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What Are Your Pets Thankful For?

rocky-catpuchino1By Julia Williams

Every year for Thanksgiving, we like to write a little something here about what we’re thankful for. It’s always good to spend some time thinking about gratitude, but this year we decided to turn the Thanksgiving post over to our pets. We know our pets have a lot to be thankful for, and they were more than happy to meow and bark about it!

Rocky Williams: I’m thankful my Warden has such a soft heart that she doesn’t get mad when she finds lick marks in her butter or when she sees me lounging on top of her coffee maker. I’m thankful she doesn’t freak out when she catches me stealing hamburger from a pan on the stove. Most of all, I’m thankful that when I grab a bite of chicken from her plate (right in front of her!), she pretends she doesn’t see me.

Mickey Williams: I’m thankful that my Warden pets me and tells me good morning and good night every single day, which shows me just how much I mean to her. I’m thankful she understands that I don’t like kisses or hugs and she respects my individuality even though she really, really wants to kiss me (because I’m irresistible!).

Annabelle Williams: I’m thankful for the special loving bond I share with my human best friend. I’m thankful she lets me cuddle with her, brushes my fur every day and gives me all the kisses that my brofur Mickey doesn’t want. I’m thankful she will sit on the furthermost edge of her computer chair (even though it’s not the least bit comfortable) rather than make me move, and that she is never “too busy” to give me some loving.
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Why I’m Thankful for My Cats

By Julia Williams

Thanksgiving is a day when many people take a few minutes to think about what they are thankful for. Some families like to do this at the dinner table before the feast. I’m all for this Thanksgiving tradition, but for the last few years I’ve been trying to have an “attitude of gratitude” every day rather than just one day in November. Taking a few minutes each day to give thanks for the good things, large and small, helps me to see that even though things may not be perfect, I am truly blessed.

My “thanks giving” ritual is comprised of many different things, but always includes my cats. I like to give thanks that they are healthy, happy, safe and well fed. I also like to express gratitude for their loving presence in my life. These delightful, silly and sometimes sassy kitties make my life worth living, and I am eternally thankful for their friendship.

I’m thankful for the healing power of Purr Therapy, and how the simple act of having a happy cat on my lap or in my arms can make everything all right. I’m thankful there is always someone here who is willing to listen to whatever I want to talk about, even when I babble.

I’m thankful for cold, wet little noses that give me kitty Eskimo kisses. I’m thankful for the big bear hugs of my big fluffy boy, Rocky. I’m thankful for the funny way that Mickey gently touches my hand with his paw when I’m eating something he wants to sample. I’m thankful for the smile that always comes when Annabelle softly mews in the middle of the night, her way of asking me to lift up the bedcovers so she can crawl underneath.

I’m thankful for the joy I feel whenever I see my fur babies sleeping so contentedly by the warm fire, or curled up snug as a bug in their little bed. I’m thankful for the way their presence makes this house feel like a home. I’m thankful there is always someone here so that I never feel lonely or alone.

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