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Five Dog Approved Relaxing Activities

By Linda Cole

During waking hours, most dogs go a mile a minute. There’s guarding the home, or at least barking just to let their owner know they’re on the job. Then it’s off to make sure squirrels, outside cats or other critters are properly reprimanded if they step foot in the wrong yard. All of that takes time and energy, and sometimes it’s nice to just relax and enjoy some dog approved activities with their favorite human. That’s the one thing dogs enjoy more than anything else!

Being involved with your pet helps to strengthen your bond and build trust. What’s great about dogs is you don’t have to spend a lot of time doing an activity with them. They don’t ask much from us, and spending some extra time puts them on top of the world.

A Slow Walk

Many dog owners walk their dog on a daily basis, but not necessarily as a way to relax. Since I have a dog enclosure where my dogs can hang out, do their business and enjoy the day, our walks are mainly a way I can give them some mental stimulation. Dogs get tired of the same old thing day in and day out. They like a set routine, but they also enjoy an impromptu outing now and then.

A slow walk around the neighborhood or on a trail is a good way to relax. Let your dog sniff around under the bushes, while you enjoy the fresh air and everything nature has to offer. After all, if you’re too busy to stop and smell the flowers once in awhile, it really is time to slow your world down a bit. There’s something about being on a slow walk with your dog that helps both of you relax from the rigors of the day. Take your time, and if you find a bench where you can sit, enjoy some quiet time with just you and your dog.

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