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Tips for Traveling with Your Dog

road trip karaBy Laurie Darroch

If you are thinking about going on a road trip with your dog, be aware that locating pet friendly lodging may limit your travel plans. Not all hotels or motels allow dogs as guests in their rooms. Try some of these helpful tips to make finding dog-friendly accommodations  easier.

Be Prepared

Unless you are on an emergency or last minute trip, plan ahead for your road trip. Dogs need to stop for relief or just to stretch their legs on a long trip the same way you do. They also need to have comfortable sleeping accommodations with room to move, ventilation, and a sense of security. You don’t want to be stuck sleeping in the car with your dog when you end up someplace where there are no pet-friendly establishments.

Check ahead of time for the places along the way that allow dogs to stay. Also look into which rest stops have dog friendly areas for stretching their legs, and what the limitations or requirements are in each place. Even campgrounds may have specific limits or requirements for a pet to stay. Do your research to ensure a pleasant stay for all.
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Traveling with Your Dog

By Lisa Mason

Traveling with your dog is different from traveling with cats. If you have an upcoming trip and you want to take your dog along for the ride, there are a few things you should know first and that you should prepare for. Let’s explore this topic for a bit to help you prepare.

Should You Bring Him or Leave Him?

One of the first questions to ask yourself when traveling with your dog is if you should even bring him along or not. To find your answer, consider where you are going and for how long, what method of travel you will take, if your dog has traveled before and if he likes traveling.

If you consider leaving him instead, how will he be cared for in your absence? Do you have a dog sitter you can trust or will you be using a kennel service? Have you researched the kennel and the conditions your dog will be in?

If you plan on taking your dog, will your destination be dog friendly? If your dog has traveled before, how did he react? Are you prepared to handle any behavior issues that may arise while traveling to unfamiliar territory with your dog?

Driving with Your Dog

If you and your dog both like traveling by car, a road trip can be an excellent way to spend time together. Try to plan your route ahead of time with dog-friendly stops along the way (hotels that allow pets, dog parks, dog-friendly rest stops, etc.) and be sure to pack the car with your dog’s safety and comfort in mind as well.

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Summer Vacation Tips for Traveling with Dogs

By Suzanne Alicie

The warm weather of summer often has us humans making vacation plans and heading out of town. For those of us who want our canine pals to have a summer vacation with the rest of the family, we have some choices and preparations to make to ensure that it’ll be a safe and fun trip for everyone.

Road Trips

Taking your dog with you on a long road trip can be enjoyable or traumatic, depending upon the dog. For dogs who like to ride and don’t get carsick, it’s a fun thing to go on a road trip. For dogs who don’t like to ride or get carsick, it can be a miserable experience for everyone involved. Be sure to take along a bowl for food and water, a fresh bottle of water and some dry dog food. Also pack paper towels and check with your vet for an anti-nausea remedy. Don’t forget the leash for rest stops and a comfy place for Fido to curl up when he’s tired of looking out the window. Read “What to Pack for a Road Trip with Your Dog” for more tips.

Vacation Rentals

Nearly all places that offer vacation rentals have at least a few properties that are dog friendly. You may have to pay an extra deposit and ensure that your dog has a crate for when you have to leave him at the strange house all alone if you and the family go out. Be sure to bring along his favorite CANIDAE treats to reward him for being such a good dog, and his favorite blankie or bed so that he feels safe and comfy in the vacation home.

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How to Find Pet Friendly Motels and Hotels

By Anna Lee

Pet lovers are a large and growing group of people. However, there are many people who, for various reasons, are not pet lovers. Some people have allergies and I understand they would not want to use the same room where dog dander may trigger an attack. Others may feel that a room isn’t really clean if a dog or cat had been a previous occupant. I will provide you with some firsthand information, as well as websites, that I have used to find dog friendly motels and hotels. Hopefully the information I am sharing will help make your trip or vacation more enjoyable for you and your pet. A short amount of time setting up your accommodations can save you a lot of time in the long run. I always feel more comfortable leaving for a trip when I know I have pet friendly rooms ready and waiting for me.

Years ago pet friendly rooms did not exist. You just took your dog with you on a trip and didn’t think much about it. Not true in today’s world. Before we take a road trip I plan the route and make sure there is at least one pet friendly motel where we intend to stop. If not, I adjust the route by a few more miles one direction or another. I would rather travel a few extra miles and know there is a dog friendly room waiting for me.

Pet friendly rooms are not hard to find as they are becoming more popular. Motels owners realized they had to conform to what the customers want. Motels set aside a certain number of rooms for the weary travelers and their faithful pets. I don’t know if they actually clean the pet friendly rooms differently than the regular rooms. I hope they clean pet friendly rooms more thoroughly, since they do charge a pet fee. Finding pet friendly lodging requires a different type of online search than you would normally use.

I have been searching for pet friendly motels and hotels for the last 11 years. There are several excellent sources, and I will give you a few suggestions. It will certainly make your next trip easier if you plan ahead. One thing to be aware of is many motels and hotels ask that your dog be on a flea and tick program. I make sure to put a flea and tick preventative on our dog a few days before our trip. She has never had one flea in her life and I don’t want her to pick up a stray!

The first, and usually the last, site I check is This is a very simple website to use. Just follow the instructions screen by screen. They provide information as to the room rate and pet charges. Some listings have a link directly to the motel. When you book a pet friendly room that you found through please let the motel employees know that is how you found the room. It will help them decide to continue their listings in

If you prefer to stay at a particular chain, you can check the chain’s website. Look under amenities to find out if they list pets as an option. Sometimes I check the motel’s website after just to find out what restaurants are in the area. I accidentally ran across a few search sites that charge you for the information. Do not pay to find a pet friendly motel or hotel; you can get the information for free.

Other websites that I have used as search tools are:

* – they also offer a listing of off leash and dog friendly beaches
* – they also offer info on dog friendly campgrounds

It is not difficult to find a pet friendly motel or hotel. When I started out for the first trip with our dog I was worried how she would be welcomed by the larger chains. For that 1998 trip I selected a small family run motel, nothing fancy, but they were pet friendly. The towels were so thin you could not dry yourself and the room was too small for two adults and a large dog. Each trip after that we upgraded to bigger and nicer motel chains. Now when we visit our family for the holidays we stay in a dog friendly, extended stay, all suites hotel with no problems or worries. Make your pet friendly motel or hotel reservation and pack your suitcase. Don’t forget to pack your dog’s favorite toys and enough CANIDAE® dog food for the trip. Happy travels everyone!

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