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Talented Poodles Make Great Performers

By Suzanne Alicie

Many people assume that poodles are nothing but yappy little dogs to be carried around in handbags. In fact, poodles come in different sizes and many different colors (some natural, some not) and are very intelligent dogs. The stereotype people have of poodles was one that I held until about 9 years ago.

I had always had larger dogs and had no use for a dog that had to be fluffed and clipped all the time, or that was timid and nervous around people. Yet, my husband and children decided I needed a poodle for Mother’s Day. So there I was, the brand new and somewhat skeptical owner of a tiny white ball of curls that was quickly named Noodle because his curls looked like ramen noodles. Although I don’t recommend giving pets as surprise gifts, Noodle the Poodle quickly stole my heart. Noodle was a toy poodle. The sizes that poodles come in include standard, miniature, toy and teacup.

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