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Funny Pet Nicknames

By Julia Williams

Sooner or later, most people will bestow a nickname or two on their pet. We can’t help it. Even when we think we’ve chosen the perfect name for them, one that fits their personality to a T, nicknames will invariably emerge as new quirks are discovered. Sometimes we don’t even know why we start calling our pet a certain nickname; we just do. Some nicknames stick, and some are quickly forgotten.

My childhood cat, Pepper, was called Salt all the time… but not by me. My obnoxious  brother called her that because he knew it annoyed me. My first cat as an adult was Tosha. An accident took one of her back legs, so she hopped around on three legs. I called her Hopalong Catsidy and also Tripod. Binky was called the Binkmeister a lot, but I have no idea why. Tiger’s nickname was “Hoover” because he vacuumed up his Canidae cat food like he was seriously training for a competitive eating competition.

My current three have many nicknames as well. Mickey is called Mickleberry, Slick Mickey and Nuthead. Rocky is Rock Star, Fluffy and Naughty McNaughterson. Annabelle is called Furry Beast (when I am brushing her luxuriously long fur). One of her other nicknames was Bella Boo which became Boo Bear and then Boo Boo and finally Moo Moo. No idea how that all happened, but Moo Moo is what I call her the most. And no, she doesn’t look like a cow!

I asked my pet loving pals on Facebook to share their own funny pet nicknames, and the responses poured in! Here are some of them:

Laure: TJ the kitten has the name Total Jerk (I did not name him) because he gets into so much trouble! TT was short for Table Troll because she used to sit under the kitchen table and stare at everyone. Toot (her real name) gets Rootsie Tootsie or Toot Toot doodley doot. Trooder gets Trooder Dooder because he really leaves a bad smell in the cat box. Mooch gets “Smoochy Moochy” because she likes to give kisses.

Karen C.: My Riley doesn’t really meow, she squeaks. It sounds like she’s saying “squeeeee,” so we started calling her Squee. Cocoa was named because he’s a lovely dark brown/black, but then I started calling him Cocoa Puff. Grr already has the perfect name, but sometimes she gets called Furry Purry Grry when she’s wanting love.

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The Pet Name Game

By Julia Williams

It’s always fun to hear how people picked the name they gave their pet. For starters, there are plenty of great stories about how a pet got their name. There are numerous tales of the inspiration behind a certain name, and just as many stories of names that fit a pet’s personality or names that just ‘clicked’ when someone saw their pet. Sometimes the name we pick means something to us or stands for something, and other times we just like the sound of it.

Regardless of how a pet got their name, I have yet to hear anyone say they picked the wrong name for their dog or cat and decided to change it later. No matter what name we decide upon, it’s seems as if we just somehow know it’s the right one, and it fits. This reminds me of a story about my own name.

When I was born, my mother named me Julia and put that on my birth certificate. However, a day or so later she changed her mind and decided to call me Julie instead. All through my childhood, I disliked my name. I felt it didn’t ‘fit’ me somehow, but didn’t know why. I wasn’t aware that the name on my birth certificate was different than the one everyone knew me by. I eventually found out, and decided I would rather go by Julia.

Once I decided to be Julia instead of Julie, my name instantly felt like it fit.  Now, you might not think one little letter would make a difference, but it did. What I realized was that my mother had known the ‘right’ name all along! Thus, I believe that when it comes to picking the right name for your pet, all you really have to do is trust your first instinct.

The great thing about naming our pets is that we can choose any name that floats our boat, no matter how oddball it might be. No one’s going to stop you. Well…that’s not entirely true. When I was 4, we had a yellow kitten I desperately wanted to name Blackie, but my family nixed that idea. In my young mind, I saw nothing wrong with the name and was very upset. Now that I’m an adult and can choose any pet name I want, I have two black cats – and neither one is named Blackie! Go figure.

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