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Happy Independence Day!

19975738-purch-RFFrom all of us here at the CANIDAE RPO blog, we wish you and your pets a safe and happy Fourth of July! Independence Day is a fun holiday for people, but fireworks can be very frightening for our pets. Please remember to keep them indoors during the festivities.


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15 Ways to Include Your Pet on Mother’s Day

By Julia Williams

It should come as no surprise to anyone reading this blog that pets are increasingly seen as an integral part of the family unit. In fact, one study found that 81% of the survey respondents considered their pet just as much a part of the family as their spouse or children. Some of us even like to – gasp! – refer to ourselves as a dog mom or cat mom. Even if you’re one who thinks the hallowed title of Mom should be reserved for human offspring, I’m sure you’d agree that including your beloved family pet in your Mother’s Day plans is a nice thing to do – for Mom as well as for your pet. Whether your Mom has human kids, just the furry kind, or both, Mother’s Day is a great family bonding opportunity. Here are some fun ways you can all celebrate this special day together.

1. Spend the day watching family-friendly movies, such as any number of the flicks that feature dogs and cats. It’s true that pets probably don’t care what’s playing on the TV, but can you think of anything more cozy than watching animal movies with a purring cat on your lap or a happy dog by your side? Me neither!

2. If Mom and Fido both love being out on the water, why not take them on a sightseeing day cruise? Believe it or not, there are quite a few dog-friendly cruise lines across the country. We wrote about some of them last year in All Aboard for Dog Friendly Cruises.

3.  Serving Mom breakfast in bed is a Mother’s Day tradition for many. While dogs and cats are more of a help than a hindrance in the kitchen, your kids can pitch in to help make the meal. Your pet can participate by carrying in her card, safely attached to their collar, while you bring the feast. Let everyone pile onto the bed to keep her company as she eats; just be sure to have a handful of CANIDAE treats to keep your pet from sampling Mom’s meal!

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Our Holiday Pet Photo Contest Winners!

By Julia Williams

I had so much fun looking at all of the wonderful pics submitted for CANIDAE’s last photo contest on Facebook. It’s always hard to choose my favorites because they’re all just so darn cute. Seriously, how could I possibly choose just one dog photo and one cat photo for my vote? They’re all winners in my eyes because the subject – a beloved pet – is near and dear to my heart. But they can’t all be awarded the awesome CANIDAE food prizes, unfortunately. I wish they could, because it’s such great pet food (my three kitties have eaten it for 10 years!).

One winning photo was chosen by the most online votes, but that still left two other winners for our panel of pet lovers to choose. After much deliberation, I finally picked my faves and my votes were tallied with the others…and here are all three winners!

Santa’s Little Helper: BC Davidson’s adorable little dog, Ruby, was the winner for the Most Online Votes category, with 153 votes. BC said “Ruby was rescued from the Animal Shelter and has been the most patient and wonderful dog. Here she is standing up ready to be Santa’s helper.”

A Cat with Mad Climbing Skills: The “Most Festive Cat” photo chosen by our panel of pet lovers was taken by Christa Strub, who wrote this about her cat, “This is a little foster who is staying to live with us. She has been up the tree near to the top multiple times a day.” Yay for a foster kitty finding her forever home! And with such impressive tree-scaling skills already, just wait until next year.

The Big Wrinkly Elf: The “Most Festive Dog” photo chosen by our panel of pet lovers was Kathryn Dunlap’s elf, errrrr…dog, Rufio. Kathryn wrote, “Everyone loves a big wrinkly Elf!” We agreed!

CANIDAE Prizes Awarded

6 FREE months of CANIDAE dry food to the photo with the most online votes
6 FREE months of CANIDAE dry food to the most festive dog chosen by our pet-loving panel
6 FREE months of CANIDAE dry food to the most festive cat chosen by our pet-loving panel

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Festive Pet Photo Contest

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s the hap-happiest season of all! And our latest contest wants you to capture these moments with, of course, your pets as the stars of the season.

Snap a photo of your festive dog or cat, and you’ll be ready to enter our photo contest!

And, of course, CANIDAE is delivering the holiday cheer to three lucky winners! What better than FREE CANIDAE pet food to help celebrate the season?

It’s simple—just visit the CANIDAE contest page on Facebook, upload your photo, and submit your entry!

Then, you’ll need to spread the holiday spirit amongst your friends, since one of the prizes goes to the photo with the most online votes. The other two winners will be chosen by a panel of pet-loving judges from the CANIDAE team, so even if you don’t receive the most online votes, you still have a chance to win!

CANIDAE Prizes to Be Awarded

6 FREE months of CANIDAE dry food to the photo with the most online votes.

6 FREE months of CANIDAE dry food to the most festive dog chosen by our pet-loving panel.

6 FREE months of CANIDAE dry food to the most festive cat chosen by our pet-loving panel.

The contest ends at midnight on January 3, so keep your camera at the ready for the next week and—of course—enjoy time spent with family and friends (both human and non-human).

Holiday Greetings from the RPO Blog and CANIDAE!

Merry Christmas from the writers of the Responsible Pet Ownership blog and everyone at CANIDAE Natural Pet Food Company.

Wishing you a Christmas filled with love, laughter and happiness; doggie tails that wag with glee, and kitty headbonks that make you smile.

We wanted to share a few festive photos of our pets with you. We hope you enjoy them.

Diane’s cat, Ginger

Julia's Elf Kitty, Annabelle

Julia’s Elf Kitty, Annabelle

Beth's Santa Dog and friend

Beth’s Santa Dog

Linda’s dog, Keikei




How to Keep Kitty from Climbing the Christmas Tree

By Julia Williams

Is there a more heartwarming activity than decorating the Christmas tree? We start with a blank “canvas,” then add shiny balls, glittery garland and precious ornaments. When the transformation is complete, there’s that satisfying “ahhhh” moment.

A beautifully bedecked tree is, for many, a Christmas must. For others – cat owners for instance – the urge to have a tree is tempered by memories of Christmases past, when they spent the holiday season trying to keep the cat out of the Christmas tree. The first time you see your kitty’s cute face peering out at you from inside the tree makes you laugh. But mirth quickly fades as you try in vain to make your feline friend understand that the tree was not, in fact, placed there for their climbing pleasure.

There is no denying that cats are the biggest Christmas tree ornament you will ever have. Nearly all cat owners have a story to tell about waking up to find the Christmas tree in shambles. One friend even joked about starting a 12-step support group for people whose cats wreck the Christmas tree.

I can relate. I’ve had my share of knocked over trees and shattered ornaments. But here’s the thing: expecting a cat not to be infatuated with your Christmas tree just isn’t realistic. You can’t change any creature’s instincts, let alone one whose middle name is “mischief.” Simply put, cats love to climb trees. All of those shiny things dangling from the branches of your Noble Fir or Blue Spruce just make it all the more enticing to a tree-loving feline.

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