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15 Ways to Include Your Pet on Mother’s Day

By Julia Williams

It should come as no surprise to anyone reading this blog that pets are increasingly seen as an integral part of the family unit. In fact, one study found that 81% of the survey respondents considered their pet just as much a part of the family as their spouse or children. Some of us even like to – gasp! – refer to ourselves as a dog mom or cat mom. Even if you’re one who thinks the hallowed title of Mom should be reserved for human offspring, I’m sure you’d agree that including your beloved family pet in your Mother’s Day plans is a nice thing to do – for Mom as well as for your pet. Whether your Mom has human kids, just the furry kind, or both, Mother’s Day is a great family bonding opportunity. Here are some fun ways you can all celebrate this special day together.

1. Spend the day watching family-friendly movies, such as any number of the flicks that feature dogs and cats. It’s true that pets probably don’t care what’s playing on the TV, but can you think of anything more cozy than watching animal movies with a purring cat on your lap or a happy dog by your side? Me neither!

2. If Mom and Fido both love being out on the water, why not take them on a sightseeing day cruise? Believe it or not, there are quite a few dog-friendly cruise lines across the country. We wrote about some of them last year in All Aboard for Dog Friendly Cruises.

3.  Serving Mom breakfast in bed is a Mother’s Day tradition for many. While dogs and cats are more of a help than a hindrance in the kitchen, your kids can pitch in to help make the meal. Your pet can participate by carrying in her card, safely attached to their collar, while you bring the feast. Let everyone pile onto the bed to keep her company as she eats; just be sure to have a handful of CANIDAE treats to keep your pet from sampling Mom’s meal!

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A Cat’s Mother’s Day Letter to “Mom”

By Rocky Williams, feline guest blogger

Dear Mom,

I’ve heard people talking about a special day that was created to honor all Moms. What a great idea! But Momma, I’ve also heard that many human beans don’t think you should be honored on Mother’s Day because you “only” have cats which means “you’re not a real Mom.” Rubbish, I say!

When you rescued me and took me home, I was just a wee lad who fit into the palm of your hand. I don’t remember my other mother, but I do remember the loving care I got from you. Without your “mothering,” I daresay I wouldn’t have survived. You nurtured me and helped me grow into the beautiful cat I am today.

You’ve been my only mother for ten years, and you would never abandon me. Ever. And I know you’d move heaven and earth to make sure I am healthy and happy, for all of my life. Momma, isn’t that the heart and soul of what it means to be a mother?

There are so many things I love and appreciate about you, Momma. For starters, I love that you will sit on half a chair (or less) so as not to disturb me. Some beans would chase their kitty off the chair in order to sit in comfort, but that’s not how you roll! You let your legs fall asleep if I’m curled up on them, and you let me stay on your lap long after you really, really want – or need – to get up. (Sometimes I laugh when I see you frantically racing to your litterbox because, not wanting to disturb me, you’ve waited too long).

Momma, I know I am a lot naughtier than most felines, but I love that you never say “Why can’t you be like other cats?” You accept that being mischievous is who I am, and you don’t try to change me. It’s like that fable of the scorpion who convinces the frog to carry him across the river, promising not to sting him because then they’d both drown. But midway across, the scorpion does sting the frog, who cries “Why’d you sting me?” and the scorpion says “It’s my nature.” You know I can’t help being naughty any more than that scorpion could help stinging the frog, and it doesn’t make you love me any less.

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Are "Pet Moms" Really Mothers?

I have been told that because I have no human children, I am not a Mom. I beg to differ, and my dictionary agrees with me. It mentions maternal affection and protective care; nowhere does it stipulate that this pertains exclusively to human beings. Whether we choose to act with motherly devotion to a cat, dog, horse, rabbit, hamster or human baby, the emotion is the same. Love is universal.

As a caretaker of cats, I have felt all of the emotions that other mothers feel – fear, tenderness, love, heartbreak, joy, anxiety, anger, impatience, exasperation, affection, protectiveness – the list is endless. I have an overwhelming desire to keep my cats safe and free from harm. When they are sick or injured, I fuss over them endlessly. When they are in pain, my heart aches for them. When they are happy and playful, my spirits soar too.

I’m not saying there aren’t major differences between pets and human children. Of course there are. For starters, my cats never buy me a Mother’s Day gift or bring me breakfast in bed. They don’t send me a card or take me out to lunch on my birthday, and they don’t demand that I throw them a party on their own birthday. Heck, they don’t even acknowledge any of the days that humans have designated as special; to them, these days are just like all the others.

Yet when I hold my cats or pet them I never think, “If only you were human, you’d know how much I love you.” They do know. What’s more, the love I give to them is returned to me tenfold. They can’t tell me how they feel with human words, but they tell me by their countenance. They tell me by the way they lie on my chest and nuzzle me with their head when we go to bed at night. They tell me with kitty head butts and gentle licks on my nose. They tell me by the way they curl up in my arms. And I can see it in their eyes, can feel it in their purrs.

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Dogs are People Too!

By Suzanne Alicie

If you’re not a dog lover, then more than likely you are a little overwhelmed when you visit the home of someone who considers their dog a family member. I encounter this regularly. It’s almost funny to watch how other people react to how we treat our dog. Julia Williams has written a great post about being a Crazy Cat Lady, so I figured this would be a look at things from the doggie side of the fence.

Our dog truly thinks she is a person most of the time. When I chat on the phone with people and mention needing to run the vacuum again because Bear is shedding, I hear comments like “Dogs belong outside. How can you stand having all that hair everywhere?” or “Put her out until she stops shedding.” These people don’t understand that she’s never lived outside and she would be miserable if she wasn’t in the house with her people.

When I cook, she stands guard to make sure that no crumbs or tasty bits of our dinner hit the kitchen floor and yes, sometimes I drop a morsel here and there for her. Once the food is ready and we are all eating, she usually positions herself as close as she can get to me, often drooling on my leg while she waits for me to finish. She knows that I will save her the last bite and give her the plate to lick clean. Some people have serious issues with that too. It’s not something I even think about.

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What’s Love Got to Do with It? Everything!

By Julia Williams

I know that’s not a grammatically correct title, but if it’s good enough for the legendary Tina Turner, then it’s good enough for me. This post is about pets and love – a pet mom’s perspective on Mother’s Day.

I don’t have human children, but I still consider myself to be a mom. I didn’t consciously choose cats instead of kids. My life just worked out that way, but I’m perfectly fine with it. I realize some people don’t believe you are a parent if you just have pets, but I think that’s just silly. I still laugh when I recall the indignant man who, years ago, said I had insulted all children when I wrote that my cats were “like children.” His response is one of the most absurd things I’ve ever heard. I also think it speaks more to his own insecurities than to how I feel about my beloved pets. 

Motherhood may mean different things to different people, but we can all agree that it involves love, and the desire to nurture and protect your child. Motherly devotion then, is the same regardless of whether the child is human, cat, dog, horse, rabbit or rat. Good mothers want the very best for their children, and they go to great lengths to see that the child is healthy, happy and safe. Good mothers also want to provide their children with nutritious food that feeds their bodies and helps them live a long, healthy life. As a cat mom, I’m proud to feed my kitties a premium quality, natural food like Felidae Grain Free Pure, because I know this wholesome food keeps them in tip-top shape.

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In Praise of Pet Moms

By Julia Williams

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, a time when we express gratitude and love to our moms for all the wonderful things they do for us. Sadly, pet moms don’t get the same kind of admiration that mothers of human children get. They don’t get cards, flowers and gifts on this special day dedicated to mothering. Their “children” don’t tell them how much they love and appreciate them. Society as a whole doesn’t deem the job that pet moms do as important, or worthy of any special recognition. People who choose to care for animals instead of human babies are not even considered moms by most people. It’s a shame, really, because pet moms are still mothers in my eyes.

Pet moms worry about their “babies” when they are unwell. They show motherly devotion and protective care. While raising their brood, they experience love, joy, pride, anger, exasperation, anxiety, heartbreak and happiness, just like mothers of human children do. Make no mistake – responsible pet ownership is tough work. Taking care of pets requires healthy doses of time, energy, patience, money and carpet cleaners, among other things. It’s no picnic taking care of pets when they become sick or injured, and cleaning up their “accidents” is not exactly pleasant. It’s no small feat raising dogs who are social, obedient and well trained, and it’s no fun walking them in the rain or freezing cold. Yet pet moms do all of these things willingly, without a second thought, because it’s what mothers do.

If the circumstances of my life had lent themselves to becoming a mother, I’m sure I would have been a wonderful mom. I believe this to be true because I love, nurture, and care for my “fur kids” in much the same way a mother of human children does for hers. I do everything I can to make sure my cats stay healthy, happy and safe. Yes, there are many differences between being a mother to human children versus pets, but there are also many similarities.

It’s those similarities that I celebrate on the day devoted to honoring moms. It’s those same aspects of motherhood that I cherish. And honestly, I consider myself and every other pet mom just as worthy of admiration on Mother’s Day. Human children leave the nest and make their way in the world, sometimes even earlier than their mother wishes they would. Animals depend on their human mother for life to provide their every need. Is that not worthy of recognition? Of course it is.

When this day dedicated to Mom rolls around each year, there is no one to say Happy Mother’s Day to me. My cats can’t talk, after all. Yet I do not need to hear those words to feel pride in the job I am doing as their mother. I see proof in three healthy, happy kitties. I see the results of my care in their shiny fur, bright eyes and playful demeanor. They don’t need to talk to tell me that they appreciate the job I am doing as their mother.

To all the pet moms of the world, I salute you. On Mother’s Day and every day, I am eternally thankful for the loving care you provide for your dogs, cats and any other pets you’ve taken under your motherly wing. Pet moms are wonderful people, and they make the world a much better place.

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