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Good Magazines for Cat Lovers

By Langley Cornwell

Cat lovers are among the most passionate pet owners on the planet! It is perfectly logical why a cat lover would seek out a cat magazine to read about the various things they might try with their feline friends. Cat magazines serve several purposes for the cat lovers of the world. Good ones help them stay on top of the latest cat health news, provides cute stories and jokes, offer up coupons and savings and even help in finding a great vet to keep the kitties healthy. Cats and kittens are complicated creatures after all. There are a number of great cat magazines out there, but here are a few that stand out:

Cat Fancy

This is one of the most popular and intriguing cat magazines, and it’s certainly one of the most respected. Every issue is loaded with articles about breeds, health concerns and various cat specific stories and anecdotes. If you love cats, you will enjoy this magazine from start to finish. It has been around for quite some time and makes a great subscription choice.

Natural Cat

Like any other living thing, cats deserve the opportunity to live naturally. Natural Cat dedicates their entire magazine to helping cat parents provide a natural alternative to disease control, medicines, food and toys. Natural Cat does remain true to the lifestyle while still embracing a vet’s medical opinions. Why not let your eco-friendly lifestyle radiate out to your pets as well? There are plenty of “green” options for cats and kittens. Living naturally allows cats to be much closer to nature and the way things were intended, which makes them healthier and happier than ever. This magazine focuses on how to do exactly that.

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Top 5 Magazines for Dog Lovers

By Langley Cornwell

There are many dog magazines available today, and the mix is interesting. Some are just traditional ink and paper publications with no online presence, some have traditional and online offerings and some are simply online magazines/blogs. So whichever way you like to receive your information, there’s a dog magazine for you.

In this lineup I’ve only included general dog magazines. If you’re looking for a breed-specific magazine, there are plenty to choose from. Here are five dog magazines that I think are worth reading.

Best Friends Magazine 

A publication from the respected Best Friend’s Animal Society —the nation’s largest no-kill animal sanctuary— this general-interest animal magazine is as impressive as the organization itself. The bi-monthly publication is filled with important information, tips and advice, heartwarming stories and beautiful photographs. This is a subscription-based magazine that you’ll receive for making a nominal donation to Best Friends. What I love about this magazine and this organization is that all of the proceeds from the publication support the animals at the Sanctuary. Further, it helps Best Friends’ mission to reach a time when there are no more homeless pets. That’s a mission I can stand behind.

Modern Dog Magazine

With a strong online presence as well as a thriving traditional publication, Modern Dog magazine reaches the masses. They tout themselves as the best dog magazine ever and I know people who say the same thing. This truly is a lifestyle magazine with charming features, health and wellness articles and advice from veterinarians, dog trainers and behaviorists. There are DIY craft projects as well as reviews of the myriad dog-targeted products. They get a lot of celebrities and their dogs as cover models. The blog-style online magazine is a go-to for many animal lovers.    

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