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A Dog’s New Year’s Resolutions

By Neela Bear Darroch, Canine Guest Blogger

I have my own take on this New Year’s resolution stuff I have been hearing about this week. So I, Neela Bear, resolve to do the following things to the best of my ability this coming year.

I resolve to eat more CANIDAE treats whenever I can find them, no matter where they are hidden or put out of my reach. I resolve to always be a member of the Clean Plate Club when meal time comes around or when I sneak some other food that was left within my reach on the kitchen counter and was calling to me. I resolve to eat every drop of food that falls on the floor and help keep the floor clean.

I resolve to play more with Mommy as much as I can, whenever I can, even in the middle of the night when it is dark in the room, she is fast asleep, and I get what she calls a “bee up my behind” and she gets kind of grumpy with me.

I resolve to try and realize I am not 6 pounds, but 60 pounds, and I can’t do what I did when I was a tiny puppy, even if I still feel like one inside.

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Should Dogs Make New Year’s Resolutions?

By Keikei Cole, canine guest blogger

Humans make lists for everything. There’s the grocery list, to-do list, bucket list, Christmas wish list, and the granddaddy of all lists – New Year’s resolutions.

The Boss and her friend were talking about their New Year’s resolutions the other day. I rolled my eyes as I munched on a CANIDAE Snap-Bits treat. As I helped myself to another one, I thought about what would be on my list. Even a dog can bark out resolutions!

Let me think. What could a sweet, innocent, quiet and obedient doggy resolve to do? I suppose I could try harder to control my herding instincts, but it’s so much fun. Do you have any idea how challenging it is to herd cats and humans? My favorite part is the stare down, and the racing around; oh, and the barking – I really love the barking part. I keep practicing my moves, just in case the Boss finds some sheep to rescue, and to stay in shape. I’ll have to think about this one some more.

I know I’m not supposed to bark at night when I’m outside ’cause it might wake up the entire neighborhood, anyway that’s what the Boss keeps saying. But darn it…when a cat or possum or deer is traipsing through MY yard – it’s my duty to send out the alarm. It would go against the “Doggy Code” (an ancient pact canines have followed for centuries) to allow any critters to pass by without me giving them a piece of my mind and letting them know I mean business. So if the Boss thinks I’m going to make a resolution to go against the Code, she’s bonkers.

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Resolutions for Responsible Pet Owners

Every year around this time, many of us make a few New Year’s resolutions. Some of the most popular include: to eat better, lose weight, become more organized, save money, pay off debt, and get a better job. Resolutions are good to make because they keep us focused on making positive changes.

As responsible pet owners, we can also make New Year’s resolutions for the sake of our four legged friends. Here are a few:

I resolve to play with my pet more often. While your dog or cat might love special treats or toys, more than anything they probably just love spending quality time with you. Resolve to set aside time each day to play with your pet.

I resolve to learn from my pet. They can teach us valuable lessons about living well, being better humans, and enjoying every aspect of our lives. Julia Williams wrote a great article about lessons learned from cats.

I resolve to slow down. Just as we learn so much from our pets, we also need to learn the importance of slowing down. We hurry through our lives, rushing to get through one day and on to the next. Slowing down and savoring each unique day is a great way to live life; you’ll be happier and less stressed overall, which benefits your pet too.

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A Dog’s Take on New Year’s Resolutions

By Cody Yost, Canine Guest Blogger

Humans think they are the only ones who like to make New Year’s Resolutions, but the truth is us dogs don’t mind a little self improvement. As long as it’s tastily rewarded, that is. But I can’t help noticing that my humans, Mike and Tamara, aren’t usually very successful with theirs. Why? They’re going about it all wrong.

So I decided to take their New Year’s resolution list and improve upon it with canine logic. Maybe now their resolutions will last past spring.

Exercise is Good

Especially for me. But it’s silly to buy some expensive and scary thingamajig to walk on. That’s so boring and we can’t do it together. You’re just going to start throwing clothes on it anyways. So what’s the point?

Instead, grab a leash or a ball and we can go outside! We can play chase or catch and I can show you all of my favorite spots in the neighborhood, like the fascinating dumpster in the alley, or we can investigate that backyard where all the rabbits live. I can even teach you how to sniff out the best stuff and which leaf piles are optimum to roll around in. Plus, we can explore new places.

See how I just saved you money?

Budget the Right Way

Speaking of which, my humans are always trying to cut more expenses from their budget, yet they pick the silliest, counterproductive things to get rid of. For example, in the past they’ve cut movie channels and gotten rid of cable (that didn’t last). First of all, I like the talking picture box, so that was just rude. Secondly, when they do this they have to leave the house (sometimes without me!) and spend money. Silly people.

They’re also always talking about buying less food. Not my CANIDAE dog food – I will say they are super good about keeping that in stock – but the yummy stuff they make for themselves. So when they can’t find anything to eat, sometimes they go out and eat somewhere else. Without me. Again, rude! That just means I have to dig through the trash, and you can bet I don’t like to leave the bag intact. Otherwise, how would they learn?

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