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How to Teach Your Dog to Speak

By Langley Cornwell

Call me a sucker, but I love cheesy dog tricks. When someone teaches their dog to drop and roll over when they point a finger at him, I’m hooked. Or when someone says “hello, Spot,” and their dog gives a quick bark in response. Come on, that’s gold. It makes me think of all the time the dog and human spent together teaching and learning these silly games. I also think about all the bonding and love they shared during that time. In fact, when I see other people’s cute dog tricks, it makes me want to teach my dogs some cool new things. With that in mind, I recently learned how to teach my dogs to speak. Turns out, teaching your dog to bark on command (or “speak”) is one of the easiest tricks you can teach him. It keeps your dog mentally sharp, it’s a great opportunity to bond, and it’s a fun party trick. Here’s how to do it.

Get Your Dog Jacked Up

Granted, this is not advice I would usually give. Those of you with dogs that are already overly-enthusiastic are probably giving me the stink eye right now, but just stay with me here. You probably already know that when you get happy and excited, your dog does too. So lay on the hijinks. If your dog likes to wrestle around, do that. If he prefers to play tug or fetch, do that. The idea here is to get your dog’s undivided attention, make him happy and raise his energy level.
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4 Signs of Dehydration in Cats

dehydration bartBy Langley Cornwell

When it comes to humans, dehydration can come from something as simple as a hot day without enough liquid refreshments. For example, a person might sweat so much that they become dehydrated because they lose water and electrolytes through their sweat. As we sweat, our pores open and release some of our body heat. Additionally, sweat covers our skin and helps to reduce body temperature. Cats get can get overheated too, but they have different methods of cooling down than humans do. Because cats only sweat through their paws, this is an unlikely method by which they might become dehydrated. However, it’s important to realize that cats can become dehydrated for a number of reasons, and to know the symptoms .

Signs of Dehydration

It can be difficult to tell at first glance when a cat is dehydrated. Since they are covered in fur and don’t sweat through anywhere but their paws, you can’t just glance at them and see that they are pale or not sweating when they should be. However, their behavior can be an indication of significant dehydration. In fact, dehydration in cats is often a symptom of another health issue but can oftentimes be overlooked. It’s vital to be aware of the signs of dehydration in cats, because if not caught early it can exacerbate the severity of other health complications.

Here are the major signs of dehydration in cats:
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Do Dogs Remember Their Canine Family Members?

dogs remember jeffreyBy Langley Cornwell

Because our dogs are so much a part of our lives, we tend to humanize them a bit, calling them our babies, saying they are brother and sister even if they’re not from the same litter (I’m guilty of this with Frosty and Al), etc. We think of our dogs as family members and we know they recognize us easily. The question of whether a dog remembers and recognizes canine family members, however, is another story altogether. Some people believe that their dog remembers their original canine family members throughout their lifetime while others claim there is no way for this to be true.

One of the reasons we can’t believe that dogs remember their canine family members is because, as humans, we tend to moralize many aspects of a dog’s nature. For instance, we believe that if a pup would mate with his mother or sister then there is no way that he realizes the other dog is a family member. Nature is a whole different story, and it is important for us to realize that our dogs are not the same species we are, and they do not hold to the same code of morality that humans do. Their drive is instinctual. When a female dog is in heat, the pheromones and hormones will lead any male dog—regardless of family relation, size or breed—to mount her. So that is not a logical argument for or against familial remembrance.
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How to Make Your Dog Training More Effective

dog trainingBy Langley Cornwell

There are some breeds of dog that have a reputation for being very smart, eager to please, and easy to train. What some people don’t realize is that all dogs are smart and can be trained; it’s just a matter of knowing what you are doing and being willing to challenge your dog. Many times, inexperienced trainers will stick with the activities their dogs have picked up quickly rather than training to their dog’s weaknesses. It’s important to continue practicing and drilling the activities your dog seems to have a block about, to gently and expertly push him to learn the things that seem hard for him to catch on to. This will obviously result in a better trained dog, but it will also foster a stronger bond between the two of you.

Dogs can be headstrong. For example, if you have a dog that you have taught to shake hands by lifting a paw, it can be difficult to get that same smart dog to shake using the other paw. Just like humans, dogs develop habits and it is up to the trainer to help erase any mental blocks a dog may have developed. Rather than just accepting that your dog only shakes with his right paw, it will benefit your dog to work with him so that he can and will alternate as you ask.

When a dog has learned and eagerly performs a series of “tricks” in order to get a CANIDAE PURE Chewy Treat, he knows what to expect. He may have to sit, shake, lie down and roll over, but as soon as the routine is complete he wants his dog treat. In order to train to a dog’s weakness, that routine needs to be changed up a bit. If you reward him for the same rote performance day in and day out, he is not being challenged and basically he has you trained. Dogs need mental stimulation. A dog that is not challenged may become bored and obstinate, and may eventually refuse to perform the skills he knows well.
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Aspergillosis in Dogs

aspergillosis roxannaBy Langley Cornwell

As responsible pet owners, we all want to make sure our pets are happy and healthy. This often means staying apprised of conditions and diseases we may not have ever heard of. One condition that may be unfamiliar to many dog owners is called Aspergillosis, and it is a source of serious concern. Essentially, this is known as an opportunistic infection. It is a fungus that is unable to settle in and take hold until a dog’s immune system is compromised by another condition or disease.

So if your dog has an immunodeficiency or has recently had a health problem that affects his immune system, you should know about Aspergillosis and be on the lookout for it.

Where Does Aspergillosis Come From?

Dogs are curious creatures, and it isn’t uncommon to find them rolling in grass clippings or sniffing dust bunnies. Sadly, this is how Aspergillosis can get into a dog’s body. There are two kinds of Aspergillosis: nasal and disseminated. The aspergillus fungus is a species of mold that is found in dust, straw, hay and grass. Because of this, dogs that spend time outdoors or on farms are most likely to develop any type of Aspergillosis, rather than inside dogs that are supervised when they go outside.
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6 Memorable Cats in Literature

cats in lit biblioBy Langley Cornwell

Cats have held a significant role in the world of literature ever since significant roles have been recorded. From the cats of Egypt to fairy tales that cause your children look at their feline companions in a whole new light, cats play a host of complex characters. Just read any Halloween or witch story to see a cat as a “familiar” who knows far more about what’s really going on than the rest of the characters do. When you really take a look at the preeminence of cats in literature, you’ll see what an important role they play, and you’ll understand why children have such a fascination with cats. For example, consider these 6 memorable cats in literature.


One of the most revered and well known cats of all time is Aslan, a significant character in The Chronicles of Narnia. He is the good side of the realm of Narnia, always fair and wise. His heart seems to be made of pure gold and he wants nothing but the best for the inhabitants of Narnia, even if they only live there for a limited period of time before they go back home through the wardrobe. Aslan is the embodiment of courage during times when it does not appear that courage is even possible.
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