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A Foodie Cat Reviews the New Pure Taste Treats

By Rocky Williams, feline guest blogger

Meowza! Some kitty got some new treats, and that kitty was ME!

The first thing I have to say about them is: it’s about time!! The Warden told me months ago that CANIDAE was introducing two new grain free cat treats and I’ve been salivating ever since. I’m pretty sure Pavlov could’ve used me to test his theory instead of those mangy dogs. But I digress.

I was anticipating these new treats for two reasons. One, I’m a cat and as such I can never have too many treats. Two, I’m a foodie and I just LOVE to eat! My food, my furry sibling’s food, the Warden’s food, treats given and treats I steal from the kitchen cupboard when the coast is clear… all good. There is no such thing as treat overload.

Cat burglar caught in the act

Cat burglar caught in the act

But here’s the thing: the Warden will only feed me the best of the best, i.e., what she calls “the good kind” of treats. No junk food for me! Which means that until now, it was the CANIDAE TidNips or nothing. Now, I have nothing against those treats because they are pawsome. I just craved a little variety now and then, ya know? Now I have two new flavors so the Warden can mix it up a little at treat time!

The Warden cares that these treats are healthy and that they’re made with fresh meat and no by-products or other unsavory ingredients. She also likes that they are grain and gluten free. Me? I just care about how they taste. Oh, and how they smell. We cats don’t eat anything that doesn’t smell good to us. I’m happy to report that these new treats passed both tests with flying colors.

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Three Cat Breeds That Act Like Dogs

By Linda Cole

Cats are well known for their independent nature that borders on a stubborn refusal to do anything which might please their owner. The famous quote by Mary Bly, “Dogs come when they’re called; cats take a message and get back to you later,” was aptly spoken. But not all cat breeds fit that quote. There are a few dog-like breeds that have even been known to play “fetch” with their owner.

This usually tailless feline is an ancient breed originating from the Isle of Man, an island in the Irish Sea between Ireland and Great Britain. The breed was named after the Gaelic language (Manx) that was spoken on the island. How these tailless cats found their way to the island remains a mystery. Most likely, a cat aboard one of the many ships that docked at the island found her way to shore.

The rare gene responsible for the tailless Manx is caused by a mutation that took place hundreds of years ago. Kittens were born without the vertebrae normal cats with long tails have. Since the felines were isolated on the island, tailless cats became common because the mutated gene is dominant. Some Manx cats can have a full tail, however, and it’s possible to have a litter of Manx kittens with varying tail lengths or no tail at all.

This breed loves to play hide-and-seek and fetch, and will come on a voice or whistle command. She’s intelligent and loyal to her family. With powerful hindquarters, the Manx has plenty of power for running, accelerating, making quick turns and jumping. This breed is dog-like in her devotion to those she loves, with a desire to play and follow you around the house.

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