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Holiday Photo Contest Winners

The results are in!

The holiday cat chosen by our pet-loving panel is…Ikura!
Ikura is ready to pull Santa’s sleigh, and is very excited to become a CANIDAE taste tester!

cat holiday contest winner

The holiday dog chosen by our pet-loving panel is…Sam!
Sam loves performing tricks from walking handstands to walking atop an exercise ball. Sam can do it all. She loves making people smile with her cute charm and funny antics. Congrats Sam!

dog holiday contest winner

The winning holiday  photo with the most online votes…Juno!
Juno and his kitty friend Gideon share a sweet kiss for the holidays. (Juno, is that a doggie biscuit I smell on your breath?).

holiday contest winner Juno

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Two Dogs Dish about the Holidays

Frosty and Al 1By Frosty and Al Cornwell

Frosty’s point of view: We’re squarely into what we call “the holiday season” around our house. My crazy humans like to celebrate, so things are a little different in Casa Cornwell from around Halloween until the beginning of the New Year. That’s okay with me. It means more people are coming and going. My very big younger brother and I make a good greeting committee. We welcome everyone that enters the house with loud hello barks.

Once they have been properly greeted, the sniffing begins. Some of the people have been here before (I can tell by the way they smell). I also remember the ones who like us and the ones who wish the humans would lock us in the back room. My humans know how to handle things. I hear them give the people that don’t like us instructions so things always stay calm. They ignore us and we ignore them. No big deal. My brother and I always know we are safe, so everything is okay.

I don’t give those types of people much attention anyway, but I accept the extra snuggles, scratches behind the ears and pets on the top of my head from the nice people who like me. Then, once all the loving is dispensed, I’m out. Truthfully, I can only take so much of the extra activity. I usually find a place to lay down where I can see everything but where I don’t have to be involved in all the hustle and bustle.
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Rescue Tales (and Tails!) That Warm the Heart

By Julia Williams

I always have a great time helping to choose the winners for each CANIDAE photo contest. I mean, come on – who wouldn’t enjoy looking at a bunch of photos of adorable pets? The hard part for me is when I have to get down to the business of choosing my favorites. It was even more difficult with this contest, because the theme was rescued pets. So there was the usual menagerie of cute photos, but also heart-tugging stories of how the pets found their forever home.

The #CANIDAEfureverhome Contest, as it was called, received hundreds of submissions. How could we possibly declare one of these beloved pets the winner? They are ALL winners, because they were rescued, and they now have a wonderful home with people who adore them!

Nevertheless, the CANIDAE pet loving panel hunkered down and picked their favorites. I wanted to share their photos and stories here, and a few of the finalists too. I truly wish I could share every one of the touching rescue tales we received because, as I said, all of the pets win by getting adopted!

Dog Winner Chosen by CANIDAE: Macy
Macy is a 2.5 year old shepherd/collie/mystery rescue from Washington state. She was on her way to the shelter when I found her at 12 weeks. She had already had 3 families that couldn’t handle her energy, but that is what makes her the best hiking/running/adventure partner I could ask for.



Cat Winner Chosen by CANIDAE: Boots
contest Boots
You can see in this picture by her ear clip that Boots was originally a true born feral. I finally lured her and her sister inside, but Boots has become my savior and hero during some difficult times the last 2 years. I can do more to her than my other cats like toe rubs, belly rubs and much more. She saved my life.







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Spring Has Sprung! Let’s Celebrate with a Photo Contest!

By Julia Williams

In my neck of the woods, spring can be a tad fickle. In other words, even though the calendar says it’s officially springtime, the weather may or may not follow suit. In fact, sometimes winter drags on here for what seems like forever.

Thankfully, this year looks pretty good so far (knock on wood) and I am celebrating the arrival of warm(er) weather. CANIDAE is celebrating the season too, with a spring-themed photo contest for all of their customers and fans!

How to Enter

Just grab your camera and be ready to capture your cat or dog doing whatever you think best embodies the spring season. Whether that’s wearing bunny ears, sniffing daffodils, visiting the Easter Bunny, or just exuberantly enjoying the nice spring weather…snap away!

Then share your best spring-themed photo of your cat or dog on the CANIDAE Facebook photo contest page, and you might win 6 months of free CANIDAE natural pet food!

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A Spooktacular Howl-o-ween Photo Contest!

By Julia Williams

Fright night is finally here! Are you ready for all the haunting fun? More importantly, is your four-legged friend ready?

Do you have a captivatingly creepy monster costume for your pet? Or maybe you prefer to go the cute route and dress your pet like a clown or a pirate? Or perhaps just a simple pair of devil horns suits your little “angel” best?

No matter what kind of bewitching getup your pet will be wearing today – even if it’s au naturel – CANIDAE wants to see their photo, and there are pet food prizes!

Once you’ve snapped a great photo of your pet, entering the contest is easy peasy. Just visit the CANIDAE Facebook contest page to upload a photo of your pet in their booootiful Halloween costume (or just celebrating the holiday), and you might win 6 months free CANIDAE.

Prizes to be awarded:

• 6 months free CANIDAE to the pet with the most online votes
• 6 months free CANIDAE to the dog chosen by our pet-loving panel
• 6 months free CANIDAE to the cat chosen by our pet-loving panel

Contest ends at midnight PST on November 3rd. See rules for eligibility and voting information. Pets who have won any CANIDAE contest within the last 12 months are not eligible. Votes are welcome from other countries, but entries must be from the US or Canada, due to shipping restrictions.

Let the Halloween revelry begin!