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Holiday Photo Contest Winners

The results are in!

The holiday cat chosen by our pet-loving panel is…Ikura!
Ikura is ready to pull Santa’s sleigh, and is very excited to become a CANIDAE taste tester!

cat holiday contest winner

The holiday dog chosen by our pet-loving panel is…Sam!
Sam loves performing tricks from walking handstands to walking atop an exercise ball. Sam can do it all. She loves making people smile with her cute charm and funny antics. Congrats Sam!

dog holiday contest winner

The winning holiday  photo with the most online votes…Juno!
Juno and his kitty friend Gideon share a sweet kiss for the holidays. (Juno, is that a doggie biscuit I smell on your breath?).

holiday contest winner Juno

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Oh, the Naughty Things Pets Do During the Holidays!

naughty pets rickBy Langley Cornwell

Ho Ho Ho. Christmas is almost here! Many of us are decking the halls, breaking bread with friends, and having a gay old time. Our pets, however, don’t really understand what’s going on. All they know is that things are a bit different around the house and they’re not sure why. Some pets respond by retreating to the bedroom or hiding under the sofa, but many want to be right in the thick of it all. In fact, I’ve heard tales of pets who like to wreak a little havoc this time of year. So let’s sit back and enjoy the woes of other pet owners, while our own perfect little darlings curl up on the sofa beside us as we’re sipping egg nog in front of a roaring fire.

Tree Transgressions

Amanda’s cats have adopted an unusual holiday tradition. They have apparently decided her Christmas tree needs a little sprucing up (sorry, bad pun) so they keep stealing the family’s laundry and putting it on, under, and all around the Christmas tree. They even steal towels off of the racks, open dresser drawers, and raid the hamper for more um, decorations. Just this morning she woke up to six socks, a shirt and a potholder hanging on the tree.

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5 Tips to Help a Stressed Out Cat at Christmas

cat stress jackieBy Julia Williams

This is not the best time of the year to be a cat. Whereas many humans and even some dogs love the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it can be a bit too much for a cat. Felines are fond of quiet and routine, two things that are typically lacking from late November to January. Mid-December is the most chaotic time of all. The house is filled with all sorts of unfamiliar decorations; people come and go, some stay for a few minutes while others might stay for hours or even days. Oh, and there’s a TREE…in the house! Say what? All the hubbub of the holidays can stress out even the most easygoing feline. Here are 5 tips to help keep your kitty as calm as possible.

Stick to the Schedule

The more you can keep things the same in your cat’s world, the less stressed they will be. It’s not always possible to maintain their regular routine during the holidays, but do the best you can. Feed them at the time they normally eat, and don’t forget to dole out the CANIDAE cat treats at bedtime or whenever you usually have “treat time.” If you normally give them a few minutes of attention (petting, playing, brushing etc.) right when you get home after work, try not to forego it even if you’re rushing around like mad to get things done.


If you are having people over for a holiday party or dinner, it’s best to shut your cat in a private space where she can feel safe. It may feel like you are locking them up in “kitty jail,” but trust me…they will have far less stress than being out and about when the house is filled with strangers. Put their food and water bowls in the room, as well as a litter box and a few toys, and they’ll be all set. They may even want to use this room as their “retreat” if all of the other holiday activity becomes too stressful.
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Two Dogs Dish about the Holidays

Frosty and Al 1By Frosty and Al Cornwell

Frosty’s point of view: We’re squarely into what we call “the holiday season” around our house. My crazy humans like to celebrate, so things are a little different in Casa Cornwell from around Halloween until the beginning of the New Year. That’s okay with me. It means more people are coming and going. My very big younger brother and I make a good greeting committee. We welcome everyone that enters the house with loud hello barks.

Once they have been properly greeted, the sniffing begins. Some of the people have been here before (I can tell by the way they smell). I also remember the ones who like us and the ones who wish the humans would lock us in the back room. My humans know how to handle things. I hear them give the people that don’t like us instructions so things always stay calm. They ignore us and we ignore them. No big deal. My brother and I always know we are safe, so everything is okay.

I don’t give those types of people much attention anyway, but I accept the extra snuggles, scratches behind the ears and pets on the top of my head from the nice people who like me. Then, once all the loving is dispensed, I’m out. Truthfully, I can only take so much of the extra activity. I usually find a place to lay down where I can see everything but where I don’t have to be involved in all the hustle and bustle.
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5 Tips on Choosing a Halloween Costume for your Dog

Halloween costumes S. CarterBy Laurie Darroch

Many people love to dress up their canine buddy for Halloween. There are some dos and don’ts to consider, however. Here are a few tips to help you pick the perfect attire for your dog to wear during the spooky celebration.


Not every costume is appropriate for a dog, even if it does fit. Some manufacturers of pet costumes may focus more on designing a cute costume instead of considering the safety issues. Things to look for include good construction and how added features of the costume hang or are attached. The little bells on a jester costume or the balls on the top of a head piece are tempting chew toys that can be ingested and cause injury to your dog.  Anything that can fall off easily or be chewed off is a potential danger.

In addition, loose fitting costumes or ones with extra pieces that hang off can be a safety hazard for walking, running or getting tangled up and caught on something. Vision and mobility can be hampered by the style of some costumes. If you choose one that limits your pup’s function, be aware of that fact. Watch out for closures and how the costume attaches. Your dog isn’t used to wearing clothes and may be tempted to chew on a piece of Velcro, a snap or button.
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Merry Christmas from CANIDAE and the RPO Blog

We know everyone is very busy today with opening gifts, cooking, feasting and spending time with your family, so we won’t keep you. We just wanted to take a moment to say Merry Christmas!

All of us here at the Responsible Pet Ownership Blog and CANIDAE  would like to extend our warmest wishes to you and your pets. We hope your holiday is filled with joy, love, laughter and happiness, and that the doggie tails are a-wagging and the kitty motors are purring.

We wanted to share a few festive photos of our adorable pets with you. We hope you enjoy them!