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Can Our Pets Help Us Stay Healthy?

pets healthy chrisBy Laurie Darroch

Dogs and cats are not only loyal companions that add love and joy to our lives, they are a source of mental and physical health for their human family members. The unique bond between animal and human is one of trust and unquestioning loyalty, but for our overall health the relationship with our pets offers us so much more.


There is no question that having a four-legged companion or two gives every two-legged family member a sense of companionship and a connection to another living being. Even though they cannot speak our language, dogs and cats communicate in their own individual style. Caring for our pets and interacting with them is a constant in our lives. To them, we are not just a part of their lives, we are everything. That deep companionship is very bonding and healthy.

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5 Ways Dogs Express Joy

joy sheilaBy Laurie Darroch

Dogs are very open with their feelings and moods, including the way they express joy. Their reactions are pure, honest and often immediate. A dog may show sheer happiness with their body or their actions, but there is no mistaking an expression of joy when a dog lets it out.


Although the language of tails is more complex than simply wagging for happiness, an extremely happy dog seems to be barely able to control the expression of joy with a wildly wagging tail. Not only does the dog’s tail wag, their whole back side and even their entire body can wiggle in joy. A dog with a long and strong tail can whip it wildly back and forth in excitement, so much so that you can actually hear it as it moves.

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5 Tips for Using Rewards While Grooming Your Dog

grooming anniinaBy Laurie Darroch

No matter how much you may want to keep your dog clean and well groomed in order to keep them healthy and presentable, sometimes they simply do not want to be groomed. Your dog may be of the ilk that does not care for the whole fuss that goes with grooming and bathing. If they have not experienced it or are not used to it, you may have to coax them into behaving during their grooming and bathing sessions. Here are 5 types of rewards you can use as encouragement.

Treat Rewards

Initially, a hesitant dog may take a bit of coaxing to sit still long enough for a good brushing, skin and ear check, nail trimming or bath. Since grooming is important for maintaining a healthy coat and skin, and to find any possible problems, bribery may help to train them. If they are the kind that will never like grooming, a CANIDAE grain free PURE chewy treat  is a good way to reward them for sitting still or just to get your dog to approach and not avoid the activity.

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5 Famous Movie Cats

movie cats amyBy Laurie Darroch

Although dogs have made a big mark in the world of movies, cats are right up there in the echelons of cinematic fame with their own growing catalog of movies. These five movies and movie cats are just a small sample.

The Cat in the Hat

This cat movie was based on a 1957 children’s book by the same name. The Cat in the Hat was written by the creative genius Theodor Geisel, a.k.a. Dr. Seuss. The book was followed by a cartoon musical in 1971, with Allan Sherman of Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh song fame voicing the cat. In 2003 a full live-action movie hit the theaters, starring Mike Myers as the instigating cat.

Although the cat was a bit of a con artist using every technique at his means, he finds a way to make the day fun for the children, including them in a myriad of antics and trouble. In the end, everything turns out just fine.

The book and others by Dr. Seuss marked a changing point in how reading was taught in schools, helping to alter the dry style of Dick and Jane books into reading that was more alive and fun. The Cat in the Hat appears in additional features such as the 1982 television film The Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat, and again in 2010 in the television series The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!

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Bella, a Rescue Dog “Treasure” Found in the Wild

Bella in sunglassesBy Laurie Darroch

I would like to introduce you to Bella, or Bella Boo as she is sometimes called. Bella is a white American Bulldog who was found trying to survive in a field near the home of my friends, Diane and Alan. Her heart-warming rescue story is a testament to the true heart and persistence of real dog lovers.

Two years ago, Bella had somehow lost her previous family and was living in the field for about five months. Intent on saving this beautiful dog, Diane and Alan set up a metal coyote trap in the field to catch her. They wired the door to stay open to let her come and go as she pleased, in order to make it less threatening for the lost dog.

For five days they put food inside it to slowly win her over. Each day the dog waited until they moved away and then came in and ate the food. The process helped Bella learn to begin to trust these strangers and not frighten her away. On the last day, they put a plateful of roasted chicken in the trap to woo her in. As soon as they stepped away, the hesitant dog made a beeline for the tempting chicken. That day they dropped the cage door.

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How Dogs Walk Their Humans

dog walk takashiBy Laurie Darroch

Dogs love going for a walk with their human companions. Who is really walking who, though? We often delude ourselves into thinking we are in charge. It may be more a case of how dogs walk their humans than vice versa. No matter how well trained your dog is or how well they follow your lead, in the end they still get their way, whether by reward or the basic fact that they are on a walk with their human companion. The next time you head out for a walk, think about it from your dog’s point of view.


Say the word “walk” and chances are your dog has learned to associate that particular word with the very fun activity of going exploring outside. Their ears lift, their tail wags and they may jump around in anticipation, barely able to sit still long enough to get the leash put on. Their excitement inevitably makes you smile and be happy to go with them. See – they just rewarded you. Now who is training who, you say? “Very good!”

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