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5 Tips on Choosing a Halloween Costume for your Dog

Halloween costumes S. CarterBy Laurie Darroch

Many people love to dress up their canine buddy for Halloween. There are some dos and don’ts to consider, however. Here are a few tips to help you pick the perfect attire for your dog to wear during the spooky celebration.


Not every costume is appropriate for a dog, even if it does fit. Some manufacturers of pet costumes may focus more on designing a cute costume instead of considering the safety issues. Things to look for include good construction and how added features of the costume hang or are attached. The little bells on a jester costume or the balls on the top of a head piece are tempting chew toys that can be ingested and cause injury to your dog.  Anything that can fall off easily or be chewed off is a potential danger.

In addition, loose fitting costumes or ones with extra pieces that hang off can be a safety hazard for walking, running or getting tangled up and caught on something. Vision and mobility can be hampered by the style of some costumes. If you choose one that limits your pup’s function, be aware of that fact. Watch out for closures and how the costume attaches. Your dog isn’t used to wearing clothes and may be tempted to chew on a piece of Velcro, a snap or button.
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The Best Halloween Costumes for Pets

By Langley Cornwell

Which one are you – a pet owner who dresses up the family dog or cat for Halloween, or a pet owner who thinks it’s a silly practice? Most people fall into one category or the other, without a lot of gray space in between. Even if you’re in the “it’s silly” camp, you have to admit that sometimes Halloween costumes for pets are funny, sometimes they’re clever and sometimes they’re downright brilliant.

Let’s Pretend

It’s popular to dress up your dog or cat as another animal. There are some precious pandas, penguins, pigs, bumblebees and sharks out there. Another standby is a lion mane costume for a cat. This Halloween costume is especially effective if the cat is an oversized orange tabby. I recently saw a plush lion’s mane on a Golden Retriever which was also cute, especially considering the dog’s loving, wistful stare (very un-lion like).

I always thought my Samoyed mix looked like a polar bear, and apparently I’m not alone. A local animal shelter recently held a Halloween costume fundraiser and the winner was a white, fluffy dog dressed like a polar bear.

There are spider costumes for every size dog. The best I’ve seen is a black Pug with black spider legs, but there was a German Shepherd dressed like a big spider with a hairy spider body and hairy spider legs. Horrifyingly cute!

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Is It Okay to Dress Up Your Pet?

By Julia Williams

Halloween is almost here, and the stores are fully stocked for fright-night fun.  Alongside all the spook-tacular decorations and giant bags of candy are the costumes.

With so many animal lovers among us, it’s hard to say which is more prevalent in the Halloween aisle – costumes for humans or costumes for pets. There’s no denying that our pets look adorable in costumes. “Cute factor” aside though…should pets wear costumes? Most people fall into one of three camps. There are those who love dressing up their pet, those who think it’s categorically wrong, and those who wouldn’t put a costume on their own pet, but don’t mind if others do. I am in camp number three, but only because I have cats, who tend to be a bit curmudgeonly when it comes to the whole costume-wearing thing.

okay to dress petsIf you go looking for photos of cats in cute costumes, most will either be a) cats with a minimal costume such as a hat or a headpiece, or b) fully-costumed cats who glare menacingly at the camera as if to say, “Just you wait, human. I will get even with you for this travesty! Just you wait.” There’s not a whole lot in-between. Most cats are not costume lovers. Most would, in fact, happily rip your face off if you even tried dressing them up. I haven’t put any sort of costume on my current three felines, because I am sure it would not end well for whatever body parts they could sink their claws or teeth into. Yes, I am a chicken; but “better safe than shredded” is my motto.

As with anything, there are exceptions to the “cats loathe costumes” rule.  Not many, mind you…but some. Such as Luna the Fashion Kitty, who started wearing colorful tutus when she was just a kitten. Luna now wears a costume almost every day, and her human say she doesn’t mind and even seems to like it. Although I’m not entirely convinced that Luna loves to wear clothes, all of her photos suggest she is at least not bothered by their presence. That, to me, is the Golden Rule.

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Cute Halloween Costumes for Dogs

By Anna Lee

Halloween: a day when kids of all ages love to put on costumes and parade around the neighborhood. I imagine most of you would agree that your kids love to play dress up with the dog any time of the year. I would assume that the dog at least “pretends” to enjoy it to make the kids happy! What better time of year than Halloween to dress up the family dog?

I found the perfect site for you to purchase any and every type of Halloween costume for your dog, called Terrific Pets. There are so many to pick from you will have to check the website for the full list. They offer dozens of costumes and I cannot possibly describe each one of them here, but I am providing some examples to get you thinking.

The Devil Halloween Costume may be perfect for that “little angel” of yours. It is red, of course, and even comes with “horns.” Sizes are x-small, medium and large, and it sells for $19.99. A Halloween Black Witch Hat might be just what you are looking for. If you just need a hat, this one is adorable. It even has orange pig-tails attached to the hat! All that for only $7.99; sounds like a good deal to me.

It you just want a hat and collar there are several to pick from. There is a pumpkin hat has a jack-o-lantern face on it and the collar is an orange ruffle. The price is $10.99. They have football t-shirts so your dog can display the colors of your favorite football team. They are a little pricey at $27.99 each. Little “girly type dresses” for the 4-legged princess in your home run about $7.50 and come in several styles and colors.

The list is endless. If you can sew it would be to your advantage to check this website for ideas. I imagine you could make some of these costumes for less than half of the cost. You could then customize the costume and really make an “original” Halloween costume for your little 4-legged Prince or Princess!

Whether you buy a costume or make one, you don’t want to make the dog uncomfortable. If you put a hat on the dog and it really doesn’t want to wear it, please don’t force the issue. You will know if your dog is pleased with the attention or not.

Be careful if you take the dog out for trick-or-treating along with the kids. The dog should be on a leash at all times. Once your little ones get all that nice sweet candy in their goodie bags, make sure the dog does not get any of it. Candy, especially chocolate, should never be given to a dog.

When Halloween is over and the costume is put away, why not give your dog a treat for being such a good sport? Of course, anytime is a good time for CANIDAE Snap-Bits™ dog treats in Original, Lamb & Rice, and CANIDAE PLATINUM® formulas. While you’re at it, why not make up a few little goodie bags with some of the Snap-Bits; if a dog or two comes trick-or-treating with the kids, you will be prepared.

Happy Halloween one and all, and watch out for ghosts, goblins and 4-legged trick-or-treaters. They will steal your heart!

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