for the cat lover on your list. I found photo frames, books, DVDs, wallets, totes and a whole lot more. For example, a tri-fold faux leather wallet with a kitty appliqué on the front is only $21.96. It is very colorful, and any female cat lover would enjoy owning it. They also have garden stepping stones and even salt and pepper shakers. For dog lovers, I saw adorable wall clocks and rugs for around $30. They are brightly colored and different from other clocks and placemats I have seen.

An idea I have used in the past is to buy a Christmas stocking for the dog lover on my list. I then purchase small items such as toys, shampoo or a name ID tag to put in the stocking. If I want to spend a little more, I sometimes add a gift certificate to a pet store. You might also consider putting in a homemade certificate good for one free weekend of dog sitting, which is a gift every dog lover would appreciate.

Most retail stores sell pet related items, so it is not necessary to have Internet access to buy gifts for pet lovers. You can find dog-themed note paper and stationary at most card stores. Check the computer section where they sell supplies and you will find mouse pads with dogs or cats on them. I have seen purses featuring dogs and cats in several stores. You can buy clothing items such as sweaters, blouses, scarves and socks emblazoned with a dog or cat somewhere on the item.

A book about the person’s favorite pet is a great gift for an animal lover. Maybe a magazine subscription would be appropriate? There are sheets, pillowcases and towels with either dogs or cats. My sister-in-law gives me a “Labs Only” calendar every year – it means a lot to me because she realizes how much I love my dog. There are calendars available with virtually any animal you can think of.

All you need is a little imagination and a few dollars, and you can come up with the perfect gift for a pet lover. Whether the recipient loves dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, bunnies or pigs, there are gifts available that will fit the bill!

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