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Five Uncommon Giant Dog Breeds

Mioritic Shepherd, by Caronna

By Linda Cole

This year’s winner at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show was a Scottish Deerhound named Hickory. The Scottish Deerhound is one of the giant dog breeds of the world. Most of us know about the St. Bernard and Newfoundland, but have you ever heard of the giant breed that originated from Romania, called the Mioritic Shepherd dog? Here are five giant dog breeds that most people are not familiar with.

The Mioritic Shepherd has its origins in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. Standing 25-29 inches, males weigh 120-150 pounds and females 100-130 pounds. This is a fierce, brave and agile herding and guard dog that was bred to protect sheep against bear, wolf and lynx. Their coats are so white, predators mistake them for sheep which gives the dog the advantage by surprising a would-be attacker. Great with kids and extremely loyal to his family, the Mioritic Shepherd doesn’t accept strangers well and will keep a watchful eye on anyone they don’t know. They are well suited to cold weather with a long shaggy coat that gives them protection from hot weather as well. Medieval kings used these dogs in their armies because of their courage and strength.

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